Texas Board of Education erases Hillary Clinton from social studies curriculum

Texas educators just erased Hillary Clinton from the annals of history.

The education board has voted to delete Hillary Clinton from the required curriculum.


The board was tasked with looking over the current curriculum to decide what could be eliminated to save educators more time.

They set up a scale of 1-20 to score different curriculum items to see how important they were to the overall curriculum of schools.

Hillary Clinton received a score of 5, so she has been sent on her way.

Teachers are still allowed to cover Hillary Clinton if they so desire.

However, it is no longer mandatory to do so.

Texas History

Clinton did not fair nearly as well as some local figures in history.

For instance, Stephen F. Austin, the republic’s first secretary of State and the so-called “Father of Texas,” scored a perfect 20 when educators graded him.

Sam Houston, a former state governor, also garnered a perfect score.


Another topic that was up for discussion by the board was whether teachers should be allowed to use the term “hero” when they teach the history of The Alamo.

Last week, the internet just about broke when it was announced teachers were going to be forbidden from characterizing those that fought at The Alamo as heroes.

Thankfully, the board used common sense and allowed the term to be added back in for teachers.

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While the changes were voted for, they are still not considered permanent changes.

The board still has until November to make amendments to the curriculum, at which point a final vote will take place making these changes official policy.

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