Thai boys appear to be safe in newly released video

There is nothing like the plight of children to unite the world.

Most recently, the world breathed a collective sigh of relief when everyone found out the Thai boys stuck in a cave system were found safe.

Take a look:

Rescue Attempts

While the boys are not yet being brought up to the surface, they are apparently okay.

A group of Thai Navy SEALs were tasked with getting to the boys while they were still stuck in the cave.

When the SEALs located the boys, they tended to their wounds, gave them food and blankets, and took some videos to share with the world.

On the video, the boys appeared to be in very good spirits.

They can be seen mouthing, “I am healthy,” and, “Thank you,” to the video camera.

The plan to get them out of the cave is still in development.

Several different scenarios have been proposed.

With the boys reporting sounds of dogs barking and children playing, they are searching for an access point that will prevent them from having to take the boys up through the water.

If they are unable to find a location, the plan is to supply them with diving masks and have them dive through the tunnels to the surface.

Their Plight

The boys and their coach were first reported missing on June 23.

Searchers found sandals and bags inside a cave entrance but were unable to get to them.

On June 25, SEALs were brought in, finding handprints along the wall of the cave.

Heavy rains and flooding prevented rescuers from searching further, so heavy duty pumps were eventually brought in to drain water from the caves so the search could continue.

Over the next several days, several other nations sent rescue workers to join in on the effort, with British divers making first contact.

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Thai SEALs were then sent down to provide aid and supplies for the boys and their coach.

Now, it is just a matter of developing the best plan to get the boys and their coach out safely.

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