Taliban attack kills 14 in Kabul, wounds more than 100

While the U.S. continues its efforts to work out some type of peace deal with the Taliban, deadly terror attacks continue to devastate Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, a suicide bomber in a car targeted a police station in Kabul, killing four police officers and ten civilians while injuring another 145 people.

Never-ending Violence

These cowardly attacks by the Taliban must be stopped at all costs. They are not targeting the military but rather innocent civilians.

In this bombing, women and children were among the dead and wounded. This is not an honorable enemy, but a coward that chooses to fight in the shadows with no respect at all for the life of innocents.

The Taliban immediately claimed credit for the attack, claiming the police station was a “recruitment center.”

They also stated that a “large number of soldiers and police were killed or wounded.” That, obviously, was not the case.

Peace Talks

While this carnage was taking place, the U.S. continued to meet with Taliban representatives to attempt to broker a peace deal.

Representatives for both groups are meeting in Doha, which is about 4,000 miles away from Kabul. However, many question if the Taliban can be trusted to adhere to any deal that is brokered.

Some pundits believe they will use the time of “peace” to rebuild before carrying out another 9/11-style attack.

The death toll of innocents in 2019 has already surpassed the total of 2018 in Afghanistan, which up until now, had been the deadliest year on record.

In 2018, 3,800 were killed and another 7,000 were severely wounded. So far this year, 3,812 people have lost their lives in Afghanistan terror attacks. Even amid this violence, U.S. officials are confident an agreement will be reached before September 1.

If they are correct, the deal would call for a mass withdrawal of troops, 20,000 in total, 14,000 of which are American troops.

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