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Joe Biden's HHS secretary, Xavier Becerra, a radical abortion promoter, is launching a stealth attack on pro-life pregnancy centers in four states, according to the SBA Pro-Life America organization.

He plans to ban the use of TANF dollars, those available under the program for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, in pro-life pregnancy centers.

According to SBA's Katie Daniel, such a move goes directly against the support among the American people for the centers.

The rule change, proposed "stealthily" by Becerra weeks ago, would ban the use of TANF funding for pregnancy resource centers in Missouri, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Indiana.

Those four states, individually, use some $1 million to $7 million for those centers now.

Daniel said the funding is only a drop in the bucket next to the $670 million taxpayer dollars that went to the abortion industry giant Planned Parenthood in 2021-2022.

"Biden’s twisted attempt to hinder pregnancy centers’ ability to serve women in need demonstrates his administration is not pro-choice, but pro-abortion. Sixty percent of women who have had abortions say they would have preferred to give birth if they had more financial or emotional support. Yet, Democrats have gone out of their way to ensure women facing unexpected pregnancies are steered toward only one option – abortion," she said.

Becerra has chosen to single out pregnancy centers in his ideological move, the SBA report said.

"On its face, the rule is not viewpoint neutral. . . HHS scrutiny of a state including Pregnancy Resource Centers in its TANF program seems tied to a Center’s disfavored (by the current administration) views rather than whether it is a good partner that is successfully effectuating the purposes of TANF," explained SBA and the Charlotte Lozier Institute in comments on the plan.

Lawmakers from those states already have objected.

"The proposed rule suggests PRCs are not good partners for state-run TANF programs. We disagree with that assertion and contend this is for the states to decide. As elected officials, voted for and held accountable by our neighbors, we are closest to the people and know which entities within our communities can best fulfill the goals of TANF to help families flourish," they said.

One executive of a pregnancy center, who requested anonymity, said, "Our clinic serves over 150 families each year. When a woman with an unexpected pregnancy first walks through our doors we welcome her with open arms and assist her in every way we can for almost two years – from free ultrasounds, medical exams, and counseling, to food, diapers, furniture, and clothing after her baby is born. We offer mentoring, educational programs, and financial assistance during that time – help with housing, transportation, utilities, and even college tuition. Unfortunately, this new policy harms the women and families TANF was created to help."

The latest move is just a continuation of Biden's war against such centers.

"In 2022, Yelp placed a discriminatory warning label on centers, a move which 14 Democrat attorneys general praised in a recent letter. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats have called for pregnancy centers to be shut down. Colorado, this year, passed a law banning abortion pill reversal (APR) treatment. Additionally, California Attorney General Rob Bonta is suing two pregnancy centers for helping women save the lives of their babies with APR," SBA said.

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The medical profession around the globe has been focused over the last few flu seasons on COVID and its after-effects.

That includes those medicine manufacturers, some of whom profited by billions of dollars for their work producing those experimental COVID shots.

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A school in Ludlow, Massachusetts, now is facing a $10 million lawsuit brought by a teacher who was fired for talking with parents about their child, actions that school officials wildly claimed was "conduct unbecoming a teacher."

It is the organization Mass Resistance that has the latest report on the war by the school against traditional ideas and morals.

"Bonnie Manchester had a spotless record in 23 years as a teacher at Baird Middle School. She laid it all on the line when she saw what was now happening to vulnerable children," the organization reported. "Bonnie Manchester is a Christian middle school teacher who was fired from her job in 2021. Her 'crime' was informing a father and mother that school officials were referring to their daughter as a boy and keeping it secret from them."

The situation is becoming more and more common these days as Joe Biden's agenda to push the transgender ideology on Americans becomes more and more aggressive. He's often used the bureaucracy to create "rules" requiring such indoctrination for schools and others.

The Mass Resistance report said Manchester's $10 million lawsuit is against the town, the town's school committee, and multiple school employees "who were part of the effort to fire her," including the former and current superintendents, former Baird Middle School principal, former counselor, and former librarian, a transgender who is accused in the filing of pushing that ideology onto children.

The parents of the child involved earlier had filed a lawsuit against the school, which already is at the appellate level.

Mass Resistance explained it has monitored that school situation for a long time.

"The sexualization of middle school children in the Ludlow schools goes back nearly a decade. Objections from parents and school staff were rejected or dismissed. The 65-page lawsuit filing describes in detail how the 'transgender' middle school librarian (a woman who dressed as a man) allegedly began grooming children with graphic sexual, homosexual, and transgender-themed books and other inappropriate material starting in 2014. The books were not only given to children directly in special 'individual reading time' sessions but also brought into the classrooms," the report said.

According to the filing when parents complained school managers refused to act, even demeaning the parents.

Manchester was shocked that school officials were delivering explicit sexual content to children and was subjected to "harassment and intimidation" because of her objections, the report said.

Even worse, "The lawsuit describes how the school counselor and others maliciously coached troubled children to take on 'transgender' identities with opposite-sex names and pronouns," the report said.

In the specific case involving the young girl, the parents had instructed the school managers not to have any private conversations as she was already in counseling.

They ignored the request, the filing charges, and "secretly persuaded the daughter that she was really 'transgender' and encouraged her to use a male name and 'pronouns,'" the report notes.

Incidentally, the report explains the lawsuit explains the counselor had few if any, professional qualifications in child psychiatry and child development.

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A psychiatrist stunningly has claimed that the nine men who gang-raped a 15-year-old girl were just releasing "frustration and anger" that they felt over their "migration experiences and socio-cultural homelessness."

And eight of them got no prison time.

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A public school in Michigan has launched a campaign that focuses on the "decentering" of Christmas that would include bans on holiday symbols, decorations and expression, and even colors.

And a premier legal team, Liberty Counsel, is calling them out.

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Democrats in America in recent years have made the promotion of abortion around the globe one of their top priorities. They want U.S. funding predicated on advocacy for that, and even U.S. tax money directed to that industry.

Joe Biden, of course, has made transgenderism one of his highest priorities, promoting repeatedly the processes that end up surgically mutilating even children.

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The atrocities of the Hamas terror attack on Israelis on Oct. 7 already have been well-documented, including videos that offer a truly detailed look at the horror inflicted.

Babies beheaded and whole families burned alive are among the gritty details that have emerged from the assault that killed 1,400. In addition, of course, to the reports of rape and abuse that also have been made.

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Public school textbook publishers who signed up for the leftist "wokeism" agenda, including having ideological concepts like critical race theory and social-emotional learning in their books, are finding out that that decision is biting back.

Because in some states those publications aren't even being considered for use.

Dan Hart at the Washington Stand reports that eight publications recently were withdrawn from consideration in Oklahoma.

And in Florida officials said they have rejected 54 out of 132 textbooks for failing to meet the state's standards, the report said.

All of those texts were in math.

The report said the withdrawal of eight books pending before the Oklahoma State Department of Education was the result of a 2020 state law that adds a layer of review to determine if texts are "of poor quality or contain controversial ideologies," the report said.

Oklahoma Supt. Ryan Walters told "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins" that it was just a matter of using common sense standards.

"It’s amazing what happens when you speak clearly and you hold folks accountable,” he explained. “We have been very clear — we are not going to allow woke indoctrination or classroom. We’re going to get back to focus on the basics. … [O]ur parents have spoken loudly and clearly: get the woke ideology out, help our kids learn to read and do math. And that’s exactly what we’re doing."

He said lawmakers decided the state would not do CRT in classrooms.

"We’re not going to allow all this sexualized material into the classroom, either," he said.

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Religious schools in Minnesota are arguing in court that their students are facing unconstitutional discrimination from the state because of their faith.

The fight is over an offering by the state that allows students, while still in high school, to earn some college credits.

But Christian colleges are banned from participating, according to claims in the fight.

"Minnesota is waging a senseless campaign against students and the faith-based schools that wish to serve them. Private schools don’t become public schools just because they accept students who receive state funds, and to argue that they do is a transparent attempt to control Minnesotans’ religious beliefs and practices," said Diana Thomson, counsel at Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which is representing the schools.

The schools, along with a number of Christian families, sued the state this year for excluding two Christian colleges from the state's Post Secondary Enrollment Options program.

It offers free college credits to high school students in the program.

But leftists in the state government decided to exclude universities that have their students sign a statement of faith, to comply with the private schools' own requirements.

The state had promised last summer not to enforce the ban while the fight plays out in court, but then the Department of Education there filed counterclaims against the schools, suggesting that since the schools' students receive public funds through grants and loans, "they are state actors," Becket explained.

That would make the statement of faith requirements for the private schools unconstitutional.

The PSEO program is 40 years old and is to allow students to attend any eligible public or private school of their choice.

"Melinda and Mark Loe and Dawn Erickson are parents in Minnesota who have used PSEO funds for their older children to attend two outstanding Christian schools—University of Northwestern – St. Paul and Crown College—that uphold their religious values.

It was Gov. Tim Walz, who advocates for leftist ideologies, who signed a law that targets the two schools, excluding them from the program over the statements of faith their students sign.

Becket explained, "The Department of Education filed counterclaims against Northwestern and Crown in an unrelenting effort to force the schools to abandon their religious admissions criteria. For the first time, the state is claiming that the schools’ acceptance of PSEO students means that they are subject to the same constitutional requirements as the government, and that their Christian campus communities are unconstitutional—an argument that would extend not just to Crown and Northwestern, but to every private school that accepts students who receive government aid. With the help of Becket, the schools asked the court today to dismiss the state’s retaliatory counterclaims."

Colin Hoornbeek, president at Northwestern – St. Paul, said, "Northwestern strives to offer a Christ-centered education to every student who joins our campus community to equip them to serve effectively in their professions and give leadership in the home, community, church, and world. Our university wants to ensure that this essential mission is available to both undergraduates and PSEO students alike. We are praying that the court protects our ability to serve all those who want to take advantage of what our campus community has to offer into the future."

In fact, the Supreme Court previously ruled that Christian schools are eligible to participate in tax-funded benefit programs that help students on the same basis as public institutions.

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A "helpline" for children that is being promoted to children in Colorado schools has been found to be bringing up the idea of suicide when troubled youth call, according to a new report.

And the promotions for the service publicly bash parents.

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