Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick plans to launch task force focused on reopening economy

At some point, the country is going to have to reopen — preferably sooner than later.

In that light, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R-TX) is preparing to make the push to get the economy back to normal function by forming a task force on the state’s Business Advisory Council to begin the process, the Washington Examiner reports.

Economic suffering

Realistically, we cannot afford to keep this shutdown going for very much longer. Even with the stimulus packages, a prolonged shutdown will mean tens of thousands of small business owners that will have to shut their doors forever and millions of jobs will be permanently erased.

If the shutdown ends soon, without a proper plan, there will still be unnecessary losses in terms of jobs and businesses.

Texas will not be relying on the federal government, but rather will work to set the standard by taking its fate into its own hands (which is actually how this country is meant to be run).

For the most part, Texas has managed this crisis on its own, not crying out to the federal government for help, so it comes as no surprise that the state’s leadership is already looking forward to the other side of this crisis.

Lt. Gov. Patrick has already spoken with many business owners in the area, small and large alike, for their input on how to move forward. His new commission will put a game plan in place to make sure that transition happens as smoothly as is possible, as soon as possible.

Conservative radio host Mark Levin hailed the decision in a tweet on Tuesday.

The new normal

Everyone is wondering what the “new normal” will be after the crisis peaks and begins to subside in the U.S. We know it is unlikely the entire country will reopen at the same time, but the Trump administration has signaled that it’s possible that many businesses will reopen in May, as The Hill notes.

There will more than likely be rules in the workplace to ensure we do not see a second wave of the pandemic, and what those rules will be, exactly, will be decided by commissions such as the one Lt. Gov. Patrick is forming.

President Donald Trump has also indicated that he’s considering forming a second task force focused on reopening the economy. The New York Post reported on Thursday that Trump is already beginning the process and an official announcement is expected in the near future.

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