Tech workers proposing commune in downtown San Francisco

 May 2, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Multitudes of small towns originally across America featured a unique lifestyle, logical for its time. People could live, work, shop, get various services, attend church and school – all within a 15-minute walk or so.

Then city populations exploded, suburbs sprouted up, and shopping malls spread.

But now that original idea apparently is regaining attention.

The Daily Mail reports that tech workers in San Francisco are planning a downtown "commune" that would reproduce the amenities of American small towns of generations gone.

The report said it is called "City Campus" and the nonprofit proposes creating a one-square-mile development in several neighborhoods.

The planning group says the goals include having people "find and pursue your life's work, meet inspiring collaborators, live near friends, raise kids in the community, do focused work and engage in civic and social life."

"Community builders" Patricia Mou, Thomas Schulz, Jason Benn, and Adi Melamed are involved, the report said, and Schulz told the local Chronicle, "The synergy of bumping into people that are working on or doing the same stuff creates this very positive cycle."

Schulz also charged that the city needs "help," as its once-popular downtown district has plunged into disarray with homelessness and drug infestations.

The organization has set up online fundraising operations so that others can help pay its way.

Its manifesto claims the campus seeks a "utopia-like community" with "communal cafeterias, late-night cafes, civic spaces, debate halls, community experiences, 'pluralistic and secular spiritual spaces,' 'multi-purpose co-working spaces,' and 'mixed-use daycares.'"

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