Teen sentenced to life for killing sister over Wi-Fi password

To deny the trigger point for today’s kids has been dramatically moved in the wrong direction would be like denying we need air to live.

Look no further than the case of Kevon Watkins, 18, who killed his older sister over a Wi-Fi access code.

He Choked Her to Death

There are crimes of passion that often leave us scratching our heads. While still not excusable, you can sometimes understand how these situations escalate.

This murder, though, it makes you wonder the direction to which this country is headed.

According to reports, Watkins had changed the password to the Wi-Fi so nobody else would be on the internet when he was playing video games.

Apparently, he did this because he did not want the speed of his connection to suffer. His mother confronted Watkins about it, and an argument ensued.

His older sister, Alexus, later confronted Watkins about the argument with their mother, and Watkins put his sister into a chokehold.

In the ten minutes he kept his sister in the chokehold, his 13-year-old little brother was trying to stop him, but he obviously failed. When Watkins finally let go, his sister was dead.

No Mercy

The judge in the case, Superior Court Judge Verda Covin, had no place for leniency in the decision. She not only laid into Watkins, but she was also very critical of the environment in the home.

The judge stated, “In this household, chaos was empowered. In this household, the ability to ignore and follow corrective discipline was empowered.”

Watkins was sentenced to life for the murder.

The mother, however, will have to live out the rest of her days knowing the lack of discipline in the house is the reason her daughter is no longer alive.

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