Taylor Swift fails to mention Travis Kelce in her Grammy speech

 February 5, 2024

Taylor Swift failed to mention her boyfriend - National Football League (NFL) player Travis Kelce - in her Grammy Awards speech on Sunday. 

However, the New York Post reports that Swift did manage to make a reference to her ex-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

The forgetting of the current boyfriend but the remembering of the ex cannot be a good sign for Swift and Kelce's relationship. Could it?

Swift wins

In case you missed it, Swift took home two Grammy Awards, on Sunday, from six nominations. The wins were for Album of the Year and for Best Pop Vocal.

The former victory was especially significant because it marked the first time that an artist won Album of the Year four times. The winning album was Midnight. 

These two victories gave Swift the opportunity to make victory speeches, and it was in these speeches that Swift failed to mention Kelce, who is about to face off against the San Francisco 49ers in the upcoming Super Bowl.

Swift's speech

It can be read in its entirety here.

"All I want to do is keep being able to do this. I love it so much. It makes me so happy. It makes me unbelievably blown away that it makes some people happy who voted for this award too," Swift, in part, said.

She added, "All I want to do is keep doing this. So thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do what I love so much. Mind blown. Thank you so much."

New album announced; a reference to her ex?

Swift, during her speeches, also took the opportunity to announce a new album, called, The Tortured Poets Department. The album is set to be released on April 19.

It is this album name that some are claiming could be a reference to her ex-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Here's the potential connection:

No Kelce

At the time of this writing, neither Swift nor Kelce has commented on the fact that Swift failed to bring Kelce up during her award speech. Fans were certainly expecting such a mention considering all of the publicity that Swift and Kelce have recently been getting for Swift's appearances at Kelce's games.

Could Swift's failure to mention Kelce give us some sort of insight into their relationship? That's for you, the reader, to decide.

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