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A new diatribe from a Saudi journalist has excoriated the leaders of Hamas for living in luxury while sending their people to die.

The blast from journalist Musa'ad Al-Thobaiti explains that's what Islamic leaders appeared to be fond of doing.

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Huge numbers of Americans, as reflected by polling, are dissatisfied with America under Joe Biden's thumb.

Could be because of his pro-transgender and pro-abortion demands, maybe that 9.1% inflation of a year ago, or his insistence that people buy expensive and often hard-to-use electric vehicles.

Sometimes it's just hard for voters to pin down why they're now giving Joe Biden the lowest approval rating for a president in … a long time.

So President Donald Trump, now leading the race to return to the White House in 2024, has listed the problems that he sees voters facing.

And problems he intends to address from the Oval Office.

A report at RSBNetwork cited Trump's list, including his plans to rebuild the "greatest economy in the history of the world so that young people can thrive and prosper."

Then there's his intention to end "Joe Biden's inflation nightmare."

And focus on energy independence, a goal handed away by Biden's multiple attacks on his own nation's energy industry.

And reducing government spending, which under Biden has seen hundreds of billions of dollars spent on so-called "climate change" ideologies.

Then there's the plan to lower interest rates – mortgages now are running about 7% – so young people can afford a home, and restore authority and respect for the law.

Another goal is to end the wave of "radical Marxist" prosecutors who often let criminals go free to repeat their violence, and secure the southern border.

Fighting the "scourge" of drug addiction and preventing schools from "pushing far-left content" round out the list.

The report noted under Biden, "Prices are higher than ever, crime has risen exponentially, and the country is perched on the edge of World War III."

So Trump offered his insights into the problems today's youth are facing.

"He cited a new poll from NBC News, pointing out his four-point lead against Biden among voters ages 18 to 34, reflecting his gains with young Americans nationwide. In September, an impressive poll from The Washington Post/ABC found that Trump was leading over Biden by a whopping 20 points among voters under 35, for example," the report said.

After all, during his first administration, he noted, mortgage rates were 2.65%, inflation almost not there, and gas of $1.87 per gallon.

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A leading Democrat, the new mayor of Chicago, is claiming that Republicans in America still refuse "to accept the results of the Civil War."

It is Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson who recently unleashed a rant about "right-wing extremists."

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A new report describes how a transgender influencer has "discovered" the Quran and ended up going all gushy and enthusiastic about it.

Even though strict Islamists have been known to follow the Quran by throwing LGBT community members from high buildings, to die.

It was PJMedia that pointed out, "Apparently the trans-TikToker A trans-depicted… is not privy to the propaganda videos produced by ISIS – which, honestly, to its credit, does live in the highest accordance with the actual teachings of Islam, regardless of what one thinks of the morality; at least its adherents are honest in their barbarism – in which they toss homosexuals from rooftops to throngs of onlookers."

In fact, the Standard reported a few years ago, when ISIS was at its peak strength, that its "killers have hurled another man to the death from a high building after they claimed he was gay."
The report explained how the "bloodthirsty extremists" brought children to watch the execution, "in which the victim was bound before being plunged to his death."

That execution was in Mosul, Iraq, and ISIS "released pictures of the man's dead body and the crowds watching."

The TikToker claims "Allah is beyond gender," the report said.

"It says that it started following 'somebody on social media that teaches the Quran,' so you can be sure it’s getting totally raw, unfiltered truth about Islam and no propaganda whatsoever," the report explained.

"Per Social Justice™ dogma, the ultimate Axis of Evil is whiteness, heterosexuality, Christianity, and maleness. Any identity that is not these things, therefore, is on the positive side of the moral binary, as it were," the report continued.

The report's author said, "I have lived in Saudi Arabia, where you are forbidden from literally playing guitar on the street or having a drink after work. (One of my coworkers was reportedly deported for brewing prison hooch in his apartment bathroom.) The idea of Islam being compatible with gender-queerness is laughable."

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A longtime replacement window and door retailer in the Chicago area is suing the Environmental Protection Agency for the federal bureaucracy's claim that it violated rules regarding companies that remodel homes.

The rule concerns notification to homeowners of the possible problems with lead-based paint in pre-1978 housing.

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The son of a founder of the Hamas terror organization, which dispatched soldiers to butcher some 1,400 Israeli civilians on Oct. 7, says the "savages" in that organization must be defeated in Gaza, or "all of us will be next."

See the video, posted online by CBN:

Mosab Hassan Yousef is the son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef.

He defected from the terror group in the late 1990s and secretly worked with Israel's security services to expose and prevent several Hamas terror attacks.

Later, he embraced Christianity and now has blistered the United Nations, in his half-hour presentation, for failing to condemn the terrorism inflicted on Israel.

He explained Hamas' "worst crime" is the "religious, ideological indoctrination" it inflicts on children, because it has one intention, the annihilation of the state of Israel.

"This is Hamas' primary goal," he said. "I speak as a first-hand witness on Hamas on their intentions."

"Don't be mistaken. Hamas is committing a crime against this generation and the next generation to come," he said.

He described the torture he endured as a child under the control of Hamas, how he was whipped with an electrical cord.

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden is running for re-election to the White House on his Bidenomics.

That's what he calls his economic policies. His critics prefer to call it Bidenflation.

The actual numbers behind that agenda shows they are anything but positive for Americans.

In fact, rent has exploded by more than 20% under Biden's practices, monthly mortgage payments are up by a shopping $696, and food and other basics are up by equal percentages.

In short, it's costing American families thousands of dollars a year more, just to keep the same food on the table, drive the same type of car, and live in the same type of home as when Biden was elected.

"I wouldn't count on prices broadly declining," explained Moody's chief economist, Mark Zandi, in a report in the New York Post.

Some of the facts that Americans see in their monthly expenditures, even if Biden, living in the White House while maintaining a presidential residence in Wilmington, Delaware, and a nearby luxurious beach home, doesn't. is reporting that the media monthly asking rent last month was $2,011. Just three years earlier, before Biden, it was $1,667.

The American Community Survey reveals that the average monthly mortgage in 2020 was $1,621. Now it's $2,317, for a nearly $43% hike.

In 2020 a new car averaged $41,152, now it's $48,008.

Gasoline? Was $2.14 as Biden was preparing to move into the White House, now it's $3.35.

The Post reported, "President Joe Biden this week spun the latest inflation numbers as good news for Bidenomics — cheering that October’s Consumer Price Index climbed a slightly less-than-expected 3.2% from last year."

But the reality for consumers isn't the 3.2% rate announced in October, it's the "blistering" 18.2% hike since Biden took office.

The report noted eggs are up 47%, coffee up from $4.52 to $6.18, staples overall were up 33% with white bread up from 50 cents to $2, and increases of 22% for chuck, bacon, sirloin, and chicken.

The Post said, "Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has been pushing his Bidenomics agenda that has consistently claimed to 'reduce the [government’s] deficit' despite recently-released Treasury data showing the red ink has doubled over the past year, from about $1 trillion to $2 trillion (yes, with a 'T')."

The results are inevitable. CNBC reports as of October, 60% of adults said they are living "paycheck-to-paycheck."

"Overall, 4 in 10 consumers consider themselves worse off relative to 2022," the report said. "Even as credit card debt tops $1 trillion, almost all — or 96% — of shoppers said they expect to overspend this season, according to a separate TD Bank survey."

Three in four Americans say they are stressed about finances, and households have been tapping into their savings just to pay monthly bills.

"While consumers have found a way to manage through inflation, it’s concerning that many plans to tap into savings, and even exceed their budgets, to finance their holiday purchases, which may leave them vulnerable to an unexpected emergency,” said Alia Dudum, LendingClub’s money expert.

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The shooter who gunned down three children and three adults earlier this year at the Covenant School in Nashville said, in her manifesto, that she hated the victims' white skin, their light features, their "privilege," their "fancy schools," their "mop yellow hair" and the fact they were "cr*ckers."

But two key federal law enforcement agencies have refused to recognize the murders as a hate crime.

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In an attack on the politicized agenda, a far-left agenda, that has been adopted by some publications in America, Islam expert Robert Spencer at JihadWatch is poking fun at Salon.

It's because the publication likened MAGA Republicans to Hamas.

"Yeah, you remember when MAGA terrorists paraglided into an innocent Democrat music festival and carried out a bloody orgy of murder and rape, don’t you? You remember when Republicans massacred whole families, including babies, of Democrats? You remember when Republicans screamed about how they were going to drive Democrats out of the land, from ocean to ocean, right?" he wrote.

He posted an image of a Salon page with the headline, "Hamas and the GOP are both terrorist groups — it’s just a matter of degree."

The writing was by Brian Karem.

And Karem wrote, "Unfortunately the world is run by older men who would not abandon their own peace, but are eager to urge younger men and women to do so. They are terrorists like the leaders of Hamas. They are despots like Vladimir Putin. They are men like Donald Trump, who has never gone without a meal or lacked the social lubricant of money his entire life, and yet has convinced millions he is the answer to all our problems."

He continued, "Trump and many other politicians in this country are not so different from the craziest leaders in many foreign nations. They preach division. They preach hate. They teach fear. Scalise and Scott are part of the GOP that ruthlessly and relentlessly demonizes political opponents — who are not supposed to be 'enemies' — no matter the cost. United We Stand? Not so much with those two and other leading Republicans, but facts matter little to them. Only power. "

Spencer quoted further, with Karem writing, "There is little difference between Scott, Scalise, and Hamas. Further, there is little or no difference between most of the GOP leadership, including Jim Jordan and Donald Trump, and the leaders of Hamas. Both groups will do anything they can to win. Both groups have engaged in atrocities. Both groups continue to lie. Both groups use human beings as hostages. Both groups are extremely dangerous. Both groups threaten the world’s internal and external peace."

"There are leftists who actually read Salon and believe this stuff. It’s beyond parody, and fiendishly evil propaganda," Spencer said.

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A new report in the Telegraph says Israel shot down a ballistic missile that was aimed at it, while the weapon was in space.

The report explains the Middle East democracy's famed Arrow missile defense system took out the rocket that had been fired by the Houthi rebels in Yemen, who are backed by Iran, "outside the earth's atmosphere."

The report said it was believed to be the first combat ever to take place in space, and it resulted in the takedown of the bomb launched from Yemen, some 1,000 miles away and heading for the Israeli port city of Eilat.

Few details were released about the intercept, but the Israel Defense Forces released a video, explaining a cruise missile "launched from the southeast toward Israeli airspace was successfully intercepted by F-35I fighter jets."

Then it added, "On the same day, the AIF's Arrow Aerial Defense System intercepted a surface-to-surface missile in the Red Sea area."

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