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A leftist jury in New York claimed that President Donald Trump violated campaign spending laws with his personal hush money payoff to a porn star, and returned guilty verdicts to 34 felonies.

A federal court decided Hillary Clinton violated essentially the same spending reporting requirements when her campaign coordinated, illegally, spending campaigns with a political action committee.

She gets a scolding.

It is the Washington Examiner that reported the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled Clinton and the superpac called Correct the Record improperly used an “internet exemption” to get around restrictions they wanted to avoid to set up a “Benghazi Hearing War Room” and pursue a “witch hunt” of critics.

They wanted to do all this without reporting the work as a campaign expense, the report said.

But the court said the campaign, in 2016 when Clinton lost her second attempt to be elected to the White House, crossed election laws by flaunting their coordinated efforts.

The report said, "Neither Clinton nor Correct the Record founder David Brock will be punished under the 36-page decision that instead scolded the Federal Election Commission for not investigating a complaint about the spending. It sent the case to the FEC to fix the exemption."

"We hold that the Commission acted contrary to law in dismissing the complaint. Because we conclude that the internet exemption cannot be read to exempt from disclosure those expenditures that are only tangentially related to an eventual internet message or post, the commission's reading of the internet exemption stretches it beyond lawful limits," the court concluded.

FEC chief Sean Cooksey responded, "My colleagues and I will carefully review the court's opinion and consider next steps, including whether to seek review in the Supreme Court. Regardless, I will continue to fight for internet freedom at the FEC and a robust regulatory exemption for political activities online, consistent with the law."

The dispute dates to 2016 when Brock set up his group and announced his plans would be coordinated with the Clinton campaign, in apparent violation of rules barring PAC and candidates from scheming together, the report said.

The court found that Clinton's campaign was obligated to acknowledge the spending as a campaign donation.

"The court said that Brock's group spent $5.95 million and hid its spending behind the internet exception that was created to protect freewheeling online political commentary and low-dollar support for candidates," the report said.

report by the Western Journal said the "court just nailed Hillary for FEC violation 45x bigger than Trump's $130k so-called violation."

"The amount in question is more than 45 times the $130,000 a Manhattan court convicted former President Donald Trump of misreporting in business records during the same 2016 campaign.

"It should be noted that the Federal Election Commission and the Justice Department looked at the payments Trump made through his personal attorney at the time, Michael Cohen, to adult film star Stormy Daniels as part of a nondisclosure agreement and declined to prosecute him," it said.

But in what is widely seen as part of the Democrats' "lawfare" against Trump, "Democrat Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg chose to bring the case under New York law, bootstrapping the alleged FEC violation as an underlying crime to the state business record violations."

The expenses were listed as legal expenses, as they were paid to a lawyer for a settlement issue.

The Clinton case involved neither organization reporting the campaign spending.

"In other words, Correct the Record committed FEC 'business record' violations, if you will, by failing to properly account for money spent to help the Clinton campaign," the report said.

Previously, the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee agreed in 2022 to pay $113,000 in fines to resolve an FEC investigation into her campaign's decision to fund the infamous Steele dossier – opposition research documentation that actually was fabricated – and call it legal expenses.

The report continued, "That's interesting because that's exactly the violation Bragg said the Trump Organization committed in relation to paying Cohen."


This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden's mental faculties are headline news these days.

His cognitive status, decline, and all have been evident for years already. It was formally recognized by special counsel Robert Hur's finding that he did take and keep government documents, but there should not be any charges because of his diminishing mental capabilities.

Then it was on full display during the presidential debate, and was in the news again this week when he called Ukraine's president "Putin" and his own vice president "Trump."

Now members of Congress are demanding answers about what the American public doesn't yet know about that decline.

report from Just the News explains it’s the House Oversight Committee that is demanding three White House staff members answer questions – about the “interference” they are running for Biden.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer has called for Special Assistant to the President Ashley Williams, Assistant to the President Anthony Bernal, and Deputy White House Chief of Staff Annie Tomasini to appear.

Comer explained, "The White House has shielded three key aides from testifying about President Biden's mishandling of classified documents and now we've learned through reporting these same aides are also seeking to cover up President Biden's declining cognitive state inside the White House.

"President Biden is clearly unfit for office, yet his staff are trying to hide the truth from the American people. Key White House staff must come before our committee so we can provide the transparency and accountability that Americans deserve," he said.

Comer accused the aides of actually doing chores that must be done by a president.

The report explained, "The letters containing the subpoenas also cited a former Biden aide who claimed the three employees formed a 'protective bubble' around the president to the point that he 'lost all independence.'"

Biden's recent public displays of cognitive failures have prompted multiple Democrats to call for him to step away from the 2024 presidential race – or for his removal.

Fox News said the subpoenas, sent this week, “voice the committee’s concerns that top aides are running the country while the president is unable to do so.”

Williams' subpoena states, "To be clear, the American people did not elect Ms. Williams or any White House staffer to do President Biden's job for him, and the committee seeks Ms. Williams testimony regarding the matters identified above."

Democrat activists in the White House claimed the subpoenas were a "baseless political stunt."

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An undercover video reveals that Joe Biden likely is delaying a ban on menthol cigarettes, a move that could save lives in the black community where they are popular, because he wants black votes in November.

The video from Project Veritas shows Isaac Belfer, a Department of Justice lawyer, suggesting Biden is prioritizing political interests over public health.

"There are some concerns that you might not want to do something like criminalize a product that's used by tons of black people, especially before an election. Biden used black people. So we're being sued, saying, 'You should pass this regulation now with no excuse to hold it up because your people are dying. If you gave them a cigarettes, you can pass this down. We're depending on that. This will definitely affect your life.' Unfortunately, we're not supposed to consider that," the lawyer said.

A report at the Gateway Pundit said, "Belfer explains that while the effort to ban menthols has been ongoing for over 10 years, its implementation is now being purposefully delayed by President Biden because he 'needs black votes.'

"On video recording, Belfer acknowledges that 'many thousands of black people die every year because of menthol cigarettes.' He further reveals that while the FDA wants to pass this regulation, it's being slow-walked by the Biden White House."

Belfer said, 'Biden doesn’t want to pass this regulation [menthol cigarette ban] because he’s worried he will lose black voters."

The report charged, "The last time we checked in on Joe Biden’s planned ban on menthol cigarettes, he was considering postponing the effort because his campaign and Democrats are worried about angering black voters. Now it is pretty much confirmed that Biden is not going to try to put the ban in effect before the election, proving once and for all that all they really care about is votes."

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

President Donald Trump "never had a real shot at a fair trial in Manhattan," a congressional report has determined regarding the 34 count conviction District Attorney Alvin Bragg got from a leftist jury there.

The counts originally were misdemeanor business accounting offenses, but the statute of limitations had expired. Bragg turned them into zombies, bringing them back to life on the claim that they were in furtherance of another, unspecified, crime.

A new congressional report delivers the stunning verdict on Bragg, and the compromised Juan Merchan, the judge in the case.

The report from the Committee on the Judiciary and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government cited several key failings by Bragg and Merchan, whose daughter was fundraising for Democrats off her father's rulings in the courtroom.

The report cited: "Bragg’s unconstitutional and unprecedented Russian-nesting-doll theory of criminal liability, in which the jury never had to reach unanimity beyond a reasonable doubt as to each element of the criminal offenses;

"Bragg’s usurpation of the federal government’s exclusive authority to prosecute alleged violations of federal campaign finance laws and the Biden-Harris Administration’s refusal to intercede to protect federal interests; and ...

"Judge Merchan’s egregious legal rulings before and during the trial that all cut against President Trump’s rights, including: Judge Merchan’s failure to recuse himself for manifest political bias against President Trump; The unconstitutional gag order he imposed on President Trump during the trial; Judge Merchan’s admission of plainly inadmissible, irrelevant, and unfairly prejudicial testimony against President Trump; and Judge Merchan’s refusal to permit former Federal Election Commission Chairman Bradley Smith to testify as to the meaning and complexities of the Federal Election Campaign Act."

The committee explained, "President Trump never had a real shot at a fair trial in Manhattan. In a more neutral jurisdiction, where a politically ambitious prosecutor was not motivated by partisanship and a trial judge with perceived biases did not refuse to enforce a fair proceeding, President Trump would have never been found guilty. But Manhattan is anything but a neutral jurisdiction. President Trump promised to appeal, stating, 'We will fight for our constitution. This is far from over.' But the Democrats’ use of lawfare accomplished its short-term goal—it removed President Trump from the campaign trail and diverted attention away from President Biden’s missteps and failing policies."

The congressional report said Bragg's boast was that he secured a 34-count criminal indictment against President Trump that bootstrapped misdemeanor state charges for allegedly falsifying New York business records to an ambiguous, unknown federal crime to aggravate the charges to felonies.

In fact, the claims revolved around payments former Trump employee Michael Cohen made to Stephanie Clifford (also referred to as Stormy Daniels) in 2017 – essentially a hush money payment which is not illegal.

"Legal experts have detailed serious legal and constitutional deficiencies with Bragg’s politicized prosecution. First, as one legal scholar explained, even if the alleged bookkeeping irregularities 'amount[ed] to fraud crimes . . . the transactions in question could not possibly have had the slightest impact on the 2016 election. They didn’t occur until months later—specifically, from February 14 through December 5, 2017.' Second, 'even if Bragg had jurisdiction to enforce federal campaign finance law' and 'even if Bragg were correct that the ... payments were in-kind campaign contributions that had to be disclosed,' any disclosure would have been due 'several months into 2017. Again, there could not conceivably have been any impact on the 2016 election.'"

The committee began investigating last year, and said it had to go to court to obtain testimony from Mark Pomerantz, a former special assistant DA in Manhattan.

The conclusion, the committee said, was that "Bragg’s prosecution of President Trump was politically motivated, unethically and likely unlawfully focused solely on one person, and 'opened the door for future prosecutions of a former president—or current candidate—that would be widely perceived as politically motivated.'"

It actually, the report said, was "lawfare tactics" by the "highest offices in the Department of Justice."

Further, the report said, "The committee heard testimony from Federal Election Commission (FEC) Commissioner James 'Trey' E. Trainor, III who explained how Bragg's prosecution was 'a significant deviation' from a well-established legal framework as Bragg 'usurped the jurisdiction that Congress [] explicitly reserved for federal authorities.' The committee also heard from a constitutional law scholar and attorney Elizabeth Price Foley who explained in detail how the trial violated President Trump’s constitutionally protected due process rights."

The report said, "Finally, the committee heard from Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey who drew on his expertise as Missouri’s chief law enforcement officer to discuss how Bragg’s prosecution was clearly 'politically motivated and replete with legal error.' A fundamental principle of the American system of justice is that no individual is above the law. But just as important is the precept that prosecutors prosecute conduct, not individuals," the report said.

"Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, however, ran for office on a platform of investigating and prosecuting President Trump, bragging about his extensive experience suing President Trump."

The report concluded: "Every person admitted to practice law in New York, including elected district attorneys and appointed judges, must take a 'constitutional oath of office,' swearing or affirming to 'support the constitution of the United States, and the constitution of the State of New York.' By taking that oath, District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Judge Juan Merchan were legally 'bound to a constitutional course of conduct.' In their politicized efforts to indict and convict President Trump, they failed their oaths of office. But neither of these faithless officials will have the last word on the travesty of justice that transpired in lower Manhattan on May 30, 2024. The testimony that the committee and select subcommittee have received makes clear that President Trump’s trial was riddled with constitutional defects—defects that should prompt the New York appellate courts to reverse the verdict."

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Joe Biden is responsible for the weaponization of the federal government, and Americans must make sure it never happens against.

That's the message in a new video from the House Judiciary GOP, which has released a posting in which Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, explains the proof.

Nehls explains first and foremost, Biden's attorney general, Merrick Garland, appointed the so-called "non-partisan" Jack Smith to pursue Trump.

But he explains Smith is anything but non-partisan, having tried to destroy Gov. Robert McDonald only to lose 8-0 at the Supreme Court.

Smith, too, has made a career of targeting conservatives, and his wife was a producer for leftist Michelle Obama's "documentary."

In a state prosecution of Trump in Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis sent her "former lover" and lead Trump attacker Nathan Wade to meet with Biden's "inner circle" as soon as Trump announced his candidacy.

There's more, Nehls explained, with Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg campaigning on the promise to get Trump and then having Biden's No. 3 operative at the DOJ move to his local office to charge Trump with misdemeanors that had expired.

The judge in that case actually refused to excuse himself even though his daughter was fundraising off her father's political courtroom decisions at the time the case was going on.

Biden even admitted the agenda, demanding that people make sure Trump "does not become the next president."

Nehls said actually it's time to make sure such weaponization never happens again.

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The now-failed Chevron precedent, struck down just days ago by the U.S. Supreme Court, had come up with some unusual government mandates.

One was an order for a South Dakota farmer not to farm part of his ground because melting snow made it wet.

Another was that a truck repair shop was a … mine.

Those two cases now are heading back to court – for a decision that disallows the sometimes odd opinions of bureaucrats working for federal agencies.

It was the Pacific Legal Foundation that confirmed already two of its cases, Foster v. U.S. Department of Agriculture and KC Transport v. Secretary of Labor, have been ordered back to court.

"Our clients may now make their case in court without judges putting their thumb on the scale in favor of the government," said Paige Gilliard, an attorney at Pacific Legal Foundation. “The Supreme Court’s decision to end Chevron deference is a move to restore fairness in federal courts. Our clients Arlen Foster and KC Transport are among the first beneficiaries."

The 1980s-era Chevron claimed that courts should submit to the opinions of bureaucrats should a federal law have a vague area. In that case, the bureaucrats' interpretation was to be held as law.

No longer.

The foundation said Arlen Foster, a third-generation Miner County, S.D., farmer, works with his family to raise cattle, corn, soybeans, and hay on land his grandfather bought in 1900 with a $1,000 loan.

It was Arlen's father who planted a tree belt along the edge of the farm in 1936 to prevent erosion.

Today the trees are tall and collect deep snow drifts in the winter.

"As long as the feds consider the puddle a wetland, Arlen cannot farm it. Doing so would violate the 'Swampbuster' provisions of the 1985 Food Security Act that tie wetlands to federal assistance programs provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture," the team said.

At dispute was a provision allowing for a review of the designation. Foster asked for a review but the feds refused, demanding "new evidence" first, even though that is not a requirement of the actual law.

The second case involves KC Transport, a family-owned, independent trucking company serving a wide array of customers from its five locations in southern West Virginia and Virginia.

The trucks are used for coal, earth, gravel, and more.

The foundation explained, "Trouble began for KC Transport in 2019 when a federal Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) inspector showed up at the company’s Emmett, W.V., facility. The arrival of a federal regulator who inspects mines under the Federal Mine Act was unexpected and unusual. The MSHA, which operates under the U.S. Department of Labor, had never before inspected the Emmett facility—for good reason. The Emmett facility parks maintains, and repairs trucks that are occasionally hired to haul coal. Its property is neither on a mine nor attached to one; the closest mines are several miles away."

That, however, was not an obstacle to the mine inspector deciding that the company should be fined nearly $10,000.

The company challenged the citations, explaining it was not a mine, but an administrative law judge said it was.

Eventually, the federal government said the trucks are subject to "mine" regulations, for being parked at a repair shop.

The ultimate decision in the case, now back for more review, was that the Labor secretary should decide the department's authority.

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With Joe Biden's health now in national focus, a top U.S. senator is predicting the likely Democratic nominee for the 2024 presidential election.

"Kamala Harris will probably be the candidate running against Donald Trump. That will be very interesting," said Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., a member of the Armed Services Committee.

Tuberville was appearing on Fox's "Sunday Morning Futures" with Maria Bartiromo, who asked him: "Who do you think will be her running mate if it is Kamala Harris at the top of the ticket?"

Tuberville continued: "This has been a disgrace, been a disgrace for three and a half years. We've been talking to our Democratic colleagues in the Senate. They know what's going on. Mainstream media has hidden all this, and now they're panicking and wondering what they're going to do.

"They put the early debate just in case this happened. Well, it did happen. He doesn't know what day it is.

"It's unfortunate for Joe Biden. He's sick. Nobody can help that. People do get old, they do get sick, but this is all about the Democrats' power [and] they're continuing to remain [in] power."

Tuberville also asserted Joe Biden is not the one running the United States at the moment, but said the Deep State, Barack Obama, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., are the ones in charge.

"We've all known, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, and Obama's been running the country along with [Secretary of State Antony] Blinken and [National Security Adviser Jake] Sullivan out of the White House. Joe Biden hasn't been making decisions. He might have first year had some say so about what's going on, but he's been out of it since after the first year in office. And and you can tell by Schumer's actions, Pelosi's actions the first two years they were calling the shots.

"So hopefully, people understand that. They've had total control. Not the president, but Schumer, Pelosi, and all the Deep State. The Deep State's [in] total control of this and, hopefully, we can get control of it and get, get the Democrats out of control and get Trump and all the Republicans running this country."

An incredulous Bartiromo asked: "So are you saying that over the last, I don't know what time frame you're talking about, let's say the year, that Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi have been running the country with staffers at the White House, that Joe Biden -- and they've been lying to the American people, they've been covering up a massive issue, mental capacity issue?"

"There's no doubt about it because, yeah, they bring, Maria, they would bring Joe Biden to the Capitol, walk him around, hold his arm, hold his hands, lead him around and kind of show him off. But they're making all the decisions, there's no doubt about that."

Bartiromo exclaimed: "Wow!"

The senator also sounded the alarm about a forthcoming "national disaster" with the ongoing influx of illegal aliens into the U.S., many of whom are tied to the terrorist group ISIS and others coming from China.

"Yeah, 7,000% increase in people coming in from China across our southern border: You can't make this up," Tuberville noted.

"This can't be a worse scenario for the United States of America than what's going on right now, and we've still got six more months of these clowns running the White House that are fully compliant, allowing them to come.

"Number one, we can't afford it, and listen to the FBI director. There is going to be a national disaster with some people coming across this border. And it's going to be all on the backs of the Democrats. They've done this to the United States of America and to the American citizens. They should be absolutely ashamed."

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A new survey shows just one Democratic replacement for Joe Biden can defeat former President Donald Trump in a head-to-head matchup.

According to a just-released Reuters/Ipsos poll, Michelle Obama has a double-digit lead over Trump, 50% to 39%.

According to the poll, a plurality of Americans believe Biden is unfit for office. Indeed, the survey shows a majority of all voters – 56% – want Biden to drop out of the race, including a third of Democrats, following a humiliating debate performance last week in which he even appeared to fall asleep at times.

Moreover, 46% of voters, including 19% of Republicans, said they want Trump removed from the GOP ticket.

Biden and Trump are neck and neck with 40% each, with Trump trouncing all other competition for the Democratic presidential nomination but Michelle Obama.

The former Republican president leads Kamala Harris by 43% to 42%, according to the poll.

Trump leads California Gov. Gavin Newsom by 3%, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear by 4%, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer by 5%, and Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker by 6%.

Of the top Democrat potential contenders for Biden's replacement, the poll shows Michelle Obama has the highest favorability ratings, with 55% of respondents holding a favorable view of Obama versus 42% unfavorable.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll was conducted July 1-2 and surveyed 1,070 U.S. adults, 892 of whom were registered voters.

Meanwhile, a RealClearPolitics aggregation of recent polling shows Harris generally has had lower favorability ratings in polls than Biden – currently 38.7% versus Biden's 39.8%.

Michelle Obama has never expressed any interest in running for office. She also explicitly declined to back Biden when pressed about his re-election campaign in 2022.

On Wednesday, the White House declared Kamala Harris to be "the future of the Democratic Party," as Democrats and state-run media decided to acknowledge Joe Biden's obvious cognitive decline all at once during the earliest general presidential debate in American history.

At her regular briefing, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre pronounced Harris as Biden's political heir if the now-undeniably impaired president steps aside.

"One of the reasons why he picked the vice president, President Kamala Harris, is because she is indeed the future of the party," Jean-Pierre said.

Notorious for incessant awkward cackling during public engagements, Harris faces stiff competition for the Democratic nomination.

Biden was nearly as impaired in 2019 when he was pandering to Hispanics singing Daddy Yankee and telling black Americans "they ain't black" if they didn't vote for him in 2020.

On a call with campaign staff Wednesday, the senile Biden insisted he would remain on the Democrat ticket in the Nov. 5 election.

"There is no one I'd rather be in this battle with than all of you," Biden said in his usual struggle to speak coherently after several House Democrats predicted his loss to Trump and the New York Times editorial board called on him to drop out. "Let's link arms. Let's get his done – you, me, the vice president, together."

Yet Biden reportedly griped to a close ally that he may be finished if his polling numbers continue to fall amid subsequent public appearances.

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It seems that even diehard Democrats in party strongholds, like California, are more than a little upset at Joe Biden's recent performance.

His presidential debate appearance, on stage with President Donald Trump, earned a bipartisan characterization as a catastrophe for Biden, and the Democrats.

Suddenly, and shockingly for those who have not previously pierced the coverup by legacy media about his true condition, his evidence of senility was front and center.

And in the headlines.

report in the Washington Examiner noted that California, the "blue heart of Democratic territory," now is "hemorrhaging party support."

It's been years since there has been a significant Republican power anywhere in the state, from cities and counties to the state bureaucracy, even the judiciary.

But the Los Angeles Times confirmed that traditionally Democrat California voters now are alarmed.

Citing Biden's obvious cognitive decline, they are "questioning if their party's presumed nominee has what it takes…"

In fact, that's been the subject of conversation even among Democrats since the debate's horrors.

"How are we supposed to have faith in a president that can’t even communicate right?" Antinya Walker told the publication. The Los Angeles resident continued, "I feel like Trump is our best bet right now."

In her county, Los Angeles, Trump got only 26% of the vote last election. But her voice is just one of many moving the same ideological direction, the report said.

The report continued, "Daisy Williams supported Biden in 2020, but she pulled her vote for the president after the debate. She believes Biden has dementia, according to the outlet, a question the White House shot down earlier this week after a reporter asked if the president has Alzheimer’s disease."

Williams said Biden's time "is up."

"I was embarrassed for him," explained Janice Gatlin, of Los Angeles. And Biden "needs to step down."

It was in Los Angeles that earlier clues about Biden's status and capabilities appeared. Reports confirm that at a fundraiser with Barack Obama, Obama appeared to lead Biden off the stage.

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Last week's presidential debate confirmed to millions of viewers the stunning deterioration in Joe Biden's capacities: He sometimes failed to finish a sentence, he mumbled, he missed points, he stared vacantly.

President Trump, in fact, openly noted he didn't know what Biden was saying, and he didn't think Biden did either. And since the event, discussions about whether he can continue his candidacy, or even continue as president, have erupted across the country.

The problem was so suddenly thrust into the public's view, as his performance was televised, that even legacy media had to start covering it.

But we now know why the problem, obviously developing for a number of years, was so suppressed by those same outlets earlier.

It was because "right-wing media" WAS reporting it.

Legal commentator and George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley explained in a column.

"The media is sorry . . . sort of. After the shocking appearance of President Joe Biden in the presidential debate, the public has turned its attention to the press which has, again, buried a major scandal for years. According to CNN, the reporters at the White House are really, really sorry but explained that it was the 'right-wing media' that prompted them to avoid the story."

Turley called that "a telling admission that, yet again, reporters chose not to report on a story because they wanted to frame the news for political purposes."

He said his book, "The Indispensable Right: Free Speech in an Age of Rage," addresses the problem that "the media now rejects objectivity and neutrality as core values in journalism."

He said there have been "questions" about Biden's mental decline for years. It reached a peak when special counsel Robert Hur concluded Biden did illegally retain government documents, but said prosecution would be difficult because "a jury would be swayed by the appearance of an elderly man with declining memory."

Videos backing that exact characterization then were attacked by the White House, with a new talking point that alleged they were "cheap fakes," even though they were unedited videos.

But then the debate.

"And, after years of being protected by staff, tens of millions of people watched the president struggle to stay focused and responsive," Turley said.

So the "embarrassed" media outlets that had been suppressing the news explained that happened because the "right-wing press."

Turley warned, "It was just part of shaping the news, which is now the priority in journalism."

That's evident by blatant statements advocating bias, including from Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, editor-in-chief at the San Francisco Chronicle, who said, "Objectivity has got to go."

And Stanford journalism teacher Ted Glasser insists reporting needs to "free itself from this notion of objectivity to develop a sense of social justice."

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