Texas man faces gun charges after being arrested outside vice president’s formal residence

A man was arrested outside of what is expected to soon be the home of Vice President Kamala Harris after Secret Service found a rifle and what the Daily Caller described as a “large amount of ammunition” in his car nearby.

According to the Daily Caller, federal authorities had received a tip from police in Texas warning them to be on the lookout for Paul Murray, a 31-year-old resident of San Antonio who was said to have believed “the government was coming after him.” He “recently purchased an AR-15” and then made a trip to Washington “to take care of his problem,” a government report cited by the Daily Caller said.

Murray was taken into custody by Secret Service just after noon on Wednesday outside of the Naval Observatory, where Harris is set to live after repairs there are completed.

Currently, the vice president is living at the Blair House near the White House, and reports indicated she was never in any danger.

Arrested and charged

According to CNBC, police later confirmed that Murray had in his car an “AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, 113 rounds of unregistered ammunition, and five 30 round magazines.” He also had “what police called a large capacity ammunition feeding device,” CNBC said.

The 31-year-old, who was driving a black Chevy Impala, is now facing charges including “carrying a dangerous weapon, carrying a rifle or shotgun outside of a business, possession of unregistered ammunition, and possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device,” according to the Daily Caller.

The New York Post reports that police didn’t indicate “what [Murray] had planned.”

A spokesperson for Vice President Harris declined to comment to CNBC on the matter.

An Army veteran

Murray was described by the Daily Caller as a veteran of the U.S. Army who received a medical discharge in 2014. According to CNBC, a spokesperson for the Army said this week “that Murray served as an unmanned drone pilot from March 2010 to April 2014.”

“He held the rank of Specialist and had no deployments, the Army said,” as CNBC reported.

Earlier this month, Murray told police that he had stopped taking his prescribed medication because of “intense” side effects, according to the Daily Caller.

A date for his first court appearance has not yet been announced.

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