Texas grand jury indicts MS-13 gangsters after machete attacks

The Texas Justice Department just landed a huge blow against undocumented immigrants and more specifically, MS-13.

On Friday, eight members of the deadly MS-13 gang were indicted on charges related to machete attacks against 10 people.

Ongoing Battle

One of the primary reasons our borders need to be secured is due to gang activity directly related to illegal border crossers.

MS-13 uses the gaps in our border security to constantly funnel new gang members into the United States.

Along with these gang members comes brutality and drug trafficking, just to name a couple of the problems associated with these gangs.


When these gangs attack people, they never seem to look for the quick kill but rather try to send a message with each death.

In this case, they attacked almost a dozen people with machetes.

Of the indictment, Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated, “Today’s indictment of eight MS-13 members – including five who were charged as illegal aliens in possession of firearms – makes clear that the Trump administration and this Department will continue to go on offense against MS-13 with every tool at our disposal.”

Governor Abbott also had a few words to say about the indictment:

“The indictment of these individuals shows a continued commitment to going after these dangerous individuals and keeping our communities safe.”

“The State of Texas will continue to offer any assistance and resources necessary to crack down these criminals.”

Arrests and indictments such as this must be circulated so the entire country sees the brutality these criminals are capable of.

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This is violence that could have possibly been avoided had our borders been more secure.

With so many of the gang members in this group being illegal aliens, it is perfectly clear that we must have that wall and it must be completed soon.

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