Terrorist's mom: 'We should devour the Jews with our teeth'

 December 21, 2023

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The mother of a terrorist who murdered a British-Israeli woman and her two daughters has endorsed her son's violence, threatening, "We should devour the Jews with our teeth."

The video interview with the mother of Hassan Qatanani was posted through the work of the Middle East Media Research Center.

Hassan Qatanani, the report said, killed Lucy Dee and her daughters in a shooting attack last spring.

His mother, in an interview with Quds News Agency, said, "He loved martyrdom. He would say to me, day and night, 'Mom, I want to be martyred.' He would kiss my hand and say: 'Pray to Allah that I will be martyred'... Praise be to Allah for granting him what he wanted..."

She continued, "[We] cannot accept what the Jews did to us. We should fight them with our children, with our money, with our families, with our fingernails. We should devour the Jews with our teeth... The Jews are our enemy from beginning to end."

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