Texas Democrat says it’s ‘critical’ for Kamala Harris to visit the border

A border state Democrat has joined with Republicans in calling for Vice President Kamala Harris to actually visit the U.S.–Mexico border and see the situation there for herself.

Fox News reports that Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas has written a letter to Harris inviting her to come to his district and see the crisis firsthand.

“I write to invite you to the U.S. Southern Border to observe the ongoing humanitarian crisis and share the perspective of Americans who live there,” Cueller wrote, according to Fox. “I encourage you to join me and other Members of Congress, while we visit with the people on the ground who deal with these issues every day.”

“It is critical”

Cuellar represents Texas’ 28th Congressional District. Located south of San Antonio, it includes over 300 miles of America’s border with Mexico.

“The rapid rise in the number of migrants arriving at our Southern Border has placed severe burdens on our communities,” Cuellar wrote in his letter to Harris, according to Breitbart. He added: “The situation on the border will only worsen, as more migrants are expected to arrive.”

Accordingly, Cuellar called upon the Biden administration “to take a proactive approach to create a sustainable system of humanitarian aid and relieve everyday Americans of the responsibility.”

He also specifically called on the VP to make the trip, writing: “I believe it is critical that you meet with local stakeholders and residents, consider their concerns, and use their lived experiences to implement more effective policies.”

“Thank you for the consideration of this request,” the Democrat congressman concluded. “I look forward to hosting you and working together in finding solutions to solve this border crisis.”

Don’t hold your breath

Of course, Cuellar ought not to hold his breath waiting for Harris’ response. So far, the vice president has ignored every request from his colleagues in Washington for her to make the trek down to the border.

She did visit Central America, but her messaging there fell flat and earned her even more criticism.

Earlier this month, Harris vowed that she’d eventually make the trip to the U.S.–Mexico line, but she didn’t reveal when that trip might be, as Fox noted in a separate report.

If she’s not careful, it may end up being too little, too late. After all, her own presidential ambitions are on the line.

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