Television star Bear Brown is arrested

Fox News reported that reality television star Bear Brown has just been arrested on a domestic violence charge.

The 34-year-old Brown, whose real name is Solomon Isiah Freedom Brown, is the star of the Discovery series Alaskan Bush People. The incident that led to his arrest took place last week.

A confrontation took place between Brown and his wife, 23-year-old Raiven Adams. The two just got married in January 2022, and they share a 1-and-a-half-year-old son together, named River.

What happened:

According to a deputy from the Okanogan Country Sheriff’s Office, Brown and Adams are currently moving from their residence to a camp trailer, and, at the moment, most of their stuff is in the trailer. So, given that this is the case, Adams, as she often does, decided to take the child to the camp trailer, where Brown already was, to sleep.

“[Brown] began cussing at her and told [Adams] she had to leave the camp trailer,” the deputy said. “[Brown] then left in a vehicle. [Adams] took their son and herself over to the camp trailer and laid down in bed.”

Brown, however, returned, “multiple times,” according to the deputy. He banged on the door asking for some of his stuff, but Adams refused to let him in. The alleged domestic violence took place the following day.

Adams was having a video phone call with her mother in the trailer when Brown returned. During that call, Adams said that Brown accused her of being “crazy” and that she has decided to stay away from Brown.

At this point, Brown allegedly pushed Adams down on the bed and attempted to take her phone from her. Adams is said to have been scratched on her hand during the altercation. It was only after she threatened to call the police that Brown left.

The aftermath

Adams filed her police report claiming to be the victim of domestic violence. Adams also claimed that Brown has pushed her a “few times,” and the deputy said that Adams “became emotionally upset and was concerned due to [Brown’s] status they were going to attack her for reporting this.”

It appears that there is video footage of the altercation or at least the audio of it. During the footage, according to the deputy, Adams can be heard saying “pushing me down on the bed and taking my phone is an assault.” The deputy adds that “a male can be heard saying ‘watch me snatch a phone out of your hand which is all I did,'” to which Adams says that even if that’s all you did it’s still an assault.

Brown has been charged with assault in the fourth degree.

He spent the weekend in jail before bonding out. His next court date is April 26.

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