Ted Cruz requests meeting with military leadership over ‘systematic, public attacks’ against Tucker Carlson

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is dropping the hammer on high-ranking members of the U.S. military who are using their positions to launch what he calls “political attacks” against Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The senator announced in a tweet Sunday that he has asked to meet with the commandant of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) to “put a stop to” the politicization of the military. “Under Biden, the military is launching political attacks to intimidate Tucker Carlson [and] other civilians who criticize their policy decisions,” Cruz wrote. “Officials in uniform are being used for the campaign. I’ve demanded a meeting with the Commandant of the USMC to put a stop to it.”

“Systematic, public attacks”

Cruz attached to his tweet a copy of a letter he sent Sunday to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in which the senator expressed concern about “systemic, public attacks” against Carlson, who has faced criticism over the last week over comments he made about pregnant women in the military.

“I am deeply troubled that the commitments you made, and the military’s broader obligation to avoid political endorsements and controversy, are being systematically undermined for the sake of leftwing ideology and political expediency,” Cruz wrote to Austin.

“The last week has witnessed the Pentagon mobilize systematic, public attacks against television host Tucker Carlson that in substance, tone, and political resonance are inexplicably inappropriate,” he added.

“A mockery of the U.S. military”

The comments from Carlson came following remarks made by President Joe Biden on International Women’s Day. According to Breitbart, the president had indicated that he’d be taking steps to ensure “that all women feel safe and respected in our military,” including by “designing body armor that fits women properly; tailoring combat uniforms for women; creating maternity flight suits; [and] updating requirements for their hairstyles.”

During an episode of his self-titled Fox News show, Carlson said the moves represent “a mockery of the U.S. military.”

“So we’ve got new hairstyles and maternity flight suits. Pregnant women are going to fight our wars,” the Tucker Carlson Tonight host said, as Breitbart reported. “It’s a mockery of the U.S. military.” Carlson went on:

While China’s military becomes more masculine, as it’s assembled the world’s largest navy, our military needs to become more feminine — whatever feminine means anymore, because men and women no longer exist. The bottom line is it’s out of control. The Pentagon is going along with it. This is a mockery of the U.S. military and its core mission, which is winning wars.

In response, multiple high-ranking officials in the Department of Defense issued statements condemning Carlson. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said the military “absolutely” will not “take personnel advice from a talk show host or the Chinese military;” meanwhile, U.S. Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sgt. Scott H. Stalker, the Command Senior Enlisted Leader of the U.S. Space Command, used his official Twitter page to share a clip of himself berating Carlson and suggesting the Fox star’s opinion carries less weight because he hasn’t served.

“Completely unacceptable”

In his letter to the defense secretary, Cruz said he “cannot imagine how” these attacks on Carlson could be reasonably explained.

“I am deeply concerned about what it portends for the direction that you and President Biden intend to move the military,” the senator said.

He continued, “This kind of behavior, while perhaps typical in a military-controlled Third World country, is completely unacceptable in the United States of America.”

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