Taliban attack leaves 23 dead, 16 injured

The Taliban has conducted another successful terror attack in Afghanistan.

On Friday, Taliban fighters killed 23 Afghan security forces in an attack on a military base in the Southern Helmand province, according to Afghan officials. Another 16 forces were reported injured after the attack.

Officials said it was the third Taliban attack on the base in 48 hours.

Can’t Be Trusted

The attack was carried out while a U.S. envoy was in peace negotiations with Taliban representatives in Qatar.

To many, negotiating with terrorists is simply not acceptable for this very reason.

They have proved time and again they cannot be trusted.

Under normal circumstances, while peace negotiations are going on, attacks such as this would not be encouraged or permitted. Instead, the Taliban proudly used a suicide squad to attack.

According to reports, a total of four suicide bombers were used in the attack, all of whom died.

After the initial attack, fighting broke out and continued on for a reported 17 hours. When all was said and done, the Taliban force had lost an additional 16 fighters.

More Support Needed

President Donald Trump has been adamant that the United States cannot win this battle completely until we have more support from local forces.

March is just beginning, and the U.S. has already nearly matched last year’s total number of airstrikes against terrorists.

Even with the uptick in airstrikes, though, our military leaders believe the best we can hope to achieve without local commitment is a stalemate.

Until further cooperation from local forces is realized, we are destined to see more and more of these attacks take place.

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