Taiwan official says Chinese blockade would be an ‘act of war’

Reuters quotes “a senior Taiwanese security official” as explaining what, in Taiwan’s viewpoint, would constitute an act of war by China.  

The outlet reports:

A Chinese blockade of Taiwan or the seizure of an offshore island would be considered an act of war and Taiwan would not surrender, a senior Taiwanese security official told Reuters using unusually strong and direct language.


China and Taiwan continue to be at odds over Taiwan’s independence. Whereas Taiwan considers itself to be an independent, autonomous country, China considers Taiwan to be part of its own territory, and thus, subject to China’s control.

This dispute has now been going on for some time. But, recently, things have really escalated.

Largely, it appears that this escalation has resulted from U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosis’ (D-CA) recent trip to Taiwan. Pelosi made that trip to show the U.S.’s solidarity with Taiwan, and this has set China off.

China ramps up its aggression

Ever since Pelosi’s trip, China has really ramped up its aggression toward Taiwan.

China did so by immediately launching its largest military drills ever, and it conducted these drills in the areas surrounding Taiwan. Besides firing missiles, China also appeared to take steps to set up a blockade around Taiwan.

Since this outburst, China has somewhat calmed down. But, it continues to conduct smaller-scale military activities.

Looking forward

The big question, here, is what would happen if China tries to seize Taiwan: how would Taiwan respond? how would its allies respond?

Taiwan, for its part, has made it very clear that it will not give in easily to China. As for Taiwan’s allies, a big one is the United States, and President Joe Biden recently stated that the U.S. military would take steps to defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion of the country.

Whether or not Biden is telling the truth here is unclear as his statement does contradict the administration’s official policy on Taiwan.

With all this being said, no one really knows if China is going to try to forcefully seize Taiwan. China has stated that it would like to peacefully “reunite” with Taiwan, but it has not ruled out the possibility of a forceful “reunification.”

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