Former President Donald Trump and his allies have long insisted that government agencies have been "weaponized" against him and other Republicans, and it looks like he was just proven right by an unlikely source. 

According to the Washington Examiner, Commissioner James "Trey" Trainor, the second-longest serving commissioner on the Federal Election Commission, sparked headlines when he admitted that, in his experience, his own department had been weaponized against Republicans.

Trainor made the bombshell revelation during a House Oversight Committee meeting this week.

The FEC commissioner broke with the "general" opening statements of the other five commissioners during the hearing, opting to expose what he believes is clear political targeting.

"Stark" problem

Trainor held nothing back as he described what he's witnessed at the FEC, saying, "the problem is stark."

BREAKING: FEC Commissioner James “Trey” Trainor says the FEC has been “weaponized” against the GOP:

“It's the growing weaponization of the government to harass and hinder the political participation of our citizenry in the democratic process."

— Tea Party Patriots (@TPPatriots) September 20, 2023

"It's the growing weaponization of the government to harass and hinder the political participation of our citizenry in the democratic process. The Federal Election Commission has become a weapon," he told the committee.

Trainor warned that there doesn't appear to be an end in sight as far as the ongoing prosecution of certain political actors.

"Make no mistake, the current headlines about the criminal prosecution of political actors reflects a trend that is going to continue for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, the commission has become part of that problem," he said.

Trainor pointed to an agreement between the Biden administration and the FEC, which he says allows for the "secret" sharing of information regarding certain investigations.

Growing demand

The FEC commish also noted that there has been an uptick in the demand for partisan investigations.

"This is not just a hypothetical situation, requests by the Department of Justice for us to stand aside so they can pursue a target are on the rise," Trainor said.

Pointing to several examples, Trainor added, "Such complaints are typically filed by ideological organizations that see an opportunity to have the legwork done on the taxpayer’s tab without regard to whether those allegations are true."

Hopefully, House Republicans react swiftly to Trainor's jaw-dropping revelations, as the situation appears to be getting worse by the day. Americans deserve better.

Hunter Biden and the Biden family are presumably sweating just a little harder in recent days, especially after a certain handwritten note from an IRS whistleblower was just released. 

According to the Washington Examiner, Gary Shapley, a 14-year veteran IRS agent, provided bombshell testimony earlier this year about a controversial meeting in which he was involved in October of last year regarding how U.S. Attorney David Weiss claimed he didn't have the authority to charge Hunter Biden with certain tax crimes.

Shapely took handwritten notes of the meeting, and the document was released by his attorneys this week.

The note corroborates Shapely's earlier testimony.

What happened?

According to Shapely, Weiss, now a special counsel on the Hunter Biden case, said he didn't have the authority to charge Hunter Biden at the time and was rejected by the Department of Justice (DOJ) when he requested special counsel powers.

"Weiss stated — He is not the deciding person," the note indicated.

Shapely added in his notes: "USA CA — [Martin] Estrada in charge of authorizing these charges in that jurisdiction + Weiss requested Special Counsel status in D.C. + Main DOJ said 'no' — follow the process."

NEW: IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley’s contemporaneous notes October 2022 meeting where he alleged US attorney Weiss said he was not the decision maker on Hunter Biden charges. Weiss/DOJ dispute. READ: “Weiss stated – He is not deciding person,” “Weiss requested Special Counsel…

— Catherine Herridge (@CBS_Herridge) September 13, 2023

The Examiner noted:

He added, "Not going to charge 14/15," a reference to Shapley allegedly discovering at the meeting that Weiss's team of prosecutors had decided not to charge Biden for any tax crimes he may have committed in 2014 and 2015.

The point of releasing Shapely's notes regarding the October, 2022 meeting was to dispute recent testimony by FBI agent Thomas Sobocinski, who told the House Oversight Committee last week that he didn't think Weiss indicated at the meeting that he lacked the authority to charge Hunter Biden.

Letter sent

Shapely's critical notes were accompanied by a letter to the Oversight Committee written by his attorneys at a whistleblower protection group called Empower Oversight.

The attorneys aimed to ensure that committee members have the ability to "assess the truthfulness and reliability" of the FBI agent's testimony.

"Mr. Sobocinski reportedly failed to recall in his interview with Committee staff certain details of the meeting recorded in SSA Shapley’s email," Shapley's attorneys wrote.

They added, "However, Mr. Sobocinski apparently acknowledged that he took no notes in the meeting, nor did he document it in any contemporaneous fashion afterwards. By contrast, SSA Shapley took notes during the meeting. These notes, combined with his fresh memory of the meeting, formed the basis for the email he sent later that day and corroborate his current recollection."

Former President Donald Trump may have skipped the first GOP primary debate, but he's making major campaign moves as he continues to dominate the polls. 

According to Breitbart, the former president will jet off to Ames, Iowa for the weekend to make an appearance at the Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State Cyclone college football game, a high-stakes rivalry.

Given the high probability that Trump will be well received at the game in one of the most important voting states in the nation, his GOP opponents will undoubtedly be drowned out of the news cycle, once again.

Courting Iowa voters is crucial for any GOP candidate, as the state is the first to vote in the nation.

Welcomed in

The former president was welcomed with open arms to the popular game by Iowa Senate majority leader Jack Whitver, who once played for Iowa State.

"Tens-of-thousands of Iowans will gather to tailgate and cheer on their favorite team,” Whitver said in a statement, Fox News reported. "I’m proud to have President Trump witness the greatest rivalry in college sports."

Matt Whitaker, Trump's former acting attorney general, also a former player, welcomed the president.

"We’re thrilled to invite Donald J. Trump to the Iowa vs. Iowa State football game this weekend," Whitaker said.

He added, "President Trump attended this game in 2015 and remembers the incredible passion and electricity of the fans."

Breitbart noted:

The game will be Trump’s second time to Iowa in the last few weeks after briefly swinging through the Iowa State Fair in August.

Not his first time

Trump attended the same rivalry matchup in 2015 as he geared up for his momentous election win in 2016. Even then, he received loud applause from those in attendance.

"Trump received a thunderous welcome when he attended Iowa vs. Iowa State in 2015. Trump’s attendance at this weekend’s Iowa- ISU game is must watch tv. Iowans love Trump because Trump stands up to globalists who want to shut down America’s farms. Trump will win Iowa by a lot," Charles Downs tweeted. 

Trump received a thunderous welcome when he attended Iowa vs. Iowa State in 2015. Trump’s attendance at this weekend’s Iowa- ISU game is must watch tv. Iowans love Trump because Trump stands up to globalists who want to shut down America’s farms. Trump will win Iowa by a lot.

— Charles R Downs (@TheCharlesDowns) September 6, 2023

The former president will undoubtedly make waves at the game, and given how important the game is, Iowa voters will surely remember who came to see it.

President Joe Biden has long denied involvement with his son's overseas business dealings while he was vice president, but growing evidence is proving otherwise. 

It was recently revealed, thanks to the Southeastern Legal Foundation, that Joe Biden used several aliases in his various email communications, including emails to Hunter Biden about business dealings.

According to Breitbart, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R) bluntly stated this week that it should be 100% illegal for elected officials, especially at the level of the White House, to use aliases in any official communications.

The outlet noted Joe Biden used the aliases "Robert Peters," "Robin Ware," and "JRB Ware", adding that he used them "to share government information and discuss business with Hunter Biden and associates when he was vice president."

Should be illegal

Greene torched the president for using the aliases in official government communications.

"I can’t even fathom — I cannot comprehend coming up with a with a fake identity and using it on a government account," Greene told Breitbart. "That’s how bad it is. I think that should be illegal."

She added, "It’s really disturbing to me. This is an investigation that has to happen, this impeachment inquiry,” she said. “I don’t know how anybody can take us seriously if we can’t vote on an impeachment inquiry."

Breitbart noted:

One of Joe Biden’s aliases, “Robert Peters,” contains an “” domain name. “@pci” represents the executive office of the President and is connected to a Department of Defense network.

Greene's impeachment inquiry suggestion is gaining steam in the Republican-led House, as a number of high-profile Republicans have recently hinted that an impeachment inquiry into the president, and some of his Cabinet members are imminent.

The Georgia Republican urged her colleagues to get on board quickly, saying, "If they’re not capable of voting for it when we get back, there’s going to be a huge change in the way I conduct myself."

Serious issue

According to the Southeastern Legal Foundation, a staggering 54,000 emails are "connected" to Joe Biden's various aliases. The organization has requested records from the National Archives (NARA), but the request has only been met with stonewalling.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) recently requested that the Obama and Biden administrations review the requested emails and authorize their release.

Comer gave an Aug. 31 deadline for the emails, but as of this writing, that deadline will have come and gone.

It will be extremely telling if the two administrations refuse to release any of the emails.

Bryan Kohberger, the suspect behind the gruesome Idaho student murders that captured global interest last year, made an unexpected legal move this week.

According to the New York Post, Kohberger, through his attorney, waived his right to a speedy trial, possibly delaying the trial for months or years.

The trial was initially scheduled for Oct. 2. It's anyone's guess when it will be now.

Kohberger's move, initiated by his defense lawyer, Anne Taylor, sent shockwaves through the families of the victims who were murdered in Moscow, Idaho, in horrific ways.

Family reacts

Some of the family members of the victims who were slaughtered that day expressed their frustrations and concerns over a possibly long-delayed trial, as they're seeking justice, which would help bring some level of closure.

Instead, they'll have to relive the nightmare for a long time to come, until Kohberger is finally judged by a jury of his peers.

Bryan Kohberger, who stands accused of murdering four University of Idaho students, agrees to waive right to a speedy trial. @kaynawhitworth reports.

— Good Morning America (@GMA) August 24, 2023

"We are afraid he is going to waive his rights to a speedy trial. If he does, the trial will not be starting on Oct 2nd and it is very likely that it won’t take place for years. We want to get this trial over. Just thinking it could be years absolutely kills me," wrote the Gonclaves family, who lost their beloved Kaylee Goncalves in the murder.

The Post noted:

Five people lived at the King Road residence in Moscow, Idaho, including three of the victims — Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, and Madison Mogen.

Another victim, Ethan Chapin, was dating Kernodle and was staying at the home on Nov. 13, 2022, when all four were allegedly killed by Bryan Kohberger, who allegedly entered the home at around 4 a.m.

"Please pray for our family today," the Gonclaves wrote in a Facebook post.

Social media reacts

Not surprisingly, social media reacted negatively to the news, with many saying they weren't surprised that the trial would be delayed as long as possible.

"Lock him up & throw away the key. I'm really tired of seeing his name trending. He thinks he's going to get away with everything he has done yet DNA, cell phone pings & modern day technology got him wrapped up in one little neat jail cell..." one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "I don’t understand how the court can allow this delay. Those poor parents."

Only time will tell when his trial will begin. It's truly sad that the victims' families must wait so long when justice should be served as soon as possible in this especially egregious situation.

The world lost another healthy athlete who passed away "suddenly," according to her family, adding to a long list of young people who have passed away with no underlying warnings. 

According to Fox News, Helen Smart, a former Olympic swimmer "who also won silver medals at the World Championships and European Championships," died suddenly this week at age 42.

Her death was formally announced by her family and by British Swimming on Monday, with no cause of death known at the time of this writing.

After retiring from a successful Olympic-level swimming career, Smart worked as a teacher at Worsley Mesnes Community Primary School, based in Wigan, England.

"She was so proud"

Smart's legacy as a teacher and an athlete was praised by her husband, Craig, who noted that she was most proud of her accomplishment of becoming headteacher of her school.

"She loved the school, staff, children and parents so much," her husband said, according to the Evening Standard.

He added, "She was so proud to reach her goal of being headteacher. She used to say to me all the time she could never see herself at another school. She was Worsley Mesnes through and through!"

"I remember only last week she said her goal was to get the school to outstanding and that she had the right staff to achieve this. I hope you all keep learning like champions. Please learn from this and live your best life, no regrets," he continued.

Olympic swimmer Helen Smart Dies Suddenly at age 43: ‘Can’t comprehend’

Her grieving husband, Craig Smart, took to the school’s Facebook page to pay tribute to his beloved wife.

“She loved the school, staff, children and parents so much,” Craig Smart said. “She was so proud to…

— DiedSuddenly (@DiedSuddenly_) August 16, 2023

"It is with great sadness and regret that I have to announce the sudden death of our beloved headteacher, Mrs. Helen Smart," said Alison Halliwell, the chair of governors at the school.

Tributes pour in

Smart, given her accomplishments in the sport of swimming and her success as a teacher, was remembered fondly by former teammates, teachers, and students across social media.

"I’ve been trying to find the words to say about this but am so shocked by the news, I don’t know what to say," former Olympic swimmer Katy Sexton said in a statement through British Swimming.

She added, "Helen was such a vibrant character, always happy and a great friend and roommate. She was such a dedicated athlete and had an amazing work ethic which she carried into her life outside of sport. She will be greatly missed and my biggest sympathies go to her family."

Smart is survived by her husband Craig, daughter Heidi and son Stanley.

President Joe Biden and his administration have often been viewed as weak on China, with the communist nation easily being America's greatest adversary, on all fronts, moving into the future. 

According to Breitbart, the Biden administration made a somewhat surprising move this week in issuing an executive order that bans new American investments in China in a narrow range of technological areas, including quantum computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other tech-related sectors.

The order does not, however, address any existing investments in those areas, of which there are many, to say the least.

The executive order elicited lukewarm responses from those who believe America should do more to protect its tech supply chain.

What is it?

Biden's executive order covers a narrow set of emerging technologies, and it would prohibit new investments into those areas in China. The administration admitted that the order was "narrow in scope."

Breitbart noted:

The order covers advanced computer chips, micro electronics, quantum information technologies and artificial intelligence. Senior administration officials said that the effort stemmed from national security goals rather than economic interests, and that the categories it covered were intentionally narrow in scope.

The move is reportedly aimed at stunting the communist nation's ability to bolster its own military advancement using funds from U.S. firms and investors.

Biden executive order restricting US investments in China 'very narrow': Jonathan D.T. Ward

— Mornings with Maria (@MorningsMaria) August 10, 2023

Breitbart added:

Biden has suggested that China’s economy is struggling and its global ambitions have been tempered as the U.S. has reenergized its alliances with Japan, South Korea, Australia and the European Union. The administration consulted with allies and industry in shaping the executive order.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order that will prohibit some new US investment in China in sensitive technologies like computer chips and require government notification in other tech sectors

— Reuters (@Reuters) August 10, 2023

Social media reacts

The executive order received mixed reactions across social media, with some saying that it's a step in the right direction, and others doubting the true intentions of the president, who has been criticized as being weak on China overall.

"Good. I personally don’t like Biden, but this is good. China is playing the slow game. Putting spies in our military, putting malware in our computer systems that control infrastructure," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Also the restrictions started next year not now! He is a CCP’s puppet for sure!"

Only time will tell if the investment restrictions make a difference. Many say it might not as China and some U.S. firms find workaround "investment vehicles."

On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump was federally indicted once again by Special Counsel Jack Smith, this time essentially for expressing his First Amendment rights after the 2020 election. 

According to the Washington Examiner, as far as Trump's classified documents indictment, a new twist developed this week as the Department of Justice expressed concerns regarding the lawyer representing Walt Nauta, one of the co-conspirators named in Trump's first federal indictment.

Special Counsel Jack Smith's office submitted a 10-page motion on Wednesday outlining why the DOJ believes a clear conflict of interest exists with Nauta's lawyer, Stanley Woodward.

Smith's latest motion followed a superseding indictment last week that added additional charges in the classified documents indictment.

What's going on?

The potential conflict of interest stems from Woodward's client list, which involves his representation of "at least seven other individuals who have been questioned in connection with the investigation."

The Examiner noted:

The DOJ is requesting what is known as a Garciahearing with Woodward's client to "inform them of potential risks and inquire into possible waivers." Prosecutors asked the Florida court to look into whether Nauta completely understands the risks associated with his present attorney and whether he is being represented fairly.

The outlet added:

The revelation raised concerns because the indictment reveals a private and possibly incriminating conversation between Taveras and Carlos De Oliveira, who is described in the indictment as the property manager at the Florida resort and was named as Trump's third co-defendant last week.

"Nauta should be thoroughly advised of the potential conflicts and attendant risks. Witness 1 and Witness 2 should also be present at the hearing and apprised of the risk that Mr. Woodward may use or disclose confidences he obtained from them," Smith's filing read.

Two additional witnesses represented by Nauta's attorney, according to Smith's office, have raised conflict of interest concerns in the past.

The Justice Department wants Woodward disqualified for the potential conflict of interest situation.

Social media reacts

Users across social media offered mixed reactions to the Justice Department's concerns, with some believing it's for certain that Woodward will be disqualified as a result.

"I mean dang. I’m not a legal expert and I coulda told you that!!!" one Twitter user wrote.

Another Twitter user added, "Everyone in the DOJ has conflict of interest issues on any case involving Trump."

Only time will tell if the DOJ is able to convince the judge that a conflict of interest exists and is enough to have Woodward removed.

Robert F. Kennedy called for a full investigation into President Joe Biden's bribery allegations during an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures."

RFK's desire to see Biden investigated was spurred on by the release of an FBI-generated FD-1023 form revealing that Burisma co-founder and CEO Mykola Zlochevsky told an FBI source that he had been coerced into paying millions to both Joe and Hunter Biden. 

The form was released by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and it is the strongest piece of evidence yet supporting the theory that the Biden family was involved in corrupt business deals in foreign countries.

The form also serves as vindication for former President Donald Trump who was investigating Burisma and Ukraine before Democrats impeached him for poking around.

It's all falling apart

President Biden and the Democrat Party have managed to keep one step ahead of Republicans when it comes to the many scandals that have gripped the nation over the past few years.

Now all of that is changing and it is beginning to feel like the Biden administration's strategy is falling apart.

During RFK's interview with Bartiromo, he explained "I think though the issues that are now coming up are worrying enough that we really need a real investigation of what happened,” he said. “I mean, these revelations about the, you know, where you have Burisma — which is a notoriously corrupt company that paid out apparently $10 million to Hunter and his dad — if that’s true, then it is really troubling."

RFK is the first high-profile Democrat to come out in support of an investigation into the Biden family business.

The rest of the Democrat Party has either denied the allegations or have chosen to keep a low profile and avoid the issue entirely.

Later in the interview, RFK also said, "I think that that’s something that every American needs to worry about and our federal agencies, which used to be above politics, and now become weaponized as political instruments, and that, again, is another really damaging trend for our democracy."

This interview will put pressure on centrist Democrats who have chosen to stay out of the bribery allegation fight. Now that RFK has effectively declared war, what impact will this development have on the rest of the party?

Taking away votes

Regardless of what investigation does or doesn't happen, RFK's candidacy and attacks on Joe Biden are going to chip away at Biden's votes in 2024.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump is only growing stronger and is outpacing the other Republican candidates indicating that his victory next July is looking inevitable.

So that means Joe Biden will have to somehow win a rematch with Trump while losing votes from centrist Democrats. By all accounts, RFK may very well have sealed President Biden's fate.

The New York Post reports that an illegal immigrant who was found guilty of beheading his girlfriend has now had his conviction reversed. 

That's right: the accused was found guilty of decapitating his girlfriend. Yet, a judge has just reversed that conviction, finding that that individual is not guilty due to mental illness.

The illegal immigrant - a 42-year-old from Cuba - is Alexis Saborit.

He was initially, back in May, found guilty of first-degree premeditated murder.

The gruesome details of the murder

Saborit's attack on his girlfriend - a 55-year-old American woman named Mafalda Thayer - was witnessed by multiple individuals. Some parts of what happened were even captured on camera.

The incident occurred back on July 28, 2021, in Shakopee, Minnesota. At the time, Saborit and Thayer - who had been together for over a decade - were driving to court to make an appearance after being charged with a felony for allegedly setting their apartment on fire during a confrontation with police officers. Thayer, during the car ride, told Saborit that she wanted to end their relationship.

This is when Saborit snapped. He took an 8-pound dumbbell out of his car and struck Thayer with it. Then, he put the dumbbell down, picked up a machete, and proceeded to decapitate Thayer with it.

Subsequently, Saborit left the scene and proceeded to dispose of the evidence in several different locations.

After being declared mentally competent to stand trial, the judge found that there was enough evidence to convict Saborit of first-degree premeditated murder.

The latest

Now, however, Saborit's conviction has been reversed.

Earlier this month, after Saborit was found guilty, his team of defense lawyers filed a motion in which they argued that Saborit ought to have his conviction reversed because he has a mental illness.

Fox9 reports, "The defense filed a motion in court on July 12 stating Saborit should be found not guilty by reason of mental illness because both the court-appointed and state-issued psychologist determined '[Saborit's] mental illness prevented him from understanding his actions were morally wrong.'"

The outlet adds, "The order discusses Saborit's history of mental illness, including his hospitalizations for 'bizarre delusions' as early as March 2013. He suffered a traumatic brain injury after being in a coma from a car crash in 2017 and began experiencing auditory hallucinations and paranoid delusions."

Judge Caroline Lennon has now granted the defense's motion, reversing Saborit's conviction. Fox reports that the ruling is "not sitting well with the victim’s family."

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