Texas lawmaker vows to hold Fauci ‘accountable’ after GOP wins majority power

Dr. Anthony Fauci has, for many, become somewhat of a villain throughout a majority of the COVID-19 pandemic, and a number of Republican congressmen have vowed to make him, one way or another, answer a number of questions that have been raised over the past two years.

According to Fox News, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) can be added to that list, as he recently revealed that once Republicans win back majority control of the House — and possibly the Senate — Fauci will likely be subject to countless investigations and hearings regarding his role in the pandemic. 

The promise to hold Fauci accountable came during an interview with Fox & Friends co-host Will Cain, who asked Roy how he and his Republican colleagues plan on holding certain agencies and officials, like Fauci, accountable for what has transpired over the course of the pandemic.

The Texas Republican lawmaker held nothing back as he rattled off a list of action items he intends to pursue after the November midterms.

No holds barred

Roy began by bringing up numerous consequences that have resulted from the poor or completely misguided decisions made by government agencies during the pandemic, especially those related to millions of Americans losing their jobs over vaccine mandates.

“I want to talk about the Americans who have lost their job because of vaccine mandates, whether they are military or health care workers, or maybe a Border Patrol agent federal worker who have been forced to lose their job if they didn’t take a jab,” Roy said.

He added: “I want to talk about the children who can’t actually enunciate their words because they now need speech therapy, or they had mental health issues, or we’ve got drug addicts, people who have died because they’ve had mental health issues.”

That’s when Roy got to the Fauci part of the equation, and going by Roy’s level of seriousness, Fauci had better have the best legal counsel money can buy, as it appears he’ll need it.


“When are we going to have accountability for Anthony Fauci? Look, he’s missing right now for one reason, and one reason only: The Democrats are looking at the polls. It wasn’t dead Americans that made Democrats move. It wasn’t dead Americans that made Fauci go away. It was polls,” Roy said, noting that suddenly Fauci seems to be missing in action.

He added: “And I want to hold Anthony Fauci accountable. And if you’re watching this Dr. Fauci, look out because when the Americans give us control in the House of Representatives, God willing, we’re going to get some answers on behalf of the American people.”

Many have asked on social media where Fauci has been over the past few weeks, as he seems to have suddenly disappeared at the same time pandemic-related mandates have all but evaporated into thin air.

Only time will tell what happens to Fauci next year if and when Republicans assume control of Congress, but going by what’s being said now, it looks like things are about to get really ugly for him.

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