Ted Cruz Vows to Reverse Biden’s Attack on Religious Liberty

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, says when the Republican Party returns to the majority in Congress, one of its first goals will be to reverse the attacks on religious freedom that have come out of the administration of Joe Biden.

“It is not by accident that religious liberty is the very first liberty protected in the very first clause of the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights,” he said in an interview with Jordan Boyd of the Federalist.

“America was founded by men and women fleeing religious persecution, coming to a land where each of us could worship the Lord God Almighty with all our hearts, minds, and souls without government getting in the way.”

He affirmed, “If and when Republicans win a majority – and I am optimistic and even confident that we will win a majority in the House and that we’ve got a very good chance to win a majority in the Senate – I intend to continue leading the fight to defend both religious liberty and our rights to bodily autonomy and not having the government try to force you, whether or not you decide to take a COVID vaccine,” Cruz said.

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He said there also needs to be a “serious and thorough housecleaning” at now-politicized bureaucracies like the FBI, the Department of Justice, and more.

“When we have a Republican majority, I expect serious oversight of those agencies. And when we have the next Republican president, I very much hope that he or she appoints strong leaders to those agencies that will remove the corrupted and politicized career senior leadership that has done enormous damage to the credibility of those agencies,” the senator told The Federalist.

He lamented that Biden’s attorney general, Merrick Garland, “has been content to use DOJ as the political enforcers of the Biden White House right down to directing the FBI to target parents as domestic terrorists, using authority such as the Patriot Act. That was abusive, it was wrong, and we need leadership from Congress and, ultimately, the executive to stop it.”

He said it was Barack Obama who started the politicization of the federal government against conservatives and others – that ex-president once complained that those people “cling” to their guns and the Bibles.

“It metastasized and burrowed deeply into the senior career positions under President Trump. And now, under Biden, we see law enforcement, the Department of Justice, and the FBI more politicized than ever. What Richard Nixon tried to do to use the machinery of the government as a weapon to punish his political opponents, Barack Obama and now Joe Biden has succeeded in doing,” he said.

Cruz previously has mounted a defense of Americans’ rights, introducing a bill to ban vaccine passports, proposing an end to Biden’s administration’s mask mandates, accusing U.S. military academies of refusing to offer shot exemptions to soldiers and fighting for Navy SEALS who faced orders to get the COVID jab or lose their jobs.

Recently, he was among dozens of Republican legislators signing a court brief supporting federal workers opposing, on religious grounds, Biden’s “illegal vaccine mandate.”

He pointed out that Biden’s judicial nominees repeatedly have displayed hostility to the Constitution.

“It has been breathtaking to see the zealots that the Biden administration has appointed. These judicial nominees had been the most extreme of any president in the history of this country. Over and over again he has nominated radicals and extremists,” he warned.

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