Taliban posts videos taunting U.S. about gargantuan weapons stock left behind

March 27, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The Taliban, to whom Joe Biden gave billions of dollars worth of American war machinery when he abruptly pulled U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, is boasting once again about the windfall it took.

The handover of the war weapons made the Taliban, at the time, one of the best-equipped militaries in the world.

The Gateway Pundit reported the terrorist organization has taken to posting videos and images of the stockpiles that Biden left behind.

It's frequently been reported since Biden ordered that sudden American troop retreat that Biden didn't order the equipment destroyed, just left behind to the Taliban, which was to make the lethality of the terror organization much, much worse.

The report cited estimates that 600,000 weapons were left behind, as were 75,000 vehicles and 200 aircraft.

The Taliban also had released a video earlier, boasting of its windfall.

Among the items that have made it to the "gave away" lists include 2,000 armored vehicles including Humvees and MRAPs, 45 BlackHawk helicopters, 50 Scout attack choppers, more than 20,000 grenades, 16,000-night vision goggles.

Also, 162,000 pieces of encrypted military communications gear, thousands of air-to-ground rockets, laser units, encrypted cell phones and laptops – and pallets and pallets of millions of dollars in U.S. currency.

And bulldozers, backhoes, dump trucks, and excavators.

The Gateway Pundit pointedly noted, "It really is as if we lost the war and now we're paying reparations to the terrorists."

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