Biden should agree to an independent investigation, Tara Reade’s attorney says

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden laid down the gauntlet for voters last week. If they believe Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation, they “probably shouldn’t vote” for him, Biden said.

Now that Biden is forcing the issue for voters, Reade’s attorney insists Biden ought to agree to an “independent and nonpartisan” investigation of her claims.

Cards on the table

Former vice president Biden is finally getting a little more scrutiny these days.

PBS interviewed dozens of former Biden staff members, all of whom stated that they never experienced any sexual harassment by Biden.

The thing is, though, their experiences do not disprove Tara Reade’s allegation.

What we need is an independent agency to have access to Biden’s former staff as well as Biden’s senate records to find out if there ever was a complaint and what was done about it.

Challenging the voters

Biden remains adamant that he did nothing wrong, while Reade has doubled down on her allegation. We need to find out the truth one way or another, which is exactly what Douglas Wigdor, Reade’s attorney, is suggesting we do.

“If Biden believes that voters need to assess the credibility of Ms. Reade’s claims before deciding who to vote for, then he ought to also agree that a thorough, independent and nonpartisan investigation should be conducted,” Wigdor stated.

This is where things get confusing if you are on the outside looking in. If Biden has nothing to hide, he should welcome an investigation, open up ALL of his records, and perhaps even ask for a face-to-face interview with Reade. None of that is taking place.

Joe Biden is merely doing what we would expect anyone accused of assault to do … he is denying it and nothing more.

It makes you wonder: what exactly is Joe Biden hiding in those records at the University of Delaware?

This man is running for president and the American people deserve transparency.

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