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Dylan Mulvaney, described by PJ Media as a "notorious man-child who pretends to be a girl," is fresh off a disastrous promotion deal with Bud Light.

The company's involvement with him already had taken $10 billion off the market cap of the corporation, removed Bud Light from its longtime position as the best-selling American beer, and triggered multiple boycotts of owner Anheuser-Busch.

The report noted that the tickets for the event were free, and the Daily Mail documented how he talked about his "struggles and dreams" to a "small crowd."

He emphasized his "passion for theater" and upcoming "one-woman (sic) show."

The report explained, "According to the invitation for the event, students were required to RSVP for the event and would be put on a waitlist if tickets were sold out. 'Students should remain on this Waitlist in the chance that they are bumped to the RSVP list,' the invitation explained. 'If a student is still on the Waitlist at the time of the event, they will be directed to the standby line and will not be guaranteed entry to the event. Once all present ticketed attendees are granted entry, individuals in the standby line will be let in as capacity allows.'"

But PJ Media noted that those with the "bright idea" of paying Mulvaney to talk were grossly wrong in estimating the interest "in hearing him blather about clothes and pretending to be a girl."

He also announced his "next musical theater dream is to do a production with a lot of trans people on stage."A large

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It already was several years back when the Guinness World Records found that the Bible had sold an estimated five BILLION copies and was history's best best-seller. Ever. By hundreds of millions of copies.

Now a new survey shows that young Brits have adopted the leftist ideology that it contains "hate speech," and a high number are ready to have it banned.

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A far-left governor, Colorado's Jared Polis, worked for years to establish a statewide universal preschool program for children.

Now classes that are being funded by a nicotine tax are including lessons from the Bible.

The result developed because bureaucrats in Colorado were unable to set up rules for the hundreds of preschools serving tens of thousands of children right away, and they feared there could be lawsuits if they discriminated against faith-based institutions.

A new report at Chalkbeat profiles the state's dilemma.

One of the institutes including Bible instructions is Landmark Preschool, inside Landmark Baptist Church in Grand Junction.

This year it's getting some $100,000 in tax funding for 20 preschoolers to attend there, and hear Bible lessons.

The state invited faith-based preschools to participate in its new $322 million universal preschool program.

But state officials have delivered confusing instructions on religious instruction, despite the Supreme Court's clear ruling that faith organizations cannot be denied access to generally available public programs solely because of their faith.

The report said, "Before the launch, they said it was forbidden. Now, they say it’s not, but that next year it could be."

Colorado's Constitution may end up in court, as it bans using public money for religious purposes, an offense to the Supreme Court's precedents in recent years.

Further, the state already is being sued for demanding that faith organizations agree to not discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The report noted, "Colorado early childhood officials have proposed a ban on religious instruction in a set of rules they plan to approve next spring. It’s not clear where that would leave programs like Landmark, where leaders hope to open two additional universal preschool classrooms next year."

But it could end up before a judge and jury, as the Supreme Court as recently as last year said in a Maine case, the state "could not exclude schools that offer religious instruction from a state-funded program open to secular private schools."

The report noted the Supreme Court "has mostly invalidated state constitutional provisions that prohibit public funds for religious purposes. Now, such provisions — often referred to as Blaine amendments — are 'pretty much unenforceable.'"

Michael Bindas of the Institute for Justice said the high court has made clear that asking faith-based schools to eliminate religious instruction during state-funded class time amounts to religious discrimination.

He said Colorado could adopt such discriminatory rules, but it then probably would be tied up in the courts for years.

Today, about 40 of the school's 1,900 preschools are faith-based, and they serve almost 1,000 children.

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There's a new freedom for Americans to celebrate Christmas this year with religious symbols, from Nativities to stars to red and green decorations and more, according to a prominent legal team that has fought for years for those rights.

It's because the so-called "Lemon test" now is gone from American jurisprudence.

Mat Staver, the chief for Liberty Counsel, explained in an online posting, "The First Amendment protects religious viewpoints from being censored by the government. Religious symbols and displays consistent with the Christmas holiday season are appropriate and constitutional on public property, including in public schools.

"Christmas is a recognized federal and state holiday. It makes no sense to pretend it does not exist or that the holiday should be stripped of Christian symbols and themes."

In past years courts had used the "Lemon test," the creation of the Supreme Court in 1971, to restrict displays because of their viewpoint and content.

It was "designed to be a universal way to resolve cases arising under the First Amendment Establishment Clause, and whether they involved government expression of religious speech, such as legislative prayer, public funding that flows to religious groups, religious displays, etc."

But rulings based on that opinion frequently distorted the Free Exercise Clause and Free Speech Clause and removed religious symbols from the public square, Liberty Counsel explained.

The change came when the high court in 2022 canceled the precedent in favor of a new practice of reviewing "historical practices and understandings about the holiday".

That change came in a 9-0 decision, won by Liberty Counsel, in the Shurtleff v. City of Boston case. That struck down censorship of Christian viewpoints within the public forum the city of Boston had created for flag raisings.

The Supremes said Boston violated the Constitution by censoring a private flag in a public forum open to "all applicants" solely because the application referred to it as a "Christian flag," Liberty Counsel explained.

Then came Kennedy v. Bremerton School District in which the Supremes ruled a school district violated a coach's constitutional rights by firing him for prayer on the football field after games.

"Today, the law is clear," the organization reported, "The First Amendment does not permit any city, state, or the federal government to eliminate religious viewpoints regarding a federally and state-recognized holiday."

Already, Liberty Counsel said, it has worked to remove unconstitutional bans on Christmas holiday symbols and decorations, remove bans on students wearing red and green colors, and restore Nativities to public properties.

The organization explained, "Christmas holiday bans … violate the U.S. Constitution and the Free Speech and Exercise Clauses by showing hostility toward Christianity. It does not matter what the motive might be, the First Amendment does not permit government entities to eliminate the traditional elements, symbols, or expression of a federally and state-recognized holiday such as Christmas."

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Moms for Liberty, an organization that promotes parental rights and quality teaching in schools, reports faculty in a failing Seattle-area school instructed their students to create letters containing propaganda and then send them to the conservative group.

Moms for Liberty "has been calling out issues such as hyper-sexualized content in schools for years. For their efforts, progressives have slammed the group and the SPLC labeled them an 'antigovernment extremist entity,'" explained a report in the Post Millennial.

The latest fracas developed when a package arrived at Moms for Liberty from Ann Christianson, the coordinator of the Gay-Straight Alliance at Jane Addams Middle School in Seattle, demanding, "Dear Moms For Liberty, Please read the enclosed cards from concerned middle school students in Seattle, WA."

On cards that appeared to be drawn by children, they called out Moms for Liberty with such bullying comments as "Say Gay, " "Gay is slay, stop being a rat" and "Stop bullying and excluding LGBTQ youth."

The Post Millennial reached out to Christianson for comment and got the email response: "Thank you for contacting me. I am currently on a leave of absence and not checking email. If you have an urgent issue or question, please contact Assistant Principal Madeline Benz… I look forward to connecting when I return."

A report from the state Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction confirms that 38.6% of students at the school failed to meet grade level in English, almost half failed the mathematics standard and 34.2% failed to meet grade level in science.

The report noted the package had a return address of SPS (Seattle Public Schools) and JSCEE (John Sanford Center for Educational Excellence), the headquarters of the district.

Explained the Post Millennial: "This is not the first time the district has been embroiled in controversy. Following the George Floyd riots of 2020, SPS banned police from campuses and has regularly used a curriculum for MLK Day that removed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from the material and discussed his Marxist advisers instead."

Further, in 2021, a district email to faculty instructed teachers to "indoctrinate students into the 'abolish the police' movement," the report said.

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Italy has taken a quantum leap in the war nations and parents are pursuing against pornography, and the fact that children can access it so easily.

The nation has a new law, effective this week, that requires all cell phone providers to install filtering software on any phone SIM card that is registered to a minor.

"If a SIM card is registered to a child's parents, they have the option of turning the filtering software off or on," explained a report at the Washington Stand, meaning the program will require cooperation on the part of parents.

"The provision will … be a test bed to verify the real willingness of adults to take an active part in the digital education of their children," explained Agcom Commissioner Massimiliano Capitanio, in the report.

The law also requires a block on children surfing the web anonymously, "so that they cannot hide their age on social apps," the report said.

"Our hope is to promote the basic digital civic education necessary to use tools that exist, but are not used, such as parental controls," said Capitanio.

The government in Italy also hopes to bolster age verification for social media sites, as the law there bans children under 14 from accessing them.

The Stand report said, "Italy’s new porn-blocking directive follows the government allocating €1 billion (nearly $1.1 billion) in funding for pro-family initiatives in an effort to boost the nation’s flagging birthrate."

That effort included more leave for parents, monetary help for working mothers, and daycare center funding.

Further, Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti implemented tax deductions that increase with each child a family has, and the nation has established its Ministry for Family and Birth.

America trails in the efforts, with only a few states barring minors from accessing porn.

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An economist who is the acting director of the Grover M. Hermann Center for the Federal Budget at The Heritage Foundation, Richard Stern, is marking Thanksgiving Day 2023 with a warning that Joe Biden's economy is putting an "astonishing burden" on American households.

In a commentary at the Daily Signal, he wrote that the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, at $46.90 in 2020, now is $61.17, "an increase of more than 30.4%.

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The audio has been captured of a training session at the University of Tennessee for women on how to obtain an abortion.

Even if the procedures are illegal in the state.

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The Pentagon now is reaching out to the hundreds and hundreds of soldiers it threw out of the ranks of the U.S. Army because they refused to accept the experimental, and now documented as dangerous, COVID shots.

The new agenda was noted by officials for Liberty Counsel, one of the legal teams that fought on behalf of the constitutional rights of those targeted by the COVID mandate regime.

Mat Staver, chief of Liberty Counsel, explained, "While the Pentagon’s unlawful COVID shot mandate is dead, it has inflicted disastrous consequences on our military. The mandate has unjustly purged many qualified people from the ranks at a time when America needs a strong military.

"There was no logical or scientific explanation to insist every service member get this experimental shot and force people to choose between their religious convictions and their careers. The Pentagon needs to take responsibility for its actions if it ever hopes to restore the trust of young Americans and inspire them to serve their country again."

The Liberty Counsel report noted the Army forced out 1,903 active duty soldiers over the COVID injections, which now are documented to have produced a wide range of side effects in some, ranging up to and including heart failure.

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“In every generation they rise up to destroy us …” – from the Passover Haggadah

Like a bizarre and infinitely improbable nightmare, countless American youths are now praising 9/11 terror mastermind Osama bin Laden and justifying Al-Qaida’s horrendous mass murder of nearly 3,000 Americans in 2001.

Why? Because they read bin Laden’s recently publicized 2002 “Letter to America” – or more likely, they watched and listened to countless “influencers” on TikTok praise the letter and attack America.

And what is the bottom line of bin Laden’s argument, disseminated widely to America’s next generation courtesy of America’s most formidable enemy, the Chinese Communist Party, which controls TikTok? Americans deserved mass murder and mayhem on Sept. 11, 2001, because, after all – drum roll – the U.S. “attacked us in Palestine.”

Now rewind to just a few weeks back, to October 7.

Shortly after Hamas terrorists fired over 5,000 rockets from Gaza into Israel that day, and then proceeded to attack the Jewish state by land, sea and air – torturing, burning, beheading and murdering well over a thousand people, including women, children and infants, and wounding and abducting hundreds more – world reaction was, in its own way, almost equally shocking.

For after the biggest one-day mass slaughter of Jews since the Nazi Holocaust, what followed was an outpouring of celebratory demonstrations, unbridled Jew-hatred, deliriously gleeful support for Hamas and bitter condemnation of the nation of Israel. And not just in the Arab-Muslim world, but throughout the Western world as well, including all across America.

How could this possibly be?

After all, it’s one thing to comprehend the evil motivations and actions of an Islamic death cult – people brainwashed from birth to regard butchering Jews as a glorious religious duty and enthusiastically anticipating their own eventual “martyrdom” in that cause, to be rewarded in Paradise with endless cohabitation with 72 perpetual virgins.

But how does one explain the wildly pro-terrorist, anti-Jewish reaction of Western, non-Muslim people raised in traditionally Judeo-Christian societies like the United States, Great Britain and Western Europe?

Consider that shortly after Hamas’ appalling mass torture-murder spree:

* At New York’s Cornell University, 21-year-old Patrick Dai, posting on social media using the pseudonym "jew jenocide," threatened to "stab" and "slit the throat" of Jewish males on campus, to rape and throw off a cliff Jewish females, and behead Jewish babies in front of their parents, according to court papers. He also threatened to "bring an assault rifle to campus and shoot all you pig jews." Meanwhile, also at Cornell, Professor Russell Rickford praised the mass terror attack at a pro-Hamas rally, insisting “It was exhilarating, it was exhilarating, it was energizing." All while the crowd chanted “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” a popular phrase meaning the total annihilation of Israel.

* Jewish students at New York City's Cooper Union, a private college, had to lock themselves inside a library to protect themselves from pro-Hamas protesters beating their fists on the doors, screaming and attempting to enter the library. Just south, at Philadelphia’s Drexel University, police investigated a fire set on a Jewish student’s dorm room door a few days after the Hamas terror orgy. At Florida State University, the local Students for a Democratic Society chapter hosted a protest calling for “Palestinian resistance” and for Israel to be “wiped off the map.”

* On the other side of the country, at UC Davis, a "radical transgender professor" of American studies named Jemma Decristo attacked “Zionist journalists” on social media. “[One] group of ppl we have easy access to in the US is all these Zionist journalists who spread propaganda & misinformation,” the professor wrote. “They have houses w addresses, kids in school. They can fear their bosses, but they should fear us more,” Decristo posted. To make the blatantly threatening – and almost certainly illegal – message even more clear, Decristo added emojis of a knife, axe and blood droplets.

* Similarly, Mika Tosca, an associate professor with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and self-proclaimed "radically optimistic transsexual climate scientist," posted on social media: “Israelis are pigs. Savages. Very very bad people. Irredeemable excrement. May they rot in hell.”

However, it’s not just at the Marxist indoctrination centers known as “colleges and universities” across America that feverish pro-Hamas, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish fervor has exploded. How about the United States government?

* Nejwa Ali, a pro-Hamas radical working for the Biden Department of Homeland Security, posted a series of anti-Israel social media posts, including a "paragliding" Free Palestine graphic celebrating Hamas' unthinkably savage surprise terror attack on Israeli young people at an outdoor concert Oct. 7. After DHS put Ali on leave, she posted in response on social media, “F--- Israel.”

And then there’s “the Squad”:

* Rep. Ilhan Omar, D.-Minn., responded to the Hamas mega-massacre by posting an image of many dead children, each wrapped in white, lying on the floor, and captioned: "CHILD GENOCIDE IN PALESTINE" and "614 Palestinian children murdered by the Israeli IDF Forces." Except they weren’t. The image was indeed of children who had been killed, but not by the Israel Defense Forces. They were killed in a 2013 sarin nerve gas attack perpetrated by Bashar al-Assad, the Muslim dictator of Syria.

* Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., posted on Instagram about her determination “to fight for a just future” for the Palestinians, beginning with “lifting the blockade, ending the occupation and dismantling the apartheid system that creates the suffocating, dehumanizing conditions that can lead to resistance.” The daughter of Palestinian immigrants, Tlaib, who displays a Palestinian flag in front of her congressional office, refused to answer when Fox News correspondent Hillary Vaughn asked her to condemn the Hamas slaughter and beheading of Israeli babies.

* Shortly after Israel started to fight back following Hamas’ mass terror attack, yet another “Squad” member, Rep. Cori Bush, D.-Mo., accused Israel of committing mass murder, claiming "millions of people with nowhere to go" are "being slaughtered" in Gaza. "We can’t be silent about Israel’s ethnic cleansing campaign," she wrote on X. "Babies, dead. Pregnant women, dead. Elderly, dead. Generations of families, dead."

* Just like the pro-Hamas Department of Homeland Security staffer, Black Lives Matter’s Chicago affiliate also glorified the terrorists' paraglider-assisted slaughter of Jewish civilians, including more than 240 peace concert attendees in southern Israel. The Oct. 10 "@BLMChicago" X-post showed a graphic of a man paragliding with a Palestinian flag, above the words: "I Stand with Palestine."

* Worse, just days after what many called "Israel's 9-11," a Black Lives Matter-affiliated organization called Black Lives Matter at School published a pro-Palestinian toolkit for schoolkids, to teach American children about the virtues of Hamas terrorists and the evils of Israel, the Middle East’s only democracy.

* Even some media companies – including the BBC and the Associated Press, the world's largest news organization – have instructed their reporters worldwide not to describe Hamas terrorists as "terrorists." In fact, one AP reporter based in Gaza, named Issam Adwan, has a social media history of blasting Israel as an oppressive apartheid regime, insisting it would be a triumph if Israel were "overthrown," and comparing the Jewish state to Nazis.

What is behind the widespread outpouring of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, pro-terror sentiment – even in the United States, where Israel has long been one of America’s closest friends and allies?

Investigative journalist Christopher Rufo sheds some light on this troubling phenomenon. In an article titled “Intersectionality Devolves: Left-wing radicals have long supported the violent ‘decolonization’ of Israel,” Rufo traces the history of Black Lives Matter’s wildly anti-Israel positions, including how the group’s Marxist-lesbian leader says BLM modeled its mission after the Palestinians’ cause. Writes Rufo:

In 2015, BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors led a delegation to the Palestinian territories, so that the group’s activists could learn from the “Palestinian struggle.” She condemned Israel as an “apartheid state,” and the running theme of the trip was revolution, “from Ferguson to Palestine.” The same year, Cullors signed a statement drawing parallels between the Palestinian fight against Israel and the black one against America. During a speech at Harvard Law School, Cullors went further, telling the audience: “If we don’t step up boldly and courageously to end the imperialist project called Israel, we’re doomed.”

“Following the carnage in Gaza,” adds Rufo, “both BLM and the DSA [Democratic Socialists for America] confirmed their support for violence”:

In other words, “woke,” confused, left-leaning young people, including countless Americans indoctrinated continually in the undiluted Marxist paradigm of “oppressors versus oppressed” (and thereby programmed to see all white people, even themselves, as oppressors and all “people of color” as oppressed) reflexively defend baby-torturing terrorists who are, at least, the right color. This helps explains the shockingly perverse worldview of many young Americans brainwashed by “public education,” “higher education” and social media weapons-of-war like TikTok.

‘The enemy of your enemy is your friend’

However, for all too many diversity-obsessed, pathologically entitled, irreligious leftwingers, their love affair with murderous jihadists goes much, much deeper. Let’s take a dive down to the bottom-line reasons for today’s “sympathy for the devil.”

First, remember that what occurred in Israel was so singularly evil, grisly, unthinkable and ISIS-like that even young male Hamas terrorists – raised from birth to lust after their own eventual “martyrdom” in the service of murdering Jews – still had to be fortified with an illicit drug that could extinguish whatever small part of their God-given conscience might still remain in them. As the Jerusalem Post reported, "Hamas terrorists who carried out a surprise attack on October 7 were found to be under the influence of Captagon, a synthetic amphetamine-type stimulant” which Hamas members took "to help them slaughter Israelis." Indeed, ISIS members have been known to take the same drug, the report explained, enabling terrorists "to commit heinous acts with a sense of calmness and indifference."

Yet the “woke” left’s response to all this demonic depravity, both worldwide and specifically in America, is to blame Israel and all Jews, while praising Hamas.

Why, exactly, are Muslim radicals and young leftists marching arm in arm on college campuses all over America?

After all, pretty much everything Islamists believe – such as that homosexuals should be executed by being bound, blindfolded and thrown off a tall building, and that women should be virtual slaves of men, and so on – is diametrically opposed to everything leftists believe.

Well, almost everything.

There’s one area of agreement that is so powerful, deep-seated and all-consuming that the rest of the two populations’ vast differences melt away into Kumbaya harmony.

Both camps – demonically possessed jihadists and angry, deluded and entitled leftwing radicals – HATE the “people of the book,” that is, Christians and Jews. Why? Just beneath that hatred of Jews and Christians, both Islamic and Marxist “true believers” are possessed by an all-consuming spiritual revulsion toward the God of the Bible and His sacred laws of life.

“The enemy of your enemy is your friend,” goes the saying. And thus are radical terroristic Muslims and smug, entitled, narcissistic, perpetually enraged and thoroughly brainwashed leftists, the kind that populate America’s elite university campuses both as students and professors, seemingly of one mind with regard to the current war on Israel and hatred of Jews.

In these two groups’ shared rejection of Judeo-Christian values, of biblical truth and Western culture, there is an unlikely brotherhood. Let’s spell it out:

Radical Islam wants to rule the world and is at war with Christians and Jews.
Leftism wants to rule the world and is at war with Christians and Jews.

Both of these religious cults – Islamism and Leftism – encourage lying and deception. After all, they are at war, and “War is deception,” according to Sun Tzu. The Islamic name for strategic lying is taqiyya, which, according to sharia law in the Quran, is not merely permitted but sometimes mandatory. Meanwhile, leftwing politicians from President Biden on down lie continuously, justifying it by demonizing Republicans and conservatives as enemies, i.e., “white supremacists,” “fascists,” “Nazis” and – ironically – “domestic terrorists.”

As bizarre as it seems on the surface, at the deepest level Islamists and Marxists, though superficially opposites, share a common mindset: Although both were created as potential children of God, with an innate knowing of right and wrong – in other words, a conscience (literally, with knowing) – both exist in a state of war with God and Truth, and therefore are on the same side spiritually. In this state, lies are attractive, while truth is mysteriously repellent, foreign and threatening.

Both groups project wildly, accusing their enemies – the innocent and decent – of the very evils they themselves commit. Islamists (echoed by Western leftist journalists) accused Israel of bombing hospitals when they were responsible for the missile strike. In the same way, the left continually accuses Trump, Republicans, conservatives and Christians of all the evil they themselves commit. It’s the same dark nature. Though the specific programming is completely different – one believes in a false god, the other believes in no God but themselves – both equally deny and, indeed, are at war with the One True God.

“In every generation they rise up to destroy us, but the Holy One, Blessed be He, delivers us from their hands.” – from the Passover Haggadah

The preceding is adapted from David Kupelian’s introductory story in the current issue of WND’s critically acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled "ISRAEL VS. GLOBAL JIHAD: How Jew-hatred, radical Islam and Leftism are pushing us toward World War III."

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