Tens of thousands support senator's crackdown on military abortion funding

June 26, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden has lashed out at Sen. Tommy Tuberville's restrictions on the Pentagon for its decision to spend American tax dollars on abortion.

Biden called the move by Tuberville, a Republican from Alabama, to not allow mass promotions for military officers to be granted by the Senate, "bizarre."

Democrats there, in the majority, still can grant those promotions, but they have to do it one candidate at a time, a move they have not pursued.

Tuberville's hold on mass promotions has been because he charges that the Pentagon is in violation of federal law with its pro-abortion agenda.

Biden's agenda, meanwhile, has put abortion as a top point.

But thousands, in fact, tens of thousands, of Americans are siding with Tuberville, not Biden, in the dispute.

According to the Washington Stand, an outlet of the Family Research Council, 24,000 signatures were sent to the office of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., to "Support Senator Tuberville's Pro-Life Stand."

Tuberville has said he'd release his hold on those military promotions when the Biden Pentagon reverses its pro-abortion payments.

"Our military should not be in the abortion business," the petition read. "The DOD’s attempt is not only unlawful, but it also politicizes the military, and undermines congressional authority. The focus of our military needs to be on keeping our nation safe, not on furthering a left-wing pro-abortion agenda."

The report noted Quena González, senior director of government fairs at FRC, said, "Not many people know how the Senate works, and those who do have grown accustomed to operating by unanimous consent, where a single senator rarely objects."

But Tuberville is "well in his jurisdiction" to impose the holds.

"Ninety-nine other senators could have exercised the right to place a hold on promotions in order to highlight the administration’s unlawful targeting of the unborn, but Tuberville actually did," the report said.

Tuberville recently told FRC chief Tony Perkins, "If we continue to let them makeup laws in their head and only from the White House and not go through Congress, we’re going to have a very, very tough time in this country."

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