Teacher who openly fantasized about Kavanaugh assassination resigns

Death threats have seemingly become the norm when liberals don’t agree with something.

That being said, the Minnesota teacher who alledgedly tweeted out a death wish against Judge Brett Kavanaugh has reportedly resigned from her teaching position.

Nasty Tweet

It is sad to think someone responsible for educating America’s youth thinks it is a good idea to kill a Supreme Court Justice.

That is exactly what happened in Minnesota, though.

While the special education teacher’s name has not been officially released, someone did manage to grab a screenshot of the nasty tweet.

On October 6, Twitter user Spooky Sam (@lookitssammm) tweeted out, “So whose gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh.”

Not long after the tweet was posted, it was picked up on by several conservatives and the story started to go viral.

Eventually, the tweet was reported to the FBI.

Not long after that, the teacher deleted the tweet and shut down her Twitter account.

Price to be Paid

In addition to the FBI and the Secret Service being made aware of her tweet, there were some local repercussions as well.

The Intermediate School District 917 Superintendent soon announced disciplinary actions were being taken against the teacher.

The mysterious teacher was immediately placed on paid administrative leave while the incident was being investigated.

Seeing the writing on the wall, the teacher reportedly turned in her resignation on Tuesday.

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At this point, there have been no criminal charges filed against the teacher.

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