Top Dem forced to resign leadership role amid sexual misconduct allegations

The plague of our politicians not being able to control themselves continues to spread.

Tennessee State Rep. David Byrd (R-Waynesboro) has resigned his position as Chairman of the Education Administration Subcommittee after accusations of sexual assault. 

Never-ending Allegations

It seems as though every week, several times a week, we are seeing a politician at some level being hit with allegations of sexual misconduct.

In this case, it is a state lawmaker in Tennessee, David Byrd.

The allegations first started to surface about a year ago, dating back to Byrd’s days as a high school basketball coach.

A local station reported three former student-athletes came forward to make allegations against Byrd dating back to the 1980s.

The station has a recording of Byrd apologizing to one of his accusers, Christi Rice. The problem, though, was Byrd never actually said what it was that he was apologizing for.

Byrd was more or less hiding in the shadows, but the recent appointment to Chair the education committee immediately drew the ire of his accusers.

House Speaker Glen Casada then encouraged Byrd to step down from his new appointment and Byrd obliged.

Democrats Call It a Win

The Democrats in office had been after Byrd for some time, so they are considering this a nice little win for their party. While finally getting Byrd out of office, several of them voiced their displeasure that it took this long to make it happen.

Rep. Bo Mitchell (D-Nashville) stated, “I guess it was the vote yesterday where [Byrd] violated his ‘protection agreement’ and in full Education Committee voted for school children and against vouchers in this state that finally made the speaker react.”

Another member of the State House, Rep. Gloria Johnson (D-Knoxville), thanked the young ladies that came forward for doing so as well as their persistence in this matter.

Other than announcing Byrd’s removal from his leadership role, no other comments have been made regarding Byrd’s future as a state legislator.

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