Florida Republican predicts fall of communism in Cuba: ‘The beginning of the end’

Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL) is predicting the end of Cuba’s communist regime. 

During a recent interview with Breitbart, the GOP congresswoman said we’re witnessing “the beginning of the end” of communism in Cuba.

“There is no turning back,” she said, according to Breitbart. “After 62 years of a repressive apparatus that has been extremely effective, people lose everything: their homes, their families, their health, their education, because Cuba is a completely failed state. But now they have lost fear, which is the last thing that you lose in a communist regime — and Cubans lost it.”

Protests in Cuba

Salazar’s remarks come following widespread anti-government protests that took place across Cuba starting in early July.

Those protests began on Facebook, and the popular social media platform helped make it more widespread. What transpired ended up being some of the largest anti-government demonstrations in the country’s history.

The response by Cuba’s regime included establishing control by use of force. Besides police firing at crowds and beating protesters, door-to-door raids were conducted.

The regime also reportedly shut the internet down there in order to disrupt communications among Cubans.

A nonpartisan issue

In the wake of the protests, Salazar has been working to get the U.S. government — including both President Joe Biden and Congress — to take action against Cuba. She argued in her interview with Breitbart that the people of Cuba could be liberated much sooner with help from America.

So far, all Biden has done is said that he is considering giving internet access back to the Cuban people, as Newsweek notes. However, it seems no action has been taken by the White House yet.

Salazar, for her part, has expressed the belief that such a move would make a big difference, as it would allow the Cuban people to communicate again in their active opposition to communist control.

She told Breitbart that the situation in Cuba “has nothing to do with political parties.” Rather, she said that “this has to do with a group of Americans helping a group of Cubans that want to have what we have: freedom, civil rights, free market economy, and democracy.”

It remains unclear why Dems seem resistant to the idea of helping pull Cubans out of communism. In the meantime, we can only hope Salazar and other members of the GOP will keep fighting for democracy.

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