Trump Accuser Says Technically She Didn’t ‘Sleep’ with President Trump

As the political world readies for a meeting with the North Korean leader, immigration, and out of control budget spending, one story continues to dominate the headlines… the alleged affair between Donald Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels.

The alleged affair took place roughly a dozen years ago and the story took a turn for the worse when Daniels tweeted out, “Technically I didn’t sleep with POTUS 12 years ago. There was no sleeping (hehe) and he was just a goofy reality TV star.”

Stormy Days Ahead

On Sunday, the “60 Minutes” interview with Stormy Daniels will air, much to the chagrin of President Trump and his attorneys.

Ms. Daniels, as has been reported, signed a non-disclosure agreement, which she allegedly received $130,000 for from one of Trump’s attorneys.

The sticking point is that Trump never signed the agreement and Daniels’ attorney says that makes the agreement null and void.

Trump’s attorneys have already filed a $20 million lawsuit against Daniels seeking damages for what they say are already at least 20 violations of the agreement.

Give the Money Back

Daniels’ attorney has already been making the rounds on the morning talk show circuit and stated that Daniels is more than willing to return the $130,000 so she can set the record straight.

The question remains, though, is the agreement valid without Trump’s signature or does the acceptance of the $130,000 by Daniels validate the agreement.

Disgusting Days

Regardless of the legal details, this is just a new low for this country.

Is it more disgusting that a president is being discussed in the same sentence as a porn star or more disgusting how everyone is making a complete joke of the entire incident?

There is little doubt Daniels is trying to make the most of her 15 minutes in the mainstream media by dragging this out and doing the “60 Minutes” interview, which was actually conducted about a month ago.

We still have no idea what she is going to say about the relationship, or even if she will actually admit anything.

This could end up being much like her interview with Jimmy Kimmel where she sidestepped questions and said a lot of words but did not actually say anything meaningful.

Future Repercussions

There are those that say this happened long before Trump ever decided to run for president and it has no bearing on his presidency at all.

There is also the other side of the camp that says this is not behavior we should ever see from anyone sitting in the Oval Office.

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Of course, there is also the consideration of how this will be used against Trump if he were to run for a second term, which by all appearances is what he plans on doing.

Time will tell, but now we all have to anxiously wait for Sunday night to see exactly what Ms. Daniels has to say.

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