Teacher canceled by LGBT insanity now gets revenge

October 15, 2023
World Net Daily

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A former teacher has won an out-of-court settlement involving a payment of about $9,700 for being canceled by the LGBT ideology.

Christian Concern has documented how Rev. Calvin Robinson won the settlement for being canceled by the Royal Academy of Dance.

He had offended the leftists thereby criticizing Drag Queen Story Time on his GB News show and on social media.

For his comments, he was fired from his role on RAD's education sub-committee.

But supported by the Christian Legal Center, he claimed harassment, and direct and indirect discrimination and was awarded the settlement when RAD decided not to try to take its ideology to court.

But supported by the Christian Legal Center, he claimed harassment, and direct and indirect discrimination and was awarded the settlement when RAD decided not to try to take its ideology to court.

"The events in Lewisham are not isolated and are similar events being held in public libraries across the UK aimed at very young children," the report said.

Calvin documented the events, including harassment by pro-LGBT activists, on his weekly "Calvin's Common Sense Crusade" on GB News.

He explained, "Don’t get me wrong, adults reading stories to children is a wonderful thing, it truly is. Having been a school teacher, I can tell you I wish more parents would read to and with their children. However, why does the LGBTQ+ lobby insist on conflating adult entertainment with story time? This baffles me."

He explained, "Turning Point UK organized the protest this weekend and invited me to speak, which I was happy to do. What I was not expecting was the bus-load of rent-a-mob hard-left LGBTQ+ activists to turn up. They yelled expletives, threw eggs, and held up some really horrendous signs, most of which I cannot repeat on air, but there was one particular suspect sign which read, 'Queer joy is for all ages.' which seems to expose their motives. They’re saying the quiet part out loud. The hard Left and the MSM will label the protests far Right, but since when has protecting children been an issue reserved by the far Right?"

Immediately, officials at RAD terminated his membership.

CEO Tim Arthur claimed, "We are writing to notify you that, in accordance with our internal processes, the decision has been taken to end your appointment to the Education Sub-Committee of the Board of Trustees, effective immediately. The decision has been taken with reference to your commentary on a recent public event in Lewisham. While tolerance of all views (including views that the majority of our members and staff disagree with) is a core value of the RAD, we cannot condone the way in which you have chosen in this instance to express your views, which has a very real impact on the RAD, on members of our staff, and on our members."

He immediately responded by pointing out that RAD did not, in fact, "tolerate" any views but its own.

"As a clergyman, I always express my views in a respectful manner. I have never broken the law (be it legal or moral), and I have never so much as used expletives, so your statement will need further clarification. “At the public event in Lewisham, which you mentioned, I was campaigning against the sexualization of children. Is it the RAD’s stance that the sexualization of children is appropriate?" he demanded.

He suggested it might be helpful to the "media" about why "RAD approves of the sexualization of young children."

Lacking a response, he started a complaint process, which ended with the payment of the settlement.

He said, "It is sad to see that, on the one hand, they insist on pushing these toxic ideologies upon young people, and on the other hand, call themselves inclusive whilst excluding anyone with traditionally British views. Say a man can become a woman and invade women’s protected spaces, and you’ll be encouraged; say you are against the sexualization of children, and you’ll be fired from their organization. What does that say about the Royal Academy of Dance? I hope questions are being asked about their royal charter."

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