CNN’s Jake Tapper raises hypothetical about Pence being murdered by Capitol mob to criticize GOP supporters of Trump

As part of the impeachment effort against former President Donald Trump, Democrats and many media figures have seized upon the emotional responses to the violent riot at the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6, likely in the hope that the emotional manipulation will convince enough Republicans to vote in support of the punitive effort against Trump.

CNN’s Jake Tapper, however, cynically asserted that none of the Senate Republicans would be swayed from defending Trump, even if former Vice President Mike Pence had been targeted and killed by rioters during the incident at the Capitol, Mediaite reported.

Can Republicans be swayed?

Tapper made the assertion that Republicans would have remained unmoved even if Pence had been murdered by the mob during his network’s coverage of the first day of the impeachment trial, where he was joined by colleagues Dana Bash and Abby Phillip.

According to The Daily Caller, Bash took note of the Democratic House impeachment manager’s emotional presentation regarding Jan. 6 and how the senators were not only jurors in the trial but also “witnesses” and “victims” of what had occurred.

“Hard to imagine even the Republicans, who are looking for a political out with the constitutionality question, can — they have to think twice listening to that,” Bash surmised.

Tapper: Republicans are heartless

Tapper replied, “Maybe. I’m not sure they have to think twice about this, because honestly, I have to say, five people are dead directly from that day. There have been at least two or three suicides subsequent. Two of them police officers.”

“I mean, even Kevin McCarthy, who was one of the most sycophantic of Republican officials, has said that Donald Trump bears some responsibility for that day. Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, much more aggressive in his criticism,” he continued.

“Even with that, with dead people, I have to wonder what if the crowd actually had gotten to Mike Pence? What if this had gotten even worse?” Tapper asked rhetorically. “Abby, we were talking earlier, five people killed that day. Dozens more maimed for injuries, wounds they’re going to have forever, three fingers lost, an eye lost, brain damage.”

“What if a member of Congress or Vice President Pence, God forbid, had been killed? I honestly don’t think that anything would be different on the floor of the Senate,” the CNN anchor added.

Emotional manipulation

Breitbart noted that Phillip signaled her agreement with Tapper’s cynical take on Senate Republicans, and said, “Yeah, I tend to agree with you because when you listen to what Republicans are saying, none of them are actually grappling with what happened. Just a step before that, they’re saying, we should just give him a pass for this one thing.”

Tapper’s suggestion that Republicans would still refuse to hold Trump accountable even if Pence had been beaten and murdered by an angry mob, is a far cry from fair journalism and is a horrifically dehumanizing “othering” of his ideological opponents.

Tapper’s ghoulish hypothetical about Pence says more about him and his colleagues’ view of Republicans than it does about those Republicans who are considering a fundamental question about constitutional powers and remedies inherent in the impeachment process.

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