Ted Cruz bows out of Supreme Court consideration

Last week, President Donald Trump made his Supreme Court nominee list public, and it raised a lot of eyebrows.

Two of the less traditional nominees have since backed out of consideration, with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) being the latest to signal, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

The list

When Trump published the list of 20 new nominees to be added to the existing 25 that he had already named, Democrats just about lost their minds. The judges on the list, for the most part, were all staunch conservatives.

That, however, was not what got everyone’s back up. What did was seeing the names of Republican Senators Cruz and Josh Hawley (R-MO) on the list.

Hawley says no

Senator Hawley immediately came out to state that he would prefer to remain in the Senate and fight the battles he was elected to fight. “… I have no interest in the high court. I look forward to confirming constitutional conservatives,” Hawley said on Wednesday.

Senator Cruz, however, was a different matter. Cruz is arguably the best conservative legal mind in Congress and many conservatives would love to see him assume the role that the late Chief Justice Scalia filled when he was on the court.

After initially stating how honored he was for even being considered, Cruz has now backtracked just a bit.

Cruz prefers Senate

The Texas senator said Sunday that while still honored, he prefers the political fight in the Senate.

“It is deeply honoring. It’s humbling to be included in the list,” Cruz told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo. “I’m grateful that the president has that confidence in me. But it’s not the desire of my heart. I want to be in the political fight. I want to be fighting to nominate and confirm three, four, five principled constitutionalist justices. I want to stay fighting right where I am in the U.S. Senate,” Cruz added. Watch his full interview below:

Cruz’s position is very understandable considering the current political climate. He may not be the most well-liked, even among conservatives, but he is well-respected, which is far more important.

Even more important is the fact that Cruz continues to hold a strong conservative line, something the Senate needs with far too many RINOs among the Republican party today.

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