Alan Dershowitz says the Trump tapes don’t guarantee immunity for Cohen

If Michael Cohen thinks selling out President Trump is going to fix all his legal problems, he has another thing coming.

According to famed attorney Alan Dershowitz, turning over the tapes does not guarantee Cohen immunity.

Faults in Testimony

After hearing what Cohen has had to say, Dershowitz says there are far too many inconsistencies for Cohen to be given a pass.

Dershowitz stated, “I think there are problems with the Cohen testimony.”

“There are issues involving lawyer-client privilege. Did he learn that from his client? We don’t know enough to asses that. But, right now, if that’s all Cohen has to offer, I doubt he’ll get immunity based on that,” Dershowitz added.

Crossing the Line

Several pundits have already questioned if Cohen’s tapes can even be used.

These conversations were supposed to have been between an attorney and client, therefore they should be privileged.

As more and more heat is put on Cohen, his initial claim that he would take a bullet for Trump has gone by the wayside.

By turning over the tapes, he has done more than turn on Trump.

Many legal experts believe that for all intents and purposes, his legal career is over.

Clients will simply no longer be able to trust the man.

The President has already made it very clear these recordings were done without his knowledge.

Cohen since has stated the tapes were made to make sure he had all the details straight regarding their conversation.

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Dershowitz also pointed out that defendants squeezed in this fashion tend to make up things.

In essence, they tell the prosecutor anything they want to hear in an effort to get themselves out of trouble.

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