Not surprisingly, the American voting public seems to be growing increasingly weary of electing politicians who are clearly too old to perform highly in critical, elected positions that have a profound impact on their daily lives, such as the presidency. 

According to Breitbart, that was made evident in a recent Quinnipiac poll, which indicated that a majority of voters believe that there should be a firm age limit for a person to run for the presidency.

The poll was released as concerns continue to multiple regarding President Joe Biden's age-related, constant string of gaffes and embarrassing moments.

Notably, even when broken down by party line, both Republicans and Democrats feel strongly that an age limit should be in place.

The poll

Overall, an overwhelming majority of U.S. voters feel that an age limit should be in place for the presidency, with 62% of respondents indicating as such.

Only 33% of respondents overall, opposed the idea of an age limit.

By party affiliation, 58% of Republicans support an age limit, 61% of Democrats support it, and 67% of independent voters support a presidential age limit.

Breitbart noted:

Of those who believe there should be an age limit, 30 percent said it should be 70 years old, followed by 19 percent who said 75, six percent who said 80, and two percent who said 85.

The poll also asked respondents what their thoughts were on age limits for the House of Representatives and the Senate, with a majority overall indicating that an age limit should be in place for those elected positions as well.

The Quinnipiac poll was in alignment with other recent polls asking similar questions, with a majority of voters supporting age limits for high office.

Trump still trusted

As any honest, reasonably thinking person can observe, politics aside, former President Donald Trump, now 77, is several orders of magnitude sharper, cognitively, than 80-year-old President Biden.

A Quinnipiac survey showed that most voters do not believe Trump is too old to serve another four-year term, while most believe Biden is definitely too old to serve another term.

Quinnipiac Poll: Do you think ... is too old to effectively serve another 4-year term as president, or not?

Joe Biden
Yes: 68%
No: 28%

Donald Trump
Yes: 34%
No: 63%
Better job responding to a national crisis:
Trump 51%
Biden 44%

— InteractivePolls (@IAPolls2022) September 13, 2023

It'll be interesting to see how Democrats shift the narrative as the 2024 presidential election inches closer, as Biden's continued "senior moments" add up. They know they have a serious problem, and soon they'll be forced to make a major decision.

There have been an increasing number of calls for some of President Joe Biden's top officials to resign and even calls for impeachment. 

One top official under the gun is Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, primarily due to his abysmal handling of the immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border.

According to a Breitbart exclusive, the latest Republican calling for Mayorkas' job is former DHS employee and Virginia Republican congressional candidate Cameron Hamilton.

Hamilton held nothing back as he excoriated the DHS chief and urged him to resign for "violating the public trust."

What's he saying?

Hamilton was in charge of roughly 4,000 Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) when he worked under Mayorkas.

He joined the agency under former President Donald Trump and remained for the first two years of Biden's presidency, and he had a lot to say about the poor state of the border on Mayorkas' and Biden's watch.

Exclusive — VA GOP Congressional Candidate Cameron Hamilton Urges Mayorkas to Resign Because He Violated ‘Public Trust’ - Instead of asking him to resign constantly…IMPEACH HIM

— Raven🐦‍⬛in Flight (@DrkRaven62) September 10, 2023

Hamilton slammed the Biden administration for what he described as a complete "regression" of the immigration crisis at the border, and credited Trump for the policies that helped mitigate the number of illegal crossers.

"What I’m asking for is for Secretary Mayorkas to resign because of his violation of public trust," Hamilton told Breitbart over the weekend.

Breitbart added:

Hamilton said that at DHS he helped craft appropriations language for the department, and said that passing individual appropriations bills can help fix the issues plaguing the country.

Electing "good people"

Hamilton's solution for fixing the southern border issues, according to his thoughts, begins by electing the right people and kicking those out of power who have sat on the sidelines while the situation continued to worsen.

"Let’s bring good governance back. The only way we bring about good government is when we elect good people with good ethics to public office who sincerely care about the job that they’re trying to obtain," Hamilton told Breitbart.

President Biden and his administration immediately rolled back several Trump-era policies upon entering office, which has taken an already serious issue and made it significantly worse.

Sadly, nothing will change anytime soon, and it will undoubtedly take a Trump or another strong Republican president even to begin to undo the damage done by the Biden administration.

A devastatingly sad story is developing in the United Kingdom as a 19-year-old woman, along with her parents, continue to fight to get her into medical treatment that has a chance at saving her life. 

According to Fox News, the teen, known only as "ST," is battling a rare genetic mitochondrial disease that continues to worsen, and while experimental treatments await, a UK judge recently shut the idea down.

ST has spent the better part of the past year in the ICU as she struggles with debilitating issues that continue to worsen.

She and her family are currently fighting the hospital to allow her to be released to Canada for an experimental treatment that is probably her only hope to survive any longer.

Bad situation

Understandably, the teen's family is beyond aggravated at the current legal situation, especially the fact that the doctor in charge of the case has shut down any talks of having her moved out of the country.

ST and her parents are now being represented by the Christian Legal Centre, which is doing its best to advocate on behalf of the sick teen and her decision to seek experimental treatment, even at the risk of dying as a result.

Fox News noted:

But her doctor believe "ST" is "actively dying" and has no hope of a cure to resume life outside intensive care. They are asking the court to end her dialysis treatments and pursue palliative care instead. The hospital told the court the 19-year-old is incapable of making decisions about her future medical care because she is under the "delusion" that her death is not imminent.

The teen seems fully aware of what's happening, and even stated that she's will to die in order for a chance to live.

"This is my wish. I want to die trying to live. We have to try everything," she said at one point, according to court filings.

Making matters worse, the advocacy group reported, is that her case has been gagged by a judge, so seeking public fundraising to help pay her exorbitant medical bills is not even possible.

Family frustrated and terrified

"Not only are we anxious about our beloved daughter’s fight for survival, but we have also been cruelly gagged from being able to speak about her situation. We are not allowed to ask people for prayers or for help which she desperately needs. It is a matter of life and death for our daughter to raise money for treatment in Canada, so these arbitrary reporting restrictions are literally killing her," the sick teen's parents said through their attorney.

They also reacted to the judge's most recent ruling that stated ST isn't capable of making her own medical decisions at this point.

"We are shocked to be told by the judge that our daughter does not have capacity to make decisions for herself after all the experts have said that she does. We are very distressed by this injustice, and we hope that, by Jesus’s grace, this will be corrected on appeal," the parents reportedly said.

Only time will tell what happens in this tragic and saddening case. Hopefully it will soon get the worldwide attention it deserves, and hopefully ST is able to pursue one last chance at staying alive.

It feels like far too often, professional athletes, especially those in the NFL, end up in serious criminal trouble.

According to Fox News, that was evidenced once again last week as NFL free agent Robert Quinn was arrested in connection with a series of hit-and-run incidents that resulted in serious property damages.

The bizarre string of incidents unfolded in South Carolina, where Summerville police reported that multiple vehicles, a gate, and a light post were all damaged as a result of Quinn's hit-and-run situation.

Before leaving the scene, Quinn reportedly exited his vehicle and entered into an altercation with a woman.

What happened?

Police reported that a Ford F-150 truck had struck multiple vehicles and objects in a Summerville subdivision.

The department also noted that an empty whiskey bottle was discovered on the floorboard of the abandoned truck. Quinn reportedly fled the scene after the altercation with the woman.

The woman claims Quinn assaulted her when he exited the vehicle, but not before asking bizarre questions.

Fox News noted:

Per the police report, the unidentified woman was sitting in her driveway when the suspect hit two parked vehicles. The driver then exited the truck and offered to buy her beer, the woman told investigators.

At some point, the suspect "grabbed her by the shoulders" and said "listen to me" and "struck her across the face with an open hand."


Former #Eagles, #Rams, #Dolphins, #Bears, #Cowboys DE Robert Quinn was arrested in South Carolina on Friday, per @TMZ_Sports

Per the report: Quinn was booked in a Dorchester County jail at around 8 AM on hit and run and assault charges.

Quinn has been accused of crashing into…

— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) August 18, 2023

The NFL free agent turned himself in to the Summerville Police Department on Friday, where he was booked and hit with serious charges.

Social media reacts

Quinn, who could have had a successful end to his 12-year career in the NFL, was charged Friday with "third-degree assault and battery, hit-and-run of an attended vehicle, four counts of hit-and-run property damage and striking fixtures on or adjacent to the highway," according to Fox.

Social media torched him for committing such dumb, avoidable crimes.

"Big addition to the NFL Alumni 2023 All-Arrest Team-- just added a big-time pass rusher," one X user wrote.

Another X user added, "Hit and run causing injury is a severe felony, in addition, each car struck and fled is an additional felony. In addition to being drunk or under some influence, which Carries an even steeper sentence. Combining that with the assault charge, he is easily going away for 6+months."

A recent Fox News segment went viral after something happened outside that caused the co-hosts of "Outnumbered" to show extreme concern. 

It's unclear exactly what took place, but several of the co-hosts, including Harris Faulkner, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, Kayleigh McEnany, and Ari Fleischer, showed visible concern over something that had apparently happened outside of the network's Manhattan studio.

Some of the aforementioned hosts even stood up and can be seen pointing to the window to whatever was happening outside as the show cut to a commercial break.

Social media users who happened to be watching the program at that moment immediately took to Twitter to see if anyone knew what had happened.

Social media reacts

"What's going on outside Fox News? The panel on Outnumbered looks worried about sounding going on outside their windows as they go to break," Nicholas Fondacaro wrote.

What's going on outside Fox News?
The panel on Outnumbered looks worried about sounding going on outside their windows as they go to break.

— Nicholas Fondacaro (@NickFondacaro) July 10, 2023

One social media user responded by saying she thought she witnessed a "scuffle" outside of the studio.

"I was wondering myself! I saw a scuffle outside with a man and a woman. The man hit the bush in one shot," she wrote.

Similar posts popped up, with everyone pointing out how bizarre it was to see most of the "Outnumbered" co-hosts stand up and point outside the window while the show went to a commercial.

"Now that's out of the ordinary for Harris F to act but something outside that window must've caught her attention to create worry even for their cameraman for show too. I wonder what Harris saw on commercial break?" another X user wrote.

In other news

Fox News has had one of its worst years on record, which was mostly due to the abrupt exit of Tucker Carlson earlier this year. Carlson consistently drew massive ratings for the network.

ABC News reported over the weekend that the network's top lawyer, Viet Dinh, announced his resignation in the wake of the massive $787.5 million settlement the network has to pay out to Dominion Voting Systems.

Fox News had bled viewers ever since Carlson's departure, and with the massive settlement, and possibly more on the way, 2023 isn't shaping up to be a great year for what used to be a juggernaut in the ratings game.

Only time will tell if Fox can win back a fraction of the viewers it had before the drama, but it's not looking good.


Heavy metal fans were shaken last week after it was revealed that an icon in the industry had quite the medical scare.

According to The Daily Wire, Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain shared with his fans that he had suffered a stroke in January. The admission came after fans pointed out earlier this year that he didn't seem himself.

McBrain revealed the news in a YouTube video, telling fans across the globe that the stroke was bad enough to leave him partially paralyzed.

The legendary drummer said the stroke was classified as "minor," revealing it was a Transient ischaemic attack (TIA).

"Grace of God"

McBrain was transparent in explaining his condition and his road to recovery, lending credit to his doctors, family, friends, fans, and God.

“In January, I had a stroke — thank the Lord it was a minor one referred to as a TIA (Transient ischaemic attack)," the Iron Maiden drummer said.

He added, "It left me paralyzed on my right side from my shoulder on down. of course, I was very worried that my career was over, but with the love and support from my wife, Rebecca, and family, my doctors, especially Julie my OT (Occupational Therapist), and my Maiden family, I was able to bounce back to somewhere near 70% recovered."

"It left me paralyzed on my right side...I was worried my career was over": Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain suffered a stroke in January, is still recovering.

— Classic Rock Magazine (@ClassicRockMag) August 3, 2023

"After 10 weeks of intense therapy, it was almost time to start rehearsals for our tour," McBrain continued.

"I feel it’s important to let you know about this now instead of earlier, as I was mainly concerned with doing my job and concentrating on getting back to 100% fitness. I’m not there yet, but by the grace of God, I’m getting better and stronger as the weeks go by."

Social media reacts

Fans of the Iron Maiden drummer offered their well wishes to the rocker, with some expressing relief that McBrain is on the road to recovery.

"So thats why he changed his playing. This explains everything. I hope Nicko is okay," one X user wrote.

Wishing Nicko McBrain a full recovery from his stroke earlier this year. You and Iron Maiden have been a huge influence on Overlorde! Here you are with our guitarist Mark "M.E." Edwards at NAMM 2013.
#IronMaiden #NickoMcBrain #OverlodeMetal

— Overlorde (@OverlordeMetal) August 4, 2023

McBrain's manager expressed optimism regarding McBrain's recovery, and announced that his fans will get to see him on a new tour kicking off soon in Canada.

A bizarre situation has unfolded regarding a man who had his cash seized at the airport by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and his attempt to recover it. 

Moore, who had his cash seized at an Atlanta, Georgia airport, was never charged with a crime. He eventually fought, legally, to recover the large sum of cash.

However, the federal prosecutors behind the case, when they presumably realized that there wasn't a case to pursue, "dismissed" Moore's case, which is where the man's legal troubles began.

The federal prosecutors have apparently attempted to use an extremely technical maneuver to avoid paying Moore's court and lawyer fees, which he would otherwise be entitled to.

What happened?

Because Moore didn't technically "win" the civil forfeiture case, federal prosecutors argued that he was not entitled to have his legal and court fees paid.

They stressed that they dropped the case before he could prevail, meaning Moore could still be on the hook for the legal fees.

The Institute for Justice explained what's going on with the case, which seems rather unfair for Moore, especially given that he's not a criminal and wasn't charged.

"By federal law, property owners are supposed to have their attorneys’ fees paid by the government when they beat civil forfeiture. But a federal court determined that because the government gave up, Brian did not 'substantially prevail' and will not be reimbursed for the cost of litigating his case," the institute explained.

The Institute for Justice attorney behind the case argued that Moore should absolutely be entitled to having his legal fees paid, given the outcome of the case.

"The government should face consequences when it files meritless civil forfeiture cases," said attorney Joshua House. "By any definition, Brian won his case, and it is clear that Congress wanted the government to pay attorneys’ fees to property owners in these circumstances, so that victims of forfeiture abuse are made whole."

Navigating the "maze"

Moore was lucky in retaining the Institute of Justice to help him out in the otherwise unfair and weird situation. The money he was carrying on his way to Los Angeles was to support his music career.

"Fortunately, Brian was able to find attorneys who were willing to take his case and help him navigate the maze of federal civil forfeiture procedures. They successfully compiled the evidence proving that Brian’s money was from a legitimate source—from the sale of a vehicle owned by his late grandfather," the Institute for Justice wrote.

The institute added, "The government presented no evidence to support its allegations that the money came from a criminal source. The government dismissed the case 'with prejudice,' meaning that it could never refile the forfeiture case again."

For his part, Moore argued the same, explaining that he hadn't committed any crimes and noted that it was ridiculous that he has to retain legal counsel to get his money back. "I did nothing wrong but I had to spend thousands of dollars to get my own money back," Moore said.

The Democrat-run city of Chicago, Illinois, once a crown jewel of the Midwest, is but a shell of its former self that is wracked with high crime and incessant gun violence that is often related to gang activity and perpetrated by career criminals and repeat offenders.

That was reflected over the weekend when, between Friday afternoon and early Monday morning, there were more than 30 Chicagoans wounded by gunfire and six victims who were shot to death, according to Breitbart.

Unfortunately for residents of the once-glorious city, it doesn't appear that Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) or any of the other Democrat leaders are prepared to take action to crack down on the perpetrators of the weekly bloodletting that has stained Chicago's reputation.

Numerous shootings and fatalities across Chicago

According to local ABC affiliate WLS-TV, as of early Monday morning, more than 33 people had been shot and injured and six people had lost their lives to gunfire over the weekend in Chicago.

At least two people were killed in separate incidents Friday evening, including a 16-year-old male who succumbed to "multiple gunshot wounds" and a 40-year-old man who perished from gunshot wounds to the abdomen while on the Loop and died after seeking shelter from his unknown assailant in a hotel lobby.

There were multiple fatal shootings on Saturday, including one incident in the North Lawndale neighborhood in which five people were shot, one of them fatally, while another victim was listed in critical condition at a nearby hospital.

Another fatal shooting occurred in Chicago Lawn when a 49-year-old male was shot in the chest following a fight with another man. Separately, a group of people standing on a street corner were fired upon around 1 am Saturday which resulted in the death of a 40-year-old male and another victim being hospitalized in critical condition.

On Sunday, a 29-year-old male died at a hospital in the early morning hours after he had been shot in the head while driving and ended up wrecking and rolling his vehicle over.

Children and seniors among the city's shooting victims

Of the numerous non-fatal shootings that occurred in Chicago over the weekend, one of the most egregious involved a 13-year-old boy who was riding his bike around 5 pm Saturday evening in South Shore when he was grazed by a bullet fired in a drive-by shooting, though it is unclear if the boy was an intended target or not.

There is also a 64-year-old man who is currently listed in critical condition at one of the city's hospitals after he was shot in the chest following an altercation with a suspect known by police in Chicago's Forest Glen neighborhood.

Sadly, in the vast majority of the reported incidents, WLS-TV was compelled to note that while area detectives were investigating the shootings, no arrests have been made and no suspects have been identified.

As for how this particular weekend compares with others, such as last weekend's toll of 40 victims shot and four killed, there were obviously fewer victims overall but more fatalities -- though it is still the same story week-in and week-out of dozens shot and a handful killed.

At least 313 shooting fatalities in Chicago so far this year

According to a homicide tracker compiled by the Chicago Sun-Times, there have been at least 331 victims killed in Chicago since January 1 of this year, with at least 313 of those victims falling to gunfire, as of Tuesday, July 25.

Whether Democratic city leaders will ever get around to doing anything to effectively address the rampant gun violence -- which means going after the criminals themselves and not just the preferred tool that innocent people can use to defend themselves and not become victims -- is something that seems disappointingly unlikely at this point in time, meaning the bloodshed will likely continue unabated.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic presidential candidate quickly becoming a growing thorn in the side of President Joe Biden's 2024 presidential campaign, torched his party last week. 

According to The Daily Wire, RFK Jr. blasted House Democrats for attempting to censor him, ironically, during a House hearing on the topic of censorship.

The Democratic presidential candidate with the dynasty political name called out Democrats' "hypocrisy" on the subject of anti-semitism.

He laid out his concerns with the Democratic Party in a series of tweets following the House hearing, holding nothing back in his scathing rebuke.

"I won't be lectured"

RFK Jr., who's doing better than expected in the race according to several polls, began his response by blasting Dems for attempting to silence him during the hearings on censorship.

"Ok. Let’s heap a few more layers of irony on the mountain of paradox and hypocrisy that Congressional Democrats created Thursday in their attempt to censor me from speaking at the censorship hearings," RFK Jr. tweeted.

In another tweet, he wrote, "Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz @RepDWStweets who led the pitchfork brigade by trying to muzzle me with false accusations of racism and antisemitism, in 2016 lost her post running the DNC when leaked documents revealed that her DNC staffers were routinely and cynically using anti-Semitism to take down @BernieSanders."

A particularly notable tweet included a screenshot of an email that showed Democratic operatives referring to Hispanic voters as "Taco Bowls."

Those staffers also routinely referred to Hispanic voters as “Taco Bowls.”

— Robert F. Kennedy Jr (@RobertKennedyJr) July 22, 2023

"I won’t be lectured to about antisemitism from Democratic lawmakers like Wasserman Schultz @RepDWStweets who voted to give Iran $150b while that regime promises a new Holocaust against the Jews. #Kennedy24," he added in his last tweet.

Social media reacts

RFK Jr.'s comments generated a firestorm of commentary from social media users, both from those who agreed and those who attempted to defend the Democrats he blasted in his tweets.

"I'm not American, neither left nor right-leaning. But I watched this hearing as you Sir, are one of the finest examples of what a President should be, that I have ever seen, in nearly 50 years of geopolitical interest, and I, like many, appreciate your researched and principled positions," one Twitter user wrote in a lengthy response to his comments.

"@RepDWStweets was really pathetic during the hearing. Asking quick non-questions and moving on with the slander without providing any opportunity for @RobertKennedyJr to answer," another Twitter user wrote.

Only time will tell if RFK Jr. continues to gain momentum in his quest to unseat President Biden as the party's nominee.

Investigators are still working to determine the cause of a fire that destroyed the Bowling Green, Kentucky senatorial office of Rand Paul (R-KY) on Friday, the Associate Press reported.

The building, which housed Paul's offices, a law firm, and a custom T-shirt business, was heavily damaged by the fire, which broke out just before 2 a.m., but no one was hurt in the blaze.

The Bowling Green Daily News reported that nine fire company units worked to put out the blaze, and aerial means were also used to try to extinguish it from above.

The fire caused the building's roof to collapse, and what's inside seems like it will be a total loss.

"Thankful" for first responders

Efforts to control the fire continued through much of the day, with firefighters watching for hot spots that could reignite.

“We are thankful for the Bowling Green first responders who arrived quickly to the scene to put out the fire, and are continuing to work with authorities to assess damages and to determine a cause,” Paul said in a written statement. “We have a very well established emergency management plan and have the ability to continue operations that will not impact our work helping Kentuckians.”

The law firm said that it was putting a continuity plan in place and that its files were backed up to servers off site.

The firm also said it was overwhelmed by the community's support and added, “While we have suffered an immense loss, we will recover and persevere.”

Mission Barbecue provided lunch for the crews, and coolers of Gatorade were also brought to the site by community members.

"No idea where" fire started

Public information officer of the Bowling Green Fire Department Katie Green said that the fire was not typical because the department could not readily determine where the fire started.

“Typically we can go into structures and kind of get an idea of where it started, but we haven’t been able to go inside that building at all,” McKee said. “We truly have no idea where it could have started.”

It was an older building, built in 1900, which may have impacted the way the fire burned and spread.

It housed several businesses throughout its history, including a music store, hardware store, and livery and stable company.

"It’s just terrible because of the historical significance of it,” McKee said about the fire.

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