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It is not just bureaucrats, functionaries, and prosecutors involved in the weaponization of the government against President Donald Trump.

That agenda has been obvious in recent months as multiple state and federal cases have been launched against him, sometimes as in the "hush money" case on trial in New York now the allegations are based on facts that multiple prosecutors earlier said did not make a case.

But that weaponization also apparently, sometimes, may include judges.

Reps. Jim Jordan and Elise Stefanik confirmed Tuesday they are investigating the dismissal of Stefanik’s misconduct complaint against Washington, D.C., federal judge Beryl Howell.

The focus in Howell's potentially prejudicial statements about Trump's criminal case involving the 2020 election.

The members of Congress have written Sri Srinivasan, the chief judge of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, requesting a report on how that concern, essentially, was torpedoed.

The office of the D.C. Circuit executive initially "claimed" that the complaint had been "wrongly filed," the members charge. But it even apparently was dismissed after being submitted twice more.

The letter explains how Stefanik expressed concern over a speech by Howell at one of those "gala" events in Washington, organized by the Women’s White Collar Defense Association.

In her November 2023 speech, Howell "Howell made numerous prejudicial statements touching on matters pending before her. In particular, Judge Howell made statements that approved of a book that disparages President Donald Trump, who was the subject of grand juries she oversaw and is a defendant in a trial pending before the court on which she sits," the letter charged.

"Howell quoted portions of the book that disparage President Trump, commenting that "big lies are springboards for authoritarians," and noting that the U.S. is "at a crossroads teetering on the brink of authoritarianism."

The letter charged she also praised Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, who helped to lead the department prosecuting President Trump, as well as making statements regarding her experience sentencing defendants for conduct related to Jan. 6, 2021, which is related to the Justice Department’s prosecution of President Trump.

Monaco spearheaded the dubious prosecution of Trump for allegedly keeping documents from his presidency in his home.

Joe Biden, of course, was found this year to have willfully retained classified documents after his vice presidency, but the "Justice Department did not recommend bringing charges, in part because a jury was likely to have seen him as an 'elderly man with a poor memory' rather than a devious criminal mastermind," the members of Congress said in a report.

Howell claimed, "My DC judicial colleagues and I regularly see the impact of big lies at the sentencing of hundreds, hundreds of individuals who have been convicted for offensive conduct on Jan. 6, 2021, when they disrupted the certification of the 2020 presidential election at the US Capitol."

Stefanik noted, again, in the letter that Howell's open criticism of Trump "appear to violate Canon 2B of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges, which requires that judges 'act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary' and that a judge should not 'lend the prestige of the judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge or others nor convey or permit others to convey the impression that they are in a special position to influence the judge.'"

Howell was picked for the bench by Barack Obama, for whom Biden served as vice president.

The letter notes that federal judges are required to follow "unbiased, neutral decision-making," and when it appears they have not, and a complaint is filed, it needs to be investigated.

The report noted it's been five months and nothing has happened with Stefanik's complaint about the judge's bias.

The members of Congress now want a briefing on the status of that complaint, information about "alleged" problems with the complaint, a timeline, and much more, including whether there have been other complaints about Howell.

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A pop singer who gained prominence by singing in a gay bathhouse some five decades ago has humiliated herself by wildly suggesting that Hillary Clinton DIDN'T claim that the 2016 election, when President Donald Trump beat her, was stolen.

The comment was from Bette Midler, who went to social media to claim, "Can you imagine what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had claimed the election was stolen?"

Social media crowds were quick to correct her, and one even responded with a video of "24 STRAIGHT MINUTES" of Democrats denying election results, including Clinton's still-held opinion about her loss.

A commentary at Twitchy pointed out, "We're not gonna lie we honestly don't know where to start with this post by notoriously liberal singer and actress Mette Midler."

It cited a National Review report which noted Clinton "is sticking with her conviction that the 2016 presidential election was not conducted legitimately, saying the details surrounding her loss are still unclear."

Clinton claimed, "There was a widespread understanding that this election [in 2016] was not on the level. We still don’t know what happened. There’s just a lot that I think will be revealed. History will discover."

Among those pointing out that Clinton repeatedly and consistently has claimed she lost only because the election was stolen was one observer who pointed out, "She did, and so did you," with a reposting on a 2018 comment from Bette Midler that, "Trump's getting us all used to the idea that he can pardon himself for his part in Russian interference in the election."

The Democrats' claim at that time, and for many continues to be, that Russa interfered in the 2016 election to place President Trump in office. A years-long investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, however, debunked those conspiracy theories.

It was PJMedia that noted how Midler "humiliates" herself with the claim.

The report noted, "Bette Midler's career peaked years ago, and at this point, the only way she is capable of getting attention is with anti-Trump rants. During the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, she controversially tweeted, 'Women are the n-word of the world. Raped, beaten, enslaved, married off, worked like dumb animals; denied education and inheritance; enduring the pain and danger of childbirth and life IN SILENCE for THOUSANDS of years They are the most disrespected creatures on earth.'"

She later expressed a fantasy about Trump and his family being hanged, and while those later were deleted, her social media still is full of anti-Trump ranks, the report said.

It also cited her for paying so little attention.

It provided examples of Clinton's comments, including, "You can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee, and you can have the election stolen from you."

Clinton also has insisted that President Trump, in office, knew "he's an illegitimate president.'

The report wondered, "Why do Democrats always get away with claiming every election they lose was stolen from them?"

One comment was simple: "She still dwells on this."

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Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis' handling of her organized crime case against President Donald Trump now is facing a new roadblock.

Her case alleges RICO violations for Trump's opinions about the highly controversial 2020 election, and his decision to express those opinions.

She's already facing a state legislative investigation, a threat of a contempt citation from Congress, a lawsuit over her response about her records, claims she illegally recorded a telephone call with a defense lawyer, and more.

The biggest headache she's created in the case is her decision to hire her paramour, at a cost of nearly $700,000 to taxpayers, to work on the case against Trump.

A trial judge already ruled that either Willis had to go, or the paramour had to go, and he resigned immediately.

But Trump and other defendants appealed the decision by Judge Scott McAfee to allow Willis to remain, despite her "tremendous lapse in judge" and the aura of "mendacity" around the case.

Now the Daily Mail confirms, "The Georgia Court of Appeals has given a green light to Donald Trump's case to remove Fani Willis from his election fraud trial in the latest blow to the Fulton County DA."

Trump and other defendants had asked the higher court to overturn McAfee's ruling and remove Willis from the case entirely.

That would throw Willis' agenda – she has insisted on a trial and conviction before the election – into chaos. The case likely would be presented to a different prosecutor who may have to start the investigation all over in order to develop a charge.

There's not even a timeline yet for the appeal to be heard.

Trump has pleaded not guilty in the case and has accused the prosecution of running a politically motivated agenda against him, in an effort to injure his campaign.

Trump lawyer in the Georgia case Steven Sadow indicated in a statement that he won't relent in the effort to bump Willis from the case, the report confirmed.

"President Trump looks forward to presenting interlocutory arguments to the Georgia Court of Appeals as to why the case should be dismissed and Fulton County DA Willis should be disqualified for her misconduct in this unjustified, unwarranted political persecution," Sadow explained.

WND reported earlier Willis got a huge vote of no-confidence from longtime constitutional expert and Democrat activist Alan Dershowitz, a retired Harvard professor.

He said, "She ought to be on trial for perjury, conspiracy to commit perjury, witness tampering. The evidence is overwhelming that she committed perjury, including technical scientific evidence and several witnesses.

"Essentially, she got kickbacks for appointing this highly unqualified person to head the prosecution. I sure hope the appellate court takes the case and throws her out of the case and recommends that there be a criminal investigation … we have to have an independent prosecutor of some kind looking into what is an open and shut case of perjury," he said.

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For an 82-year-old, Joe Biden is reasonably active, and reasonably alert. But he often stumbles when he walks slowly, and his speech is often muddled and disorganized.

So how did he, suddenly, become "fiery" for his recent State of the Union?

"Jacked up" on drugs, states Rep. Greg Murphy.

It is the Gateway Pundit that provided a transcript of the interview by Rep. Greg Murphy, R-N.C., with a Fox News host.

Murphy is a practicing urologist.

He said, "I’ll just be very plain and simple. I was in the State of the Union address, and Joe Biden must’ve been jacked up on something that day. I absolutely believe that from a medical viewpoint, and actually have a little bit of good knowledge that that happened. He can’t stand it. He can’t stand under the lights for that long, and I don’t think he can keep a concept in his brain that long.

"It is going to be important that President Trump stays presidential, he did that during the last debate, he did not do that during the first debate. That he stays on track, that he shows the American people how much worse they are from four years ago and what this president has done to destroy this country. He just has to stay in his lane and act presidential, sometimes he can get off on a wheel, we all know that and love that about him. But Biden will falter and falter if he doesn’t have things right in front of him telling him what to do."

Fox News' Maria Bartiromo pinpointed the big question: "What do you mean when you say he was jacked up at the State of the Union?"

Murphy said, "I believe they gave him something to help him sustain the lights and sustain the vigor that he had. That was not Joe Biden. I was in there. He screamed for two hours. He screamed for two hours. And maybe we can talk offline and I’ll show you something that I think that proves that."

He continued, "I think I can have some evidence that shows he was given something before that."

He said, "Joe is 82, there’s a picture of him taken last week without his make up on. And guess what, he looks like an 82 year old. You can see his surgical scar on the back where he had his face lift, you can see that very plainly. He is being manufactured and puppeteered by the Democratic Party to be president of the United States. And I fully believe that has to do sometimes with pharmacology."

President Donald Trump has suggested that there are occasions where Biden is "jacked up," and others have agreed.

WND reported when Carole Lieberman, a forensic psychiatrist in Beverly Hills, said in a report at PJMedia the same thing.

"If you look at how Joe Biden usually is — slow and stumbling — compared to how he was during the State of the Union — fiery and angry — these are signs that are typical for someone taking Adderall or any amphetamine," she explained.

Democrats claimed the unusually harsh and verbally strident Biden was just giving evidence he's physically and mentally fit for office.

This, of course, is the president whose capabilities were assessed as "diminished" in a special counsel's report after an investigation into his likely violation of federal law regarding the custody of classified documents.

Lieberman, who has not examined Biden, suggested the evidence is that Biden could have been juiced up on Adderall or another amphetamine.

She described Biden as a "word salad on speed."

The report explained Lieberman pointed out Biden's frequent gestures and hand movements. Then there was his slurring of words, which is expected from an octogenarian.

But, she said, his accompany speed suggests he was "psychopharmacology helped."

Lieberman, who works with elderly dementia patients "told the Washington Times that Biden displayed behaviors indicative of stimulant usage to conceal cognitive decline," the report confirmed.

"[Adderall]’s given to focus someone’s attention so if you give it to someone who is not focused and give it to them ahead of a big event like the State of the Union, it will improve their focus. But it’s treating the symptoms rather than boosting the brain and it’s addictive so it’s dangerous," she said.

"He couldn’t correct his mistakes. He mentioned Moscow in a sentence where it made no sense. You could see him try to fix it, but he didn’t know how to correct himself. He couldn’t say the correct word. Anyone could trip over Laken Riley’s name but he didn’t know how to correct it. If he knew enough about her to talk about her, he would know enough to call her by the right name."

The anger and shouting also are concerning signs, she said.

"The emotional volatility is a sign of dementia and was amped up because of the Adderall or amphetamine they gave him. He wasn’t just talking loudly. He was shouting in a room where everyone could hear him and he had a microphone."

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One commentary is suggesting that Kamala Harris could run for governor of California if the Biden-Harris administration fails in the fall's presidential election, in order to prove her worth as a politician going forward, with a possible White House bid later in her career.

And another report notes that she's already joked with friends about it, an exchange that her office quickly denied happened.

But the Washington Examiner explains she just might have "lofty ambitions" to run the Democrat state if Biden loses in November.

It was the Examiner that cited a Politico report stating, "Vice President Kamala Harris has joked to friends that she may return to California to run for governor if Democrats lose the White House this fall, taking a page from Richard Nixon, two people familiar with her remarks said."

Her spokeswoman, Kirsten Allen, said, 'That did not happen."

She claimed Harris in November "will be preparing to be inaugurated for the second term of the Biden-Harris administration."

That's even though most polling now shows President Donald Trump up by anything from single digits to higher margins in swing states over Biden and his open-borders, pro-abortion, pro-transgenderism administration.

It was the Record-Bee that pointed out that Harris has been a notoriously "weak" vote-getter in "Democratic-dominated California," with "marginal vote-getting performances" as attorney general and then senator.

"But what happens if the Biden-Harris ticket loses this fall and Harris is left without public office for the first time in 22 years? Harris will have just turned 60 a couple of weeks before Election Day, an age when many politicians are just getting started and almost exactly 30 years younger than former U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein was when she died in office," that report said. "Not exactly a retirement scenario. And yet, if she and Biden lose, Harris would have a lot of proving to do about her electoral appeal before she could even think about running for president again, as she briefly did in 2020."

The report noted, "Enter California’s wide open 2026 race for governor. What better venue for Harris to prove she has become a much more potent politician than she ever was before?"

The Examiner noted, "The vice president has obvious connections to California and might be an instant favorite for the governorship if she ever ran, given her name recognition. Harris served as senator for California from 2017 to 2021 after a six-year stint as state attorney general."

And it explained, "There is no clear frontrunner for the 2026 gubernatorial election yet, however, California newspaper columnist wrote Harris could run into problems in a Democratic primary for governor, as she has in other Democratic primaries in the past."

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Joe Biden, after terrorists from Hamas invaded Israel on Oct. 7 and butchered some 1,200 civilians, initially appeared to support Israel's fight against that horrific violence.

However, he's aware that strong leftist enclaves around the country could threaten his re-election for those comments, and he's been shifting his position since.

For example, he's ordered congressionally approved munitions scheduled for delivery to Israel in its fight against terror to be delayed unless and until the Middle East democracy adopts its own strategy for its fight.

That actually has prompted further impeachment investigation work in Congress, for his obvious "quid pro quo" demands of an American ally.

Besides the munitions threat, a new report now charges that Biden has been withholding strategic and critical information about the terrorists attacking Israel from inside Israel.

That's known because he's now offering to share that information if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu follows Biden's instructions and calls off a planned campaign to rid Rafah of terrorists.

It is the Washington Post that reported, "The Biden administration, working urgently to stave off a full-scale Israeli invasion of Rafah, is offering Israel valuable assistance in an effort to persuade it to hold back, including sensitive intelligence to help the Israeli military pinpoint the location of Hamas leaders and find the group’s hidden tunnels, according to four people familiar with the U.S. offers."

report by the American Center for Law and Justice pointed out the obvious: "So not only did the Biden administration have intel on where certain Hamas leaders were hiding, but even more despicably, the Biden administration used this information as a bribery tool against Israel."

It continued, "President Biden wants Israel to avoid going into Rafah at all costs – so much so that his administration offered to give Israel intelligence on Hamas leaders if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would call off the operation. Biden’s deliberate withholding of war intel just fully exposed his anti-Israel agenda."

The report noted Israel has been defending itself for seven months following Hamas' terrorism against civilians, which included whole families burned alive and babies butchered.

"The war could have ended much sooner if the Biden administration had rightfully shared the location of Hamas leaders in Gaza. Don’t forget that Biden also just halted a weapon shipment to Israel over its upcoming invasion of Rafah," the ACLJ reported.

It charged, "The White House is actively undermining America’s greatest ally. And how long has it had this valuable intel that could have ended Israel’s war against Hamas?"

Ric Grenell, the organization's senior adviser for foreign policy, explained: "It makes me very angry to see how, once again, the Democrats are playing politics with intelligence. We can’t do that – we’ve got to remove the politics from intelligence. But here’s a situation where they literally are holding back information, possibly crucial information.

"I’ve spoken to several intel officials who are currently employed in the federal government intelligence system. I spoke to them this morning, and one individual says that it’s so bad that everybody is talking about it and complaining that it ruins the credibility of the intelligence agencies when we’re trying to hold back intelligence or manipulate it in some way."

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Amid all the evidence developing of Joe Biden's mental decline, two leftists who long have been activists against President Trump, spreading information about him even though they've never had him as a patient, or encountered him in any other clinical setting, say he's the one with the "frightening" problem, as the Daily Mail described it.

They have claimed that Trump's cognition will "decline," and his "personality trait" will get worse.

The two are John Gartner, who online calls himself a member of "The Resistance" against President Trump. He describes how he was "sounding the alarm" about Trump "every day."

He has imputed to Trump the belief "that he has some type of God-like powers" and charges he's showing "gross signs of dementia."

He's petitioned for Trump's removal from office as far back as 2017.

The other is Harry Segal, a professor at Cornell University who also has campaigned against President Trump since he first was elected.

He also has claimed there's a "cognitive decline" and warned that's "another layer of danger on top of an already erratic, mentally challenged person."

Voters seem to be in blatant conflict with the two "analysts," as polls show Trump leading Biden in most swing states and by significant numbers in other locations, as the 2024 race heats up.

The psychologists insist Trump's "confusion about reality" would make it so that he would need to be removed from office soon.

Trump, in fact, during his first campaign, "aced" a cognitive test and volunteered to take one a third time if Joe Biden would be there to take it, too.

The two, and others, have deliberately ignored the Goldwater rule among analysts, brought about when they lashed out at the mental capabilities of then-candidate Barry Goldwater a generation ago. The rule calls for psychologists to refrain from diagnosing a man they have not met.

Their opinion apparently is supposed to be considered because, according to the Mail, they are "professional psychologists."

Gartner claims, "I always say to people: Look at Donald Trump right now because that's the best Donald Trump you're ever going to see because dementia is a deteriorating illness and his rate of deterioration is accelerating,"

The two also claim that the media are refusing to cover their opinions.

"I don't know what it will take for the mainstream press to actually ask the question, 'Is there something wrong with Trump's brain?'" Gartner suggested. "I think, even if he was caught wandering down Fifth Avenue in his pajamas, they wouldn't ask the question."

Segal claims Trump's condition doesn't get better.

"We're going to see ... an interaction between the cognitive decline and the personality disorder, both of which are severe diagnoses for anybody, and this is for somebody who never should have been in power in the first place," he said.

Segal diagnosed Trump as having "phonemic paraphasia," even though he's never had Trump as a patient.

The big problem with Trump, Gartner wants the public to believe, is that he has cognitive decline but doesn't recognize that he has cognitive decline.

Regarding Biden, his profound mental lapses are a matter of videotape and public record. He's even been described as "diminished" by a special counsel investigating the evidence that he willfully took and kept classified government documents without any authority.

Polls show recently that three in four voters have either major or moderate concerns about the 81-year-old Biden's mental faculties.

These two are not the only individuals who claim expertise who are carrying cases of what has become known as "Trump Derangement Syndrome," an irrational fear of and opposition to Trump.

WND has reported multiple times on the campaigning by Bandy X. Lee, a "forensic psychiatrist" who unleashed a book called "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President."

She repeatedly has demanded the use of the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

At the same time, she said she has no concerns about Biden's mental lapses.

The report special counsel Robert Hur released on Biden on Feb. 8 said Biden “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen” at his home and office. However, Hur said he would not seek charges because Biden would appear to a jury to be an “elderly man with a poor memory” and because his “diminished faculties” make it less likely he intentionally violated the law.

The Hur report said Biden “did not remember when he was vice president, forgetting on the first day of the interview when his term ended … and forgetting on the second day of the interview when his term began.” The report also stated: “He did not remember, even within several years, when his son Beau died.”

The American Psychiatric Association adopted the Goldwater rule after a group of partisan Democratic psychology professionals declared that 1964 Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater was “psychologically unfit to be president.”

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A new decision regarding the 2020 election procedures in one Georgia County is undermining the many claims from Democrats that the 2020 presidential election was the cleanest vote ever, the most accurate, the most trustworthy.

A report at Georgia Star News explains the state Election Board has voted to reprimand Fulton County, which includes Atlanta, and its officials for procedural violations.

And an election monitoring process must be set up before this fall's vote.

The state board voted 2-1 this week to reprimand the county over "numerous violations of state law."

Edward Lindsey, a board member, said the letter to the county was needed because the "clear evidence that in 2020 there were numerous violations of regulations and statutes" in the county.

Member Janice Johnston cited specific violations including the security and documentation of votes, pointing out that creating and retaining ballot images became mandatory as of February 2020, yet Fulton County purportedly failed to maintain 380,000 ballot images from the November election, the report said.

She also noted that advanced voting scanners failed to provide to documentation for an audit trail of ballots.

"There’s no way that this election or recount should have been certified," she said.

She noted "over 140 violations of election code laws and rules."

Election integrity group True the Vote applauded Johnston’s efforts in a social media.

"Dr. Johnston motioned to amend official recount results and called for further investigation. To no great surprise, her motion didn’t pass. But let the record reflect, she spoke truth. Kudos, Dr. Johnston. You are on the right side of history," the organization said.

The Georgia Star News noted it previously reported Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger certified the results of the November 3, 2020, election "without having seen or reviewed the chain of custody documents associated with an estimated 600,000 absentee ballots deposited in 300 drop boxes around the state."

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The undue influences on the 2020 presidential election already are well known: The $400 million plus that Mark Zuckerberg handed out to elections officials who largely used it to recruit voters in Democrat districts as well as the FBI's stunning, and wrong, description of details from the Hunter Biden laptop as Russian disinformation.

Now it's suspected the Biden administration itself is working to interfere in the coming vote.

It would be coming through Biden's "access to voting" executive order that he imposed when he took office.

report from PJMedia explained that directs federal agencies, using tax money, to boost voter registration promotions and censor what it deems to be "misinformation."

Included are a number of Democrat Party agenda points and practices.

That is raising concerns among members of Congress who now are reviewing Biden's planning because they've uncovered documents showing the White House working with left-wing activists.

"GOP lawmakers are growing increasingly worried that an executive order issued by President Joe Biden in 2021, which mandated that federal agencies develop voter registration plans with 'approved' outside groups, will be unlawfully weaponized this November to boost Democratic turnout," according to the Washington Examiner.

"The Biden administration has framed the unprecedented operation as nonpartisan, though internal documents show the government hosted a July 2021 order planning call that appeared to serve overwhelmingly as a platform for left-wing organizations to suggest sweeping election policy changes."

The problem is that "approved" organizations, according to Biden, are only the left-wing and progressive entities that are virtually without exception Democrat.

"President Biden’s EO is an overreach of the executive branch’s constitutional authority and disregards the Constitution’s federalist election system," House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., explained.

"The states set the time, manner, and place of their own elections, and this EO must be looked at seriously."

The evidence to date suggests illegal coordination has been going on between Biden and progressives, according to House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y.

The report explained, "To Republicans, who have launched investigations into Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s funding of a progressive-left group that lawmakers say helped tilt the 2020 election for Democrats, the 2021 'Bidenbucks' order is legally questionable."

The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project has charged that Biden's' 2021 order is partisan and is intended to influence election results.

One response has been that the House GOP has proposed the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act to prevent illegal immigrants and noncitizens from voting in federal elections.

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

From the outset, a series of Democrat-orchestrated civil and criminal cases against President Donald Trump looked coordinated.

They all were coming years after any alleged offenses. They were coming just as the 2024 presidential race, in which he's the probable GOP candidate, was getting under way.

Those orchestrating the filings seriously were trying to get him on trial, convicted, even jailed just as the vote would be looming.

Now an attorney general in the state of Missouri is investigating how those charges were set up.

The cases include Fani Willis' "organized crime" case in Georgia over Trump's 2020 election opinions and comments, Alvin Bragg's claim in New York that Trump's bookkeeping postings, misdemeanors, actually were felonies, Letitia James' claims in New York that Trump's companies committed "fraud" even though no one lost any money and the "victims" wanted to do more business with him, and special counsel Jack Smith's claims Trump illegally had government documents – a case beleaguered now with the prosecution's admission it corrupted the evidence it wants to use.

A report at the Post-Millennial documents that Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey now is investigating that very coordination.

He's filed Freedom of Information Act requests for documents "concerning any interactions" among Bragg, James Smith and Willis.

It's already known that Willis consulted with the White House while assembling her allegations against Trump.

Bailey explained on social media, "Thanks to evidence that has come to light, my office has reason to believe Biden’s corrupt Department of Justice is the headquarters of the illicit prosecutions against President Trump."

He continued, "This is demonstrated by the move of the third-highest ranking member of the Department of Justice, Matthew Colangelo, to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in order to prosecute President Trump in December 2022."

Bailey noted, "During that campaign, Bragg promised 'if elected, [he] would go after Trump.' Once he won election, he pledged 'to personally focus on the high-profile probe into former President Donald Trump’s business practices.'"

The report explained Bailey confirmed, "Given the timing (Bragg charged Trump only after he declared his candidacy for President), the weakness of the charges, and the charges keeping Trump off the campaign trail, there is substantial reason to suspect @POTUS has coordinated with Bragg and others to prosecute Trump."

The report said Bailey is seeking access to correspondence including documents, calendar entries, meeting notes, schedules and more, including details about Colangelo's move to Bragg's office.

And communications among the various Democrats who have brought cases against Trump.

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