Teacher says 'Good afternoon, girls' at an all-girls school, then gets fired

April 17, 2023
World Net Daily

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A teacher opened her speech to a class at a girls' school in the United Kingdom with "Good afternoon, girls," and has been fired for that.

report from Fox News said the teacher, a woman, also was "forced" to apologize to the girls.

The report explains it was an institution run by the Girls' Day School Trust that took the action against the teacher.

The students claim they told the teacher that "not everyone here identifies as female."

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They expressed their dissatisfaction by protesting and creating signs to carry around protesting the teacher's comment.

The teacher told the Daily Mail anonymously that the treatment by the students and school was "humiliating and embarrassing."

She had welcomed the student to her class, but, the report quoted her saying, "Before the end of the week I was in some sort of disciplinary process and the head of the year was telling me I had to apologize to the girls."

She explained she had had an application for a contract renewal at the school pending, and after the "girls" incident develop, she was told her contract was not being renewed.

The ideology that claims a boy can be a girl if he so decides, or a girl can become a boy, has been surging ever since Joe Biden was elected to the White House, as transgenderism appears to be, along with abortion, his top priority.

In America, schools now are leading students to claim they are transgender without parental permission – or in many cases knowledge.

A report from the U.K. Express said the teacher explained the problem had been developing since about 2021.

The report said the teacher commented but wished to remain anonymous because she wanted to protect the pupils.

The trigger for the fight reportedly was a demand by a student, or some students, that the teacher uses pronouns that did not apply to them. The teacher reportedly said she would have to consult with parents for that to happen.

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