Tennis official resigns in response to a transgender player being allowed to compete

August 5, 2023
Robert Ayers

A Wyoming tennis official has just resigned in protest of the state organization's decision to allow a biological male who identifies as a transgender woman to compete against biological female players. 

The official who has resigned, according to Fox News, is Jackie Fulkrod. Fulkrod is now the former president of the Cheyenne Tennis Association Board in Wyoming.

The transgender athlete, whom the association is allowing to compete in the Women’s Open Singles event at the Governor’s Cup tournament, is 27-year-old Brooklyn Ross.

Ross is a biological male who "transitioned" six years ago. Ross, a Colorado native, was the 2020-2021 PacWest Freshman of the Year at the Metropolitan State University in Denver. And, more recently, Ross has been playing tennis - on the women's team - at the University of Texas at Tyler.

"A very unfair matchup"

Fulkrod explained her decision to resign from the association to the Cowboy State Daily.

She told the outlet:

I think a man playing against a woman is a very unfair matchup when it’s specifically meant for women in that specific draw. I feel like having a transgender athlete compete in the women’s draw is against my personal integrity and what I believe and value.

Fulkrod later added, "My decision to resign was solely based on the fact that we didn’t have any way to protect our organization or protect our female athletes that are going to be playing in the tournament."

Ross responds

Ross also spoke with the Cowboy State Daily.

“I feel sad this woman has resigned over this,” Ross said. “I feel like there’s no reason to.”

Ross also, according to the Cowboy State Daily, encouraged Fulkrod and others who oppose Ross competing in the women's field to watch Ross compete. Apparently, Ross believes that this will change Fulkrod's might about the whole situation.

"Tennis thrives when . . ."

Peg Connor, the director of the tournament and the executive director of the Wyoming Tennis Association, has, as of the time of this writing, refused to provide specifics about the controversial decision to allow Ross to compete in the women's field.

Connor has only pointed inquirers to the United States Tennis Association, which claims:

Tennis thrives when the sport embraces inclusion. For that reason, tennis is open to all regardless of one’s age, ethnicity, race, religious background, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

More info about the tournament

The tournament, the Governor’s Cup, is taking place this weekend.

The New York Post reports:

The Wyoming Governor’s Cup is a low-level tournament made up of advanced players and can help athletes boost their United States Tennis Association ranking — metrics regularly viewed by college coaches for recruitment.

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