Texas county judge calls on Biden to visit southern border

A Texas county judge can now be added to the list of Democrats who have called upon President Joe Biden to visit the southern U.S. border.

According to Breitbart, Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez dropped the hammer on Biden in a letter sent Friday.

It must have come as a surprise to the president, as Cortez has largely been in lockstep with the Biden administration on the issue of immigration. But more on that later.

Dear President Biden…

Writing Friday, Cortez opened his letter by stating that the “surge” of migration at the southern border “demands immediate and decisive action.”

“As County Judge, it is my responsibility to advocate for the well-being of the residents of Hidalgo County,” Cortez wrote. “While I am sympathetic to the plight of asylum seekers, we must address their needs in a safe, compassionate, and human manner without risking the well-being of our community.”

For those less familiar with the office, a county judge is the chief executive officer for the county’s government, as Breitbart explains. For his part, Cortez argued that “the situation along our border is not sustainable.” Then he extended an invitation to Biden.

“I invite you to please come to our community to witness first-hand the challenges being created by current policy,” Cortez wrote.

The county judge concluded by asking Biden for “an immediate increase of federal manpower and resources” as well as for “the immediate cessation of admissions of additional immigrants in the [Rio Grande Valley] Sector.”

“Vote them out!”

Cortez is right in pointing out that the situation at the southern border is not great at the moment. Adding to the usual concerns about illegal immigration are worries about the potential spread of COVID-19.

Just this week, for example, reports alleged that the Biden administration had allowed coronavirus-positive migrants to be released into La Joya, Texas.

But the most surprising thing about Cortez’s letter is its author. Cortez has, more or less, opposed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) at every step of the way as Abbott has tried to use the resources at his disposal to combat the southern border crisis. As Monica De La Cruz Hernandez, a Republican congressional candidate, pointed out in a tweet:

Hidalgo County Judge REFUSED to sign the Abbot [sic] Border Disaster Declaration that would have helped our area. Not once in the KRGV article does he ask Rep. Gonzalez for help! And this is because he PERSONALLY knows him. Why? Democrats simply DO NOT care. Vote them out!

Although a number of border-state Democrats, including Cortez, have called upon Biden to visit the southern border, the president still has yet to do so. Vice President Kamala Harris finally made such a trip in late June, although many argued that it was little more than a publicity stunt ahead of former President Donald Trump’s own visit there.

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