Democrats’ ‘Freedom to Vote Act’ fails to gain national traction

As they face what many believe will be an absolute bloodbath in the 2022 midterms, Democrats want nothing more at this point than to pass a federal election reform bill that could give them a much-needed advantage.

However, according to The Daily Wire, the Democratic Party’s push earlier this year to pass H.R. 1, which would hand over significant control of local elections to the federal government, appears to be a non-starter.

Their effort to rebrand the bill as the Freedom to Vote Act has also apparently failed to gain the traction for which they were hoping.

“Democrats say it’s new, but it’s really just a fresh face for the same federal takeover,” an opinion writer for The Daily Wire noted.

What’s in the bill?

President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and many other high-profile Democrats have pulled out all of the stops in their attempts to promote the legislation across the country, though their efforts seem to be fading.

The new version of the attempted federal takeover of election control across the country, according to the progressives promoting it, will “preserve” voter ID requirements, though as The Daily Wire noted, that promotional statement leaves out most of the true story.

“What they leave out is that the bill bans wildly popular photo ID requirements, bars ID for mail-in ballots, and imposes an identification standard for in-person voting so watered down that all you need to prove identity is to find another person willing to say they know you,” the outlet wrote.

In addition, the new bill makes the process that states use to clean up their voter rolls exceedingly more difficult, which would tend to benefit Democratic candidates in many areas, as we all know that a number of deceased voters cast votes for Democrats in the 2020 election from beyond the grave, as Fox News previously reported.

Adding to the list of benefits for those who vote for Democrats, the bill would increase the availability of ballot drop boxes, extend periods of when ballots can be counted after an election, and it also gives felons the right to vote immediately when they’re released from prison.

“Voter suppression”

A string of recent voter reform laws passed in Republican-led states like Georgia, Texas, and Arizona have been criticized by the progressive Dems pushing the Freedom to Vote Act, with many of them labeling the new laws as attempts at “voter suppression,” with the race card subtly played.

In addition to the failure of Democrats to convince the American public that such legislation is needed, the bill was also buried in the headlines by their latest push to pass a $3.5 trillion social spending package, which also seems to be close to a dead-end.

Only time will tell if Dems manage to get something moving in the right direction on the legislative front, but with the 2022 midterm clock rapidly ticking down, those chances, thankfully, appear to be slimming by the day.

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