Tennessee woman indicted for soliciting sex from teenage boys in exchange for vape pens

38-year-old Melissa Blair of Englewood, Tennessee, has been hit with a slew of charges from aggravated statutory rape to human trafficking by patronizing prostitution for her actions with at least nine teen boys in the small town.

Blair has been indicted on charges of solicitation of a minor, 18 counts of aggravated statutory rape, four counts of human trafficking by patronizing prostitution, and forfeiture of personal property, according to the McMinn County Sheriff’s Office.

This shocking story has left the small community of Englewood, Tennessee, in shock and struggling to deal with the horrific aftermath of such a crime.

Shocking and disgusting

Blair’s bond was set at a massive $100,000, which she was able to make on February 15th.

A mother of one of the alleged victims told local news that “People focus mostly on the perpetrator, they don’t realize how it devastates a family. How the families are at home, and we don’t know what to do next. I have no idea how to go forward with this.”

According to the victims, all of whom were aged 14-17, they were contacted by Blair and offered vape pens in exchange for sexual favors.

All nine victims went to McMinn Central High School. Blair was not employed by the school, but she had participated in activities there, and her son was a part of the school before transferring.

While investigating authorities have determined that there were nine students who were victimized by Blair, there is reason to believe that there are others.

So far, the information that has been collected indicates that Blair likely victimized other high school boys, and at this point, it is a matter of waiting for those other victims to come forward and testify.

Lock her up

The McMinn County Court Clerk confirmed that Blair’s arraignment is set for February 28th. Until then, Blair is free as she met her bond and is prohibited from contacting the victims or entering school property.

A strong message must be sent that preying on children will never be tolerated.

Considering the evidence behind the allegations that Blair is facing, it is both likely and right that she be locked up and the key is thrown away.

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