Take one guess who Hillary blames for America's summer heat wave

July 25, 2023
World Net Daily

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Heat waves happen. All throughout history they've occurred, dissipated, and eventually come back. Just about as regularly as July appears on the calendar.

Temperatures around the globe again are, indeed, setting records right now, and multiple reports are charging that it's all because of climate change.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal said such heat "would have been nearly impossible without the warming effects of human-induced climate change."

A "climate science" lecturer, in fact, warned in the report that we will all "see more" of this in the future.

That conclusion comes from scientists' own "climate models" that guess about what will happen in coming months and years.

For this year, the heat has proven fatal for a number of hikers who have gone into desert areas unprepared and the like.

They're not exactly new, however.

The Washington Post wrote about reported on heat 30 years ago that "made it feel as hot as 120" for residents of Chicago.

People "were wilting and desperate to cool down, blasting air conditioners if they had them and breaking open fire hydrants if they didn’t," the report said.

"Transformers failed, power outages grew and water pressure in some neighborhoods slowed to a dribble," it said.

But now, thanks to Hillary Clinton, we know those responsible: Republicans.

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