The marijuana issue returns to Arkansas

It appears as though the marijuana issue will return to Arkansas ballots this November.

ABC News reports that the Arkansas Supreme Court, last week, signed off on putting the question – of whether recreational marijuana use ought to be legal – to Arkansas voters. 

The group behind the initiative

This initiative to get the marijuana issue on the ballot is being led by Responsible Growth Arkansas.

The group’s website reads:

Responsible Growth Arkansas is advocating for the passage of an amendment to the Arkansas Constitution which will authorize the possession, personal use, and consumption of cannabis by adults 21 and over, as well as the cultivation and sale of cannabis by licensed commercial facilities.

On the group’s website, one can also find the ballot proposal in its entirety. But, the above paragraph sums it up fairly well.

What’s happened so far:

Responsible Growth Arkansas managed to secure enough valid signatures from registered voters to get the proposal on the November ballot. Before that, however, it was still necessary to get the okay of the state Board of Election Commissioners.

The board refused to give that okay. The board, in particular, took issue with the ballot’s title, arguing that it didn’t fully explain to voters the impact of the amendment.

Responsible Growth Arkansas appealed the matter to the Arkansas Supreme Court, and the court is now going to allow the proposal to be put on the ballot this November.

“The people will decide whether to approve the proposed amendment in November,” Justice Robin Wynne wrote in the court’s decision.

Looking ahead

This will not be the first time that the marijuana issue has been put before Arkansas voters.

The issue was also put before the state’s voters in 2016. At that time, though, the question was whether marijuana ought to be legalized for medical use. Arkansas voters said that it should, and a state constitutional amendment to that effect was passed.

Now, the question, though, is much broader – whether marijuana ought to be legalized for recreational use. We’ll see if Arkansas voters, in November, make the same decision as they made in 2016 or whether they reject this proposal.

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