'The ACE Family' announces their divorce

 January 15, 2024

Catherine and Austin McBroom have announced that they are getting a divorce. 

Both individuals announced the divorce in separate Instagram posts. Austin McBroom's statement can be found, in its entirety, here, while Catherine's can be found here.

Who are the McBroom's?

Catherine and Austin McBroom are the parents of "The ACE Family," a popular YouTube vlog channel. The couple has three young children: Elle, Alaia, and Steel.

NBC News reports, "Having amassed more than 18 million subscribers since they began their YouTube journey in 2016, the McBrooms are known largely for their viral family vlogs, challenges, and pranks."

"The ACE Family" account has not been as active in recent years. The last time they uploaded a video to was seven months ago, and, before that, their last video was in 2022. But, they still have millions of followers on social media.

Business Insiders reports that the couple has also been at the center of several legal controversies in recent years.

Per the outlet:

While the couple has seen huge success with their YouTube platform, they have been mired in legal and financial troubles, which has affected their reputation as influencers. Most notably, they lost ownership of their $10.1 mansion in Los Angeles in October 2021, months after the family received a notice of default, as Insider previously reported.

"We have mutually agreed to a divorce"

Catherine McBroom announced the divorce in an Instagram message that she posted last week.

After referring to it as a "difficult decision," she goes on to write:

We have mutually agreed to a divorce and will part amicably. Our paths as a couple have shifted and has created challenges that are irreconcilable. This decision comes with a very heavy heart. As heartbreaking as this is, I also feel liberated. I have spent the past few years prioritizing my children and honoring my commitment to my family, all the while I seemed to be losing myself and my own personal happiness.

Catherine McBroom goes on to write that she and Austin's "main priority will be to stay united as parents and to continue creating a stable, happy, and loving environment for our children."

She concludes that post, writing, "And Austin, you're my best friend and that will never change."

"We will continue to be the best parents"

Unlike Catherine McBroom, Austin McBroom, in his own Instagram message, Austin McBroom did not get into why he decided to get a divorce. But, like Catherine, he did focus on the children.

"This transition is not easy, but we both are making it as easy as it can be for our family. We will continue to be the best parents to our kids," he wrote.

Austin McBroom later added, "With that being said 2024 will be life-changing for me. I will be dedicated to myself, my kids, my health, my body, my mind, my spirit, and God."

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