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A stunning U.S. military exercise in forcing the "diversity, equity, and inclusion" leftism on America has been revealed by a member of the Air Force, Jake Reyna, an operations research analyst for the military branch's office of diversity and inclusion.

Reyna was interviewed by undercover reporters for James O'Keefe's O'Keefe Media Group, which said, "Reyna confirms DEI training is mandatory for airmen and if an airman does not participate in DEI training, he 'wouldn’t be qualified for promotions or he’d get reprimanded and…he’d get written up' before eventually being dishonorably discharged, which includes being stripped of all benefits."

The Air Force, in an official statement, quickly denied Reyna's charges, alleging that he was not speaking "on behalf of the department of the Air Force."

OMG reported Reyna explained how the branch is working around opposition to DEI ideology.

"We contacted everybody who had a title like that and got them to sneakily change their title so it doesn't sound as diversity-oriented even though it is," he said.

Pointing to Republican opposition to the ideologies included in the racist and sexist agenda, he said, "We just weaseled around it. There's 'nothing they would be able to do."

And he said the activists are moving from the DEI offices into others in the military.

Asked if he had seen data showing DEI operatives or troops perform better than others, he said no.

Editor's note: Be advised of offensive language in the video:

Reyna also said white men "probably" make the military weaker, as they are "definitely stupid."

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Joe Biden says he's a practicing Catholic, attending Mass and such.

Of course, he's deliberately and ostentatiously thumbed his nose for years at multiple teachings of the church, including on abortion.

President Donald Trump, on the other hand, makes no flamboyant claims about church membership.

But what he did as president was simply take multiple steps to protect the conscience rights of Americans, for instance through his protections for physicians who don't want to be ordered to participate in the nation's lucrative abortion industry. And he appointed Supreme Court justices who were key to the collapse of the flawed Roe v. Wade abortion "rights" claims.

Voters have noticed the difference.

That would be his re-election campaign "problem," where is he trailing Trump in most of the swing states, and often by significant percentages.

The commentary explains, "Polling shows the mass-attending Catholic president trails Donald Trump by 10 points among those who attend religious services a few times a year or more. The score is reversed with voters who report they seldom or never attend church, with Biden leading by 10."

The authors continued, "It's the starkest divide in the electorate – and one that political journalists rarely mention, perhaps because, as a profession, journalists are more removed from religion than the average American."

The commentary noted Trump's significant advantage with white evangelical Protestants is already understood, but "he also leads Biden by healthy margins among less politically conservative Christians."

The numbers are from Marquette Law School’s national poll of registered voters, which confirmed Biden trailing Trump by 18 points among "other members of his own Catholic faith," and trailing by 16 points among "adherents of mainline Protestant denominations, which would include groups like Methodists, Presbyterians, and Episcopalians."

Reverse that standard, however, and "Biden holds a commanding 33-point advantage" among "non-Christian voters."

"The irony of this schism proves a dynamic that is larger than these two men. Biden would tell you his Catholicism is integral to his own self-identity. Trump, meanwhile, was a high-living playboy who said he’d never asked God for forgiveness for anything, situating himself well outside the theology and lifestyle of most Christians," the commentary said.

Trump earlier gained the support of the faithful in a scenario the writers identified as a "King Cyrus" circumstance, which cited the Old Testament king, a Persian, who was not a follower of faith, but yet did positive things for members, including delivering Jews back to Israel.

"These voters, mostly Catholic or evangelical Protestants, adopted Trump’s candidacy pragmatically, seeing in him a warrior who would battle their common political enemies."

They found, "Politics is about coalitions, and the arrangement between Trump and conservative Christians indisputably has delivered benefits for both sides."

But, they warned, "The religious divide that matters going forward in American politics is not about Trump, and it’s not about white evangelical Protestants. The question is whether Democrats can keep a place in their party for other religiously devout voters. Democrats’ best electoral group – the so-called 'nones,' those with no religious affiliation – is growing, particularly among younger generations. But as the party becomes dominated by those who actively reject religion, its platform becomes less appealing to those who don’t, as many Jewish Democrats are discovering as left-wing radicals show an ugly antisemitic side and opposition to America’s alliance with the Jewish state of Israel."

The consequences should that trend continue are apparent, they explained: "If Democrats drive out the religious voters in their ranks, they will struggle to compete in a geographic footprint large enough to enable them to control Congress or win in the Electoral College."

Already, such changes have made Florida not a swing state but "a Republican fortress," and Democrats are fretting over the same moves in Nevada and Arizona.

"Pew Research data shows Hispanics are about half as likely as whites to say they do not believe in God, while African Americans, long the bulwark of the Democratic Party, are five times less likely than whites to express disbelief. Blacks also attend church more than whites do, report reading the Bible more than whites, and say they pray more than whites, according to respected church researchers at Barna Group," the commentary pointed out.

In short, the writers explain, the Democrats' "hostility" to traditional religious values may make it hard "to keep enough blacks, Hispanics, and Jews on board to win enough states to govern."

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A school district protecting children from adult books has been hit with a complaint by extremists who want taxpayers to be forced to provide "sexually explicit and graphic" publications to kids.

The fight was outlined in a report in the Georgia Star News.

In the bull's-eye is the Cobb County School District which had addressed concerns about offensive material – those books that could not legally be read aloud at a board meeting – by removing "It Ends with Us," "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," "Lucky," and "Thirteen Reasons Why."

The report noted BookLooks, a website for parents that gives numerical scores of 1-5, rated "Thirteen Reasons Why" a 3 and recommended parental guidance.

The report noted that rating documents that a book as "excessive or explicit violence," "extreme or frequent hate," "excessive or frequent profanity," "references to sexual activity," and "drug or alcohol abuse."

"It Ends with Us" and "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" were scored at 4 for "explicit sexual nudity" and "obscene references to sexual activity."

"Lucky" was at a 5, designated for adults only, for "explicit references to aberrant" or abnormal sexual activities, the report said.

The complaint came from the National Women's Law Center and was submitted to the U.S. Department of Education, which does not necessary take action on every complaint. It charges the school with having a "hostile environment" created by the censorship of books by or about LGBTQIA and POC (people of color).

The school district told the publication the complaint was by those who were repeating "made-up narratives espoused and circulated by a small community group which includes candidates for local office."

The law center claimed the district's actions were "driven by extremists as part of a coordinated plan to erase learning."

The center claims that Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 demand that such books be included in schools, if they get federal funding.

Supt. Chris Ragsdale offered a bit of common sense through which to view the fight, saying, "What we are doing is not forcing taxpayers to fund students having unrestricted access to materials that are so sexually explicit and graphic they could not be read aloud in this very board meeting without violating FCC regulations."

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A network report – that started out to note the anniversary of the famed Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court ruling that triggered a significant advance in civil rights in America – is being blasted.

Because, according to a commentary at Newsbusters, it quickly descended into equating those civil rights issues with being an illegal alien in America.

The commentary charged, "The hardships resulting from the choice to come into this country outside our lawful immigration system is not even within the same galaxy of comparability as enduring the horrors of slavery and/or the post-Reconstruction regimes endured by descendants of the formerly enslaved. The old Jim Crow regime is, in fact, nothing at all like illegal immigration, no matter how much the left or CBS correspondent Janet Shamlian would like to make it so."

It continued, "To suggest as much in a news report is a grievous insult, both to history and to human decency."

The publication reported the report "began innocuously enough, and initially appeared to have been a straight commemoration of Brown v. Board."

But then it took a turn.

After citing the historic involvement of the school district in the fight for civil rights in America, the correspondent for the network went on: "The historic district is transforming once again. This time opening its doors to refugees and migrants."

The correspondent speculated about "any connection you can draw there between what’s happening now with these kids and the situation at the time?"

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As Joe Biden's quest to be re-elected to the White House in November is moving into startling territory – he's just agreed to debates with President Donald Trump – a comedian's video is reminding the public of some of the less attractive features of his presidency.

And it has plenty of material without addressing his border crisis where he's allowed millions of illegal aliens into the U.S., his advocacy for abortion and transgenderism, and his administration's multiple attacks on people of faith, such as describing Catholics as domestic terrorists.

It is Jim Hoft at the Gateway Pundit who has loaded the video onto Rumble:

The lyrics:

He’s an old guy,

has dementia,

can’t lead us.

And the country is screwed.

Tells some big lies,

barely speaks English,

sniffs children,

and their mom’s hair, too,

goes the wrong way.

When he leaves his speeches,

gets lost each day.

In the White House yard,

all the Dems say

that we should reelect him.

How can he win?

When walking is hard?

And Joe Keeps, (keeps falling yeah he keeps falling)0

Keeps falling (keeps falling yeah he keeps falling)

And Joe keeps (keeps falling yeah he keeps falling)

Keeps falling (keeps falling yeah he keeps falling)

Some other negatives about his presidency: Americans have been blasted with inflation of more than 19% since he took office, the federal government has been weaponized against conservatives and Republicans, to the point he's ordered federal agencies to help leftists recruit voters, and more. Actually, he's trailing Trump in most of the recent polls, including those of critical swing states.

On a personal level, it was just revealed in recent days, by Ashley Biden herself, that her stolen diary in which she notes that the showers she shared with her father when she was young probably were "inappropriate," is real.

The Gateway Pundit credited X News radio host and comedian Jimmy Faila with the "must-see" video.

"The video is credited to 'Joe Biden and the Alzheimers' band and produced by 'C’Mon Man Records' exposes the Socialist-Democrats attempting to push this failed candidate who can’t find his way off a stage and can’t finish a sentence for U.S. president," the report said.

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Ashli Babbitt entered the Capitol alone on the Senate side of the Capitol through a broken window at 2:23 p.m. on January 6, 2021. Once in, she encountered a female police officer who directed her towards the House side.

As Ashli walked, recording her fellow protestors with her iPhone along the way, she saw crowds wandering peacefully through the many rooms and corridors of this vast building. Uniformed police officers looked on, seemingly as clueless and confused as the protestors. There were no commands being given, no arrests being made, no police being attacked or abused.

At 2:25 p.m., Ashli climbed over a velvet rope to honor the walking lane designated for visitors. Still alone, Ashli made her way to the hallway leading up to the main door of the House Chamber.

A crowd had already gathered there. Not one to follow the crowd, literally or figuratively, she continued to explore the Capitol. At 2:36, Ashli, now accompanied by citizen journalist Tayler Hansen, walked down the long, narrow corridor leading to the Speaker’s Lobby.

Hansen recorded her as she walked. Guarding the lobby doors were three USCP officers – Sgt. Timothy Lively, Officer Kyle Yetter and Officer Christopher Lanciano. Hansen offered the officers some water, while Ashli joked with them. Within a minute or two, the trailing crowd of roughly thirty people quickly filled up the hallway in front of the lobby doors.

In that crowd was Zachary Alam, thirty, from Centreville, Va. In October 2023, former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson did a feature on Alam and two other potential provocateurs for her show “Full Measure.”

Attkisson explained, "I didn't see key provocateurs removed from the crowd. In fact, the key provocateurs in this case seem to be sort of tolerated, if not encouraged, by some of the police officers on the front line."

Free to roam despite his erratic behavior, Alam moved to the front of the crowd, reached between the officers, and began punching the glass panels while yelling, “F*** the blue.” This was not a MAGA thing to say or do. In fact, as Attkisson pointed out, Alam had no social media history tying him to Trump or the MAGA movement. He had, however, been arrested a half-dozen times in the previous four years.

Appalled by Alam’s behavior, Ashli’s police training kicked in. “Call f***ing back-up!” she shouted at the feckless officers as they stood in place with their backs to the doors, doing nothing.

“She was basically yelling at these officers telling them to do their jobs,” said Hansen. For more than a minute after the first window was cracked, protestors argued with the officers but did not touch them or threaten them. Nor did they smash any more windows. At one point, Alam stood with his back to the officers keeping the crowd at bay. Clearly frustrated, Ashli wandered away from the doors.

In a press release clearing Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd of any wrongdoing, the DOJ observed, “Eventually, the three USCP officers positioned outside the doors were forced to evacuate.” The video does not bear this out at all. The officers were not in any imminent danger. They appear to have noticed a USCP emergency response team mount the stairs to the lobby and abandoned their post before the response team could reach them.

As soon as the officers pulled away, rioter Chad Jones joined Alam in smashing the windows of the unguarded doors. House Sergeant at Arms employee Jason Gandolph, a licensed police officer, stood behind Ashli and did nothing to stop Jones or Alam.

Now with a helmet he grabbed from another protestor, Alam broke out all the glass from the transom on the far right side. “Ashli was actively trying to disarm these people,” Hansen observed, “trying to calm them down through this entire kind of confrontation with these police officers.”

By this time, several of the protestors on the left side of the hallway had noticed a weapon leveled parallel to the doors. A few yelled, “gun, gun” or “there’s a gun, there’s a gun.” Self-styled video journalist John Earle Sullivan, a BLM supporter, happened to be in that narrow corridor as well. Through the lens of his camera, he saw the extended arm, gun in hand, and joined the chorus of those shouting “gun.”

On the right side of the clamorous lobby, Ashli either did not hear the warning or feared that the gunman was on her side of the lobby doors. After yelling for Alam to stop, Ashli took matters into her own hands, literally.

A southpaw, she yanked at Alam’s backpack with her right hand. As he spun around, she slugged him square in the face with her left fist. His glasses flew off on impact. Fleeing the madness, Ashli hopped with some assistance into the window frame now fully free of glass. Only a person as small as she could have managed that feat.

Byrd, the incident commander for the House on January 6, had all the time he needed to assess the scene. He knew that the doors were heavily barricaded and that other armed officers hovered nearby in the Speaker’s Lobby. “Members and staffers were just feet away when Babbitt attempted to climb through a shattered glass,” the House report writers insisted. That again was false.

No members of Congress remained in the lobby, and the handful that remained on the House floor were Republicans, four from Texas, one from Oklahoma. They stood guard at the main door one hundred feet away and tried to calm the crowd through the broken window.

Three dozen House Democrats meanwhile hovered in the balcony, “socially distancing.” Panicked by their own propaganda, they feared the worst. “Just remember, we’re on the right side of history,” Rep. Val Demings told a colleague. “If we all die today, another group will come in and certify those ballots.”

The House report did not mention Byrd by name, let alone question the shooting. To the degree that the report mentioned Ashli, it was to build the specious case that Trump was indifferent to her death.

How Byrd came to be there, as incident commander, had a lot to do with the racial politics of D.C. Some years back, Byrd fired shots into his own moving vehicle. Some teenagers had stolen it and were fleeing the scene.

Not the best of shots, Byrd sent a few stray bullets into the sides of nearby homes. An official investigation ruled that his use of force was unjustified. In another city, the officer gets canned. Not in Washington. Not Byrd.

In 2019, Byrd made the news when he left his Glock 22 in the Capitol Visitor’s Center. As many as twenty thousand people pass through the center on a given day. More troubling still, the Glock does not have a traditional safety. A child could have found it and fired it. According to Roll Call, Byrd told fellow officers, “I will be treated differently.” He was. After the Monday night incident, he was back on the job Tuesday.

Just seven seconds after she slugged Alam, said Hansen, “Michael Leroy Byrd ended up issuing the kill shot with no verbal warning.” Said Thomas Baranyi, a young protestor who had been right behind Ashli when she fell, “[The protest] was a joke to them until we got inside, and then all of a sudden the guns came out.”

According to a suit filed by Judicial Watch and Ashli’s husband, Aaron Babbitt, “The bullet pierced Ashli in her left anterior shoulder, perforated her left brachial plexus, trachea, upper lobe of the right lung and second anterior rib, and landed in her right anterior shoulder.”

Once shot, Ashli instantly fell backward onto the marble floor. She was still alive after the fall. According to Baranyi, Ashli “started to say she’s fine, it’s cool, and then she started like moving weird and blood was coming out of her mouth and neck and nose.”

When California physician Dr. Austin Harris tried to treat Ashli, the police pulled him off and cleared the other protestors trying to help. According to Hansen, that is all they did. “The cops just continued to stand there,” he told filmmaker Nick Searcy. “They didn’t help her. She clearly needed her throat cleared from the blood. They didn’t do anything. They just let her bleed out. And that was it.”

The FBI would later arrest Dr. Harris on the same cooked-up charges they did most other protestors. A half-hour after the shooting, Ashli was pronounced dead at Washington Hospital Center.

As to Hansen, no official ever talked to him or asked to see his video despite Hansen’s repeated attempts to reach out. “I begged and I begged these people on the committee,” said Hansen, but no one wanted to know what he saw.

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A man disabled with a back injury, in a report in Slay News, has recounted his narrow escape from death after being signed up for Canada's assisted suicide program.

He signed up for the program when he was facing homelessness because of a surge in the price of housing and with no likelihood of escaping the possible freezing death in that country's icy winters.

But he never wanted it, he explained.

The report explains how, eventually, people he knew raised enough money to take him out of the homeless camp and now he celebrates his "deathaversary."

It is Amir Farsoud, who was due for death under Canada's scandalous "assisted suicide" agenda – because he was struggling financially.

He explained in the report his choices were homelessness and its accompanying death threats, or "Medical Assistance in Dying."

He charges physicians railroaded him into the death-by-doctor scheme, and his story is now in a BBC documentary called "Better Off Dead?"

"For the last almost eight years I’ve had the misfortune of being on the Ontario disability support program, which gives a maximum of just over $1,300 to a single adult monthly," he explained. But housing costs generally are double that, and he reached a crisis point when the rooming house in which he lived was put on the market.

"Literally after like four months of looking there was no place – there did not exist a place – that I could afford to live in," he said. That presented him with the choice: Homeless or dead.

He said then, "OK, I’m not going to be homeless."

That was not acceptable because of the threat of freezing to death, or trying to stay warm by makeshift fires and "then end up burning to death."

He said his disability qualified him for the program, but he told doctors he was agreeing to die only because of his housing situation.

"I did tell my doctor right off the bat that while I qualify for medical reasons, the reason I’m asking is my socio-economic position at the moment," he said.

No problem. The doctor booked him into the program and he was scheduled for a 90-day assessment, and then his end.

Then a Toronto reporter did a story, a GoFundMe page was set up, raising $60,000 for him, and he was able to set up housing.

So he could cancel the euthanasia.

Canada's MAID program has been mired in controversy since its outset, as it was begun to allow for the assisted death of those with terminal illnesses whose death was imminent, and possibly painful.

Since then it's been expanded multiple times so that it can be used now for physical infirmities, mental conditions, and even financial straits.

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Police in the town of Savage, Minnesota, are now investigating an attack on a little girl at a local school by assailants, schoolchildren, who told officials they beat her up because "she wasn't Muslim."

Alpha News reports Minnesota mother Shawna Larson is demanding answers after her 9-year-old daughter was "jumped" on the school playground by a group of girls.

The school wouldn't report the incident to the police, so she did.

The report said the mother described the situation to Liz Collin Reports.

The ambush reportedly happened at the Hidden Valley Elementary in Savage, which is between Burnsville and Shakopee, on April 29.

The report explained Larson said her daughter's third-grade teacher and the school principal "approached her in the school pickup line" and told her what happened.

"They came up to my vehicle and informed me that there was an incident at school that day. They wanted to make it very apparent that my daughter didn’t do anything to cause this, and they told me this was a calculated incident and that she had been attacked on the playground by four other students in her grade," Larson told the report.

"I ended up learning … this was due to her race and her religion because she wasn’t Muslim. So that was pretty jarring to hear."

It was the attackers themselves who told the teacher that was why they "decided to beat her up."

The next day, her daughter's bruises, including a black eye, appeared, "And we immediately took a picture of it. When she came home that day, I just kind of looked her over and she had bruises on her arms and a bruise on her back, bruises all over her legs," Larson said in the report.

The district had not contacted police, so she did.

And, the report said, she detailed: "She told me she tried to get up and when she tried to get up and go for help the first time, and I believe it was the first time that they had gotten her on the ground, that she was trying to fight back and they had told her that if she hit them or she touched them, that they would hurt themselves and tell the teacher that she had hurt them. So, she just told me, 'You know, so all I could do there is lay there, Mom.' I was informed that on the camera footage it showed them going up to her and punching her in the face and her hitting back and then she runs off and they run after her and then that’s when all of them go out of camera view and that’s when the initial attack happens is what the principal told me."

Larson continued, "This was just because of her race and her religion. So that was a big thing. Just the lack of action the school was taking, which I do understand to a point that the school has their own rules and their own laws that they have to follow. But the fact that because this was race and religion fueled, the fact that they were never suspended or expelled from school or redirected to distance learning instead of continuing to stay in the classroom, which two of them were in the same classroom as my daughter, is alarming, regardless of their age."

The school issued a statement to Alpha News in which officials refused to share information.

Larson said her daughter has been switched classes for the rest of this school year.

Larson said the situation would have ended up differently had the attackers been Christians.

"This would be all over national news. You know, and it shouldn’t be that way. Our children shouldn’t even be in the media for stuff like this in the first place. The same outrage should be there for every child because no child should be attacked on a playground and made to feel unsafe at school because her attackers are still there."

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It's time for Joe Biden's bureaucrats in the Department of Education and Department of Justice to bring the anti-Semitic rioting on college campuses to a halt.

That's according to Logan Sekulow, the director of media for the American Center for Law and Justice.

He explains online he has just written to the federal agencies, with a coalition of other organizations concerned about the pro-terror, pro-Hamas, anti-Israel demonstrations and riots, about the issue.

He explained, "Next to nothing has been done by federal officials to end the anti-Semitism and targeted harassment. Specifically, the letter asks several important questions."

The letter seeks answers from Merrick Garland, Joe Biden's attorney general, and Miguel Cardona, the Education chief, about "specific steps" that are needed to "secure the physical safety of Jewish and pro-Israel students on campus; ensure the appropriate discipline of those harassing and harming Jewish students, including an evaluation of visa status for harassers; investigate funding and expenses related to encampments and protests; and penalize schools facilitating or refusing to end the harassment, harm, and assault of Jews/pro-Israel students, faculty, and staff, including through enforcing Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.

Sekulow explained the requests aren't new, but in the past, they've been "intentionally ignored" by the Biden administration.

"Perhaps this makes sense, given reports that have revealed that these Left-wing, pro-Palestinian protesters are supported by some of President Biden’s biggest donors," he noted.

A report on the letter said the "general ineffectiveness and incoherency" of Biden's foreign policy is in sight on the issue.

The report said the organization previously reached out to Secretary of State Blinken Treasury Chief Yellen, and House and Senate leaders.

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A true courtroom stunner came just days ago when Jack Smith, prosecuting President Trump for having government documents from his presidency in his home, admitted his team lied to the public and the court in the case.

Regarding the evidence.

Trump turned blunt, calling for Smith to be arrested over his admission, in a court filing, that he lied to the court about the documents seized from Trump's Mar-a-Lago home.

“ARREST DERANGED JACK SMITH. HE IS A CRIMINAL!” Trump said in a Truth Social post this weekend.

The issue is that in a court filing, prosecutors admitted that he lied to the court, confessing that the FBI messed with the boxes containing those materials, and now not even Smith can be sure of the order or placement of the documents, which could be a critical factor in the case.

Now a Declassified report from famed investigative journalist Julie Kelly notes that the situation is "potentially case-killing."

She explained, "New court filings in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s espionage and obstruction case against Trump and two co-defendants conclusively demonstrate that the government used the cover sheets to deceive the public as well as the court. The photo was a stunt, and one that adds more fuel to this dumpster-fire case."

She noted Jay Bratt, who is assigned to Smith's team, earlier claimed: "[Thirteen] boxes or containers contained documents with classification markings, and in all, over one hundred unique documents with classification markings…were seized. Certain of the documents had colored cover sheets indicating their classification status."

The FBI staged a photograph of documents and released it to the public to create public interest in the case.

But Kelly continued, "The DOJ’s clever wordsmithing, however, did not accurately describe the origin of the cover sheets. In what must be considered not only an act of doctoring evidence but willfully misleading the American people into believing the former president is a criminal and threat to national security, agents involved in the raid attached the cover sheets to at least seven files to stage the photo."

She explained, "Classified cover sheets were not 'recovered' in the container, contrary to Bratt’s declaration to the court. In fact, after being busted recently by defense attorneys for mishandling evidence in the case, Bratt had to fess up about how the cover sheets ended up on the documents."

She said his latest explanation is: "[If] the investigative team found a document with classification markings, it removed the document, segregated it, and replaced it with a placeholder sheet. The investigative team used classified cover sheets for that purpose."

Kelly noted that the FBI's use of those "cover sheets" just before they were used as placeholders.

"Agents used them as props. FBI agents took it upon themselves to paperclip the sheets to documents—something evident given the uniform nature of how each cover sheet is clipped to each file in the photo—laid them on the floor, and snapped a picture for political posterity," she noted.

The immediate result was that Judge Aileen M. Cannon has further delayed the next steps in the case, meaning it might not even come to trial until after the November election, which polls show Trump is likely to win.

Kelly called the FBI's staged photograph "the picture that launched a thousand pearl-clutching articles."

She suggested that the behavior of the investigators raises "many troubling questions … about the FBI's handling of the alleged incriminating documents."

"For example, who made the on-site determination as to the classification level appropriate for each document? Did agents have security clearance and expertise related to classification? Did the agents know whether the document had been declassified by Trump while still in office?"

And she noted that defense lawyers have pointed out Smith's office handed out inaccurate information about the evidence.

And Bratt conceded that was correct, confessing the FBI has not been able to determine which document "with classification markings" goes with which placeholder.

"This is a potentially case-blowing mistake, particularly if the document in question is one of the 34 records that represents the basis of espionage charges against Trump," Kelly charged.

Bratt also had confirmed to the judge that the boxes of documents were "in their original, intact form as seized," citing only that classified docs were replaced with placeholders.

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