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Calvary Temple isn't an ordinary Christian congregation, what with its 300,000 members, volunteers who provide medical care, meals, and more for tens of thousands, and its traffic coordinators who handle shuttle buses, rickshaws, autos, and motorcycles at its campus in Hyderabad, India.

And now the church has announced plans to grow – starting another 40 "megachurches" over the next 10 years.

CBN is reporting on the ministry's vision for its own future.

Its beginning dates to about two dozen people, in 2005, and today's 300,000 members make it one of the largest churches in the world. It already has 11 satellite churches.

And plans for more growth.

Pastor Satish Kumar told CBN, "God put a burden in my heart to establish 40 mega churches just like what you see here during the next 10 years."

He said the need is there, as some 3,000 new believers join each month.

"God's hand is upon India, it's a time for India to reach the lost, not only within the country but across the globe," Kumar said. There's no great secret to the church's success, either. "Preaching the pure Word of God is what attracts people, and practicing the Word of God is what keeps people within the church."

It produces hundreds of television programs monthly in 17 of the country's major languages, but it doesn't see itself being limited by national boundaries.

"It's not only within the nation, but also in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Gulf countries," the pastor told CBN.

Typical Sunday at the church begins before 4 a.m., because by that time side streets already are jammed. There are five Sunday services, beginning at 6 a.m. and going until 8 pm.

Some 36,000 fill seats in three facilities at each, with more following online.

Besides the Gospel, the church includes service in its ministry, preparing meals for up to 50,000 each Sunday, sponsoring an on-campus hospital for members to get free medical treatment, and more.

It created its own "access card" system, through which member attendees log in when they attend. Miss a Sunday, and they'll get a phone call asking how they are.

"Without fail, if we don't show up to church, we get a call," one member told CBN. "The fact also that they care for us is special, and because of that we will surely come to the next service."

It holds prayer and fasting events, for 40 days, routinely.

CBN reported, "In recent years … India has witnessed an unprecedented uptick in violence against Christians," and Kumar explained, "The more the persecution, the more the church grows and that's what's happening in India."

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Joe Biden's administration is promising more attacks on pro-lifers across America, assuring abortion promoters at a meeting this week that officials will be working "creatively and aggressively" on their campaign to bring about the deaths of the unborn.

At a meeting of the Reproductive Rights Task Force Vanita Gupta, an associate attorney general, insisted Biden's bureaucrats are "closely monitoring" any "threats" to abortion. "We remain committed to doing all we can."

The reaction from pro-life activists to her agenda of killing the unborn was direct.

"If Assistant Attorney General Gupta wants to talk about devastation, she should be talking about the more than 60 million babies murdered by abortionists since Roe v. Wade; about the CDC data showing for every two black babies born alive, one is killed by an abortionist; or about the one in three women experiencing severe depression following an abortion," charged Mary Szoch, director of the Center for Human Dignity at Family Research Council, in a report in The Washington Stand.

Her comments are "a sign that Assistant AG Gupta is a promoter of the culture of death," Szoch said.

Joe Biden set up the special operations panel shortly after the Supreme Court overturned the longstanding and extremely faulty Roe v. Wade precedent in its Dobbs decision.

"It has since presided over an explosion of prosecutions using the FACE Act, a 1994 law signed by President Bill Clinton targeting Operation Rescue-style blockades of abortion facilities. The law charges a $10,000 fine for a first conviction and up to six months in jail. Each subsequent conviction can add $25,000 in fines and up to 18 months in prison for peaceful protests; 10 years if convicted of causing any bodily injury," The Stand report said.

However, while the law is supposed to protect abortion businesses and pro-life pregnancy resource centers, Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, said that's not been the case, because of a pro-abortion bias in Washington.

"Out of 130 uses of the FACE Act since 1994, 126 were for pro-abortion activists and in defense of abortion providers, and four have been for pro-life Americans and/or churches," he noted.

In fact, the report noted the DOJ has "shockingly" protected few women's centers, even though they are 22 times more likely to be under attack than abortion industry centers.

The report noted Biden has won 23 of the 24 cases he has pursued under FACE, involving 55 defendants.

"This prosecution spree represents a massive uptick in the criminalization of pro-life activity since the Dobbs decision. Biden has prosecuted 24 cases in less than three years. In the 10 years before Biden took office (2011-2021), the Obama and Trump administrations combined prosecuted only 17 FACE Act cases," the report said.

Gupta promised the authorities who have become part of the pro-abortion movement will continue to "use all our available tools" to protect the abortion industry.

However, the facts are that during the first six months after the Dobbs decision, 32,000 children who would have been aborted were born thanks to state pro-life laws, the report noted.

Congressman Roy pointed out Biden is ramping up attacks on pro-lifers.

"According to the Family Research Council, there were 57 pro-abortion acts of hostility against churches" from January to September 2022, "and in the first quarter of 2023, there were 69 incidents of hostility against churches. In the face of this increase, you would expect the [DOJ’s] Civil Rights division to step up and protect the civil rights of these Americans," he said.

It didn't.

Roy told Kristen Clarke, another assistant AG, "Even under your watch, it’s at least 35 to one or two. That is not even-handed."

Joe Biden's bias toward abortion has been apparent since before he took office, and in the Oval office that, along with transgenderism, has become one of his key agenda points.

Clarke did not describe any increase in prosecutions aimed at protecting resource centers, the report said.

Instead, the DOJ has prosecuted a Catholic monk, an 87-year-old Holocaust survivor, and a long list of pro-lifers who are in the 60s and 70s, the report said.

These prosecutions came even at the same time as activists were discovering the bodies of five viable babies at a Washington, D.C., abortion business.

Republicans, in fact, have proposed ending the FACE Act and restoring First Amendment rights to protesters.

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It seems that those COVID mandate skeptics, those who raised science-based questions about masks, the experimental shots and their side effects and injuries, and more – and were attacked, censored, vilified, and abused, actually were onto something.

report from Just the News now has revealed a study that confirms those masks largely were ineffective.

As were some of the shots, according to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is taking Pfizer to court in his state under its consumer laws.

Just the News said a systematic review of studies of mask mandates for children, published in the British Medical Journal's Archives of Disease in Childhood, concluded there was "no association" with infection or transmission in 16 of 22 studies, along with a "serious" risk of bias in others.

And, the report added, "Self-reported SARS-CoV-2 infection was higher the more often people said they wore masks, according to a Norwegian study accepted for publication Nov. 13 in the Cambridge University Press journal Epidemiology and Infection."

The report said, "Emails turned over under public records requests show that National Institutes of Health officials were privately questioning the effectiveness of cloth masks and forthcoming vaccines just a month after then-NIH Director Francis Collins appeared to plot with colleagues to organize a 'quick and devastating takedown' of the anti-lockdown Great Barrington Declaration."

YouTube, according to Sen. Rand Paul, censored him multiple times, becoming "an arm of the government" over his doubts about the politically correct mask and shots agenda.

In fact, one analysis in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences charged that such "censorship" often is from scientists themselves, not just those officials with "dark motives."

"The paper, co-authored by dozens of scholars known for challenging orthodoxies in their fields, cited 'self-protection, benevolence toward peer scholars, and prosocial concerns for the well-being of human social groups' as motives for censorious scientists," the report said.

There were complications in the studies involving school days, school size, testing practices, and more in the six students that did allege lower infections with mandates, the report said.

"Hope MDs and public health officials will always be willing to change minds with evidence & data," UCSF's Monica Gandhi, wrote on social media, according to the report.

Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-Mo., took a victory lap, stating "We were right."

Paxton said in an interview that while a shot maker boasted the product was 95% effective, it likely was more like 1%.

He said the company literally tested its shots on the American population.

And he said the manufacturers, who made billions of dollars from the government by providing the shots, knew they were less than effective, and lied about it.

He said he's going to court over the issue, as while the federal government gives blanket immunity to vaccine makers, they don't have the same protection under Texas law, and it's suing them under deceptive trade practices requirements.


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A lawsuit has been filed against a local library in New Hampshire after officials there fired a librarian over her "political values" – and the fact that she supported a conservative perspective about public libraries.

The American Center for Law and Justice said its lawsuit is on behalf of Arlene R. Quaratiello, a conservative Republican member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

As her work there is part-time, she also had started a full-time job as a librarian at the public facility in Raymond, New Hampshire.

Just months into her employment, several petitions by citizens were filed in the town, both trying to remove the local – and tax-funded – facility from the American Library Association due to that organization's extreme leftist agenda.

Specifically, the ACLJ reported, those petitions wanted to assure that the children's room in the library "will be free of any books with content containing nudity, gender identity, sex or sexual references."

In fact, across America, ALA ideologues have gone to court themselves to insist that that very offensive material remains in libraries and accessible to children.

"We must defend the rights of public employees to speak out on crucial issues affecting our country," the ACLJ said.

It charges that officials at the Dudley Tucker Library violated Quaratiello's First Amendment rights.

"It is sad that such a measure would be controversial, but unfortunately, it was," the ACLJ reported. "The director of the library, Kirsten Corbett, vigorously opposed these petitions and used everything within her power, including library social media accounts, to urge people to defeat these petitions."

The ACLJ's client "took a different view of these sorts of issues."

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The U.S. Census Bureau is adding demands for every person in households to reveal their "sex at birth" and their "current gender," as if that could be changed, and the additions have prompted a warning about the ongoing loss of privacy Americans are sustaining.

"In an age when the government has significant technological resources at its disposal to not only carry out warrantless surveillance on American citizens but also to harvest and mine that data for its own dubious purposes, whether it be crime-mapping or profiling based on race or religion, the potential for abuse is grave," warned John W. Whitehead, a constitutional attorney and chief of The Rutherford Institute.

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An expert on the drug problem facing America is charging that China's Communist Party has been pushing marijuana, pills, and more dangerous drugs into the American economy as part of its war against the U.S.

"I'm just saying that from a strategic plan of the CCP, it's a brilliant concept that if we can get into America and sell this very pure marijuana and destroy Americans' brains, so then they go to pills and other drugs, that's a brilliant, unrestricted warfare," Derek Maltz Sr., the former DEA chief of special operations, told Just the News.

The report explains that the Drug Enforcement Administration has significant evidence dating back years of Beijing's campaign to flood U.S. cities with drugs.

Police from coast to coast have uncovered illegal marijuana grow sites, run by Chinese nationals, the report said.

And Joe Biden's open border policy, which allows in mass shipments of drugs like fentanyl, has only made it more clear that the goal is to make Americans drug dependent, it said.

Maltz told the John Solomon Reports podcast, "When you look at the Chinese Communist Party. And you look at the role of China and their criminal networks in the overall drug crisis in America – because people are not connecting the dots – this is way bigger than just a bunch of, you know, illegally selling marijuana up in Maine. First of all, it's all over the country. It's not just Maine, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington State, and California. And, you know, all different states."

Just days ago, police in Wilton, Maine, raided a commercial complex and found an "illegal Chinese marijuana operation," and arrested four men of Asian descent, the report said.

Other Chinese nationals were arrested in a marijuana raid in another Maine city.

Further, a memo leaked from the Department of Homeland Security explained that "Chinese nationals" actually are running some 270 marijuana grow sites, with a production estimated to be worth more than $4 billion.

And a California raid uncovering 9,000 pounds of cannabis was linked to China.

"Raids and arrests are cropping up all across the country," and FBI chief Christopher Wray said, "I’ve been very vocal since early in my tenure that there is no country—underline no country—that represents a broader, more severe counterintelligence threat to the United States than the People’s Republic of China."

Actually, alarm bells about China's collaboration with Mexican drug cartels to "flood" America with drugs date back at least a decade, records show.

The DEA said back then the groups, drug pushers throughout that industry, were expanding.

Maltz said there's little doubt the Chinese government is involved.

"All over America every day, Chinese nationals are picking up large sums of cash from the Mexican cartel operatives, all over the country. And the cash is being turned over to Chinese businessmen who are using the cash to launder money for the cartels seamlessly, and they use that to buy real estate property, and invest in different operations like these grow operations. So it's a disaster at many levels, and it's well beyond the drug crisis,” Maltz warned.

"There was no doubt in my mind and speaking to experts who work in China, they said that nothing goes on without the CCPs approval."

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The Department of Justice long has put a bull's-eye on President Donald Trump and those who support him.

His advocates are called MAGA extremists, even terrorists. If they also protest abortion they're targeted for SWAT-style FBI raids. If they challenge false COVID claims, they're voices are suppressed on social media. If they doubt the 2020 election because of Democrat machinations with the law, they're "insurrectionists."

But now documents show that Jack Smith, the special counsel trying to make a case that Trump is a criminal for urging supporters to "peacefully" protest what they – and many others – viewed as a corrupt 2020 election, has taken the agenda against Trump's supporters to the next step. He's demanding access to their social media information.

As a commentary at The Gateway Pundit charged, "THEY'RE COMING AFTER YOU."

It explained that the DOJ has demanded a "list of all [Twitter] users who retweeted, liked, or mentioned President Trump's Twitter account."

Twitter now is X.

report at The Federalist said a newly uncovered document shows a court ordered X to provide a ton of information about Trump's account, "including 'advertising information, including advertising IDs, ad activity, and ad topic preferences,' as well as IP addresses 'used to create, login, and use the account' and privacy and account settings."

Also demanded were details about "Trump’s search history, direct messages, and 'content of all tweets created, drafted, favorited/liked, or retweeted' by his account from October 2020 to January 2021," the report said.

The report describes how Smith has indicted Trump "on several bogus charges related to the former president’s challenging of the 2020 election results in the lead-up to Jan. 6, 2021."

But, the report said, "It wasn’t just Trump’s Twitter account that Smith and his cronies were targeting. The special counsel’s warrant also sought data on Twitter users who interacted with the former president’s account. Among the information Smith sought was a list of every user Trump 'followed, unfollowed, muted, unmuted, blocked, or unblocked' during the aforementioned timeframe. Smith similarly demanded that Twitter, which has since rebranded as X, fork over a list of users who took any of the same actions with Trump’s account."

Then, The Federalist documented, "Smith and his team went even further, seeking to acquire data on Twitter users who engaged with Trump’s tweets in the months leading up to Jan. 6, 2021. This included 'all lists of Twitter users who have favorited or retweeted tweets posted by [Trump], as well as all tweets that include the username associated with [Trump’s account] (i.e. ‘mentions’ or ‘replies’).'"

Smith even claimed, "baselessly" according to the report, letting Trump know about the data confiscation "would result in a statutorily cognizable harm."

Explained the post, "Smith’s seizure of Trump’s personal social media information and those who engaged with the then-president’s posts isn’t all that surprising given the special counsel’s weaponization of the government against Trump thus far. In addition to indicting Trump, Smith filed a motion in September to institute a gag order on the 45th president, effectively stifling his First Amendment right to criticize the very government attempting to silence him."

On Smith's demands, The Gateway Pundit charged," This is what tyranny looks like … Merrick Garland is going to target all of the Trump supporters in their continued witch hunt against President Donald Trump."

It calls Smith a "political hitman."


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The war by Hamas against Israel erupted into a full-blown conflagration on Oct. 7 when likely drugged-up Islamist terrorists invaded Israel and slaughtered 1,200-1,400 civilians using atrocities including the beheading of babies and burning whole families alive.

Since then, the propaganda campaigns on behalf of the terror have been running at full volume, including the claim that an Israeli rocket hit a Gaza hospital and killed 500, a story that's still being told even though the evidence shows it was a Hamas rocket that went astray and hit the hospital's parking lot.

Now the Palestinian Authority is resurrecting a claim it's made before against Israel.

The new claim from official PA television, on Monday, was this: "The occupation (i.e. Israel) stole organs from the corpses such as the cornea of the eye, the concha of the ear, liver, kidneys, and heart."

The investigators at Palestinian Media Watch explained, "The Palestinian Authority disseminated its latest libel on official PA TV as part of its news summary of the Gaza war. This latest odious lie is that Israel is stealing organs from the dead Palestinian bodies in Gaza."

It came under the television heading, "The Israeli attack on Gaza."

Explained PMW, "The Palestinian Authority has been disseminating fake news and libels daily since the October 7 atrocities committed by Hamas. Even when its lies are rejected by the entire international community the PA continues to disseminate its libels.

"For example, the PA continues to disseminate the lie that it was Israel’s attack on a hospital in Gaza that murdered 500 Palestinians. In fact, the world has all recognized that it was an Islamic Jihad missile that killed 50 Palestinians in the parking lot.":

PMW noted the newest libel wasn't even new, as the PA has periodically made such claims "for years."

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A federal judge has advanced a lawsuit against a school in Weld County, Colorado, by a principal who was dismissed in an apparent case of religion-based retaliation.

The decision means former principal Brian Littlefield now can pursue his charges against the district and its former superintendent, Leslie Arnold, according to a report in The Lobby.

"He claims that his status as a Christian and a white man played a role in the decision to fire him." the report said.

The ruling came from District Judge Philip Brimmer, who said Littlefield's allegations raised sufficient evidence about Arnold's actions.

"After Littlefield spoke to a Christian student group, Arnold amended his previously satisfactory performance evaluation [about Littlefield] to include negative remarks, including accusations of insubordination, implicit bias, and failure to promote safety and equity," the report said.

Littlefield also charged during a meeting with Arnold and Assistant Superintendent Cara Anderson he was scolded over "white privilege."

The school district, after the controversy erupted, investigated Littlefield and claimed he was at fault, suggesting a demotion.

Littlefield, in his complaint, accuses the district and its officials of discriminating against him based on race, sex, and religion, and he also accuses them of retaliation against him for exercising his First Amendment religious rights.

The reaction from the school came shortly after Littlefield spoke to a chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

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The Church of England, through its general synod, has adopted an anti-Christ plan to create "blessing" ceremonies for same-sex duos.

And the action may have created a rift within its congregations that won't be bridged.

Responding to the vote, the Most Rev. Dr. Justin Badi Arama, archbishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, said, "This disastrous decision creates the same serious consequences of differentiation and division as in other provinces and further fractures our beloved Anglican Communion."

report from the Christian Institute pointed out that bishops in the church are expressing their grief at the decision.

"Under previous proposals, the [same-sex] services would have been authorized under a two-year long process, which would have required a two-thirds majority in each of the General Synod’s three Houses. Instead, Synod backed a proposal to fast-track trial services. The amendment required a simple majority to pass and succeeded in the House of Laity by just one vote, the report said.

From the Anglican Network came a statement charging that the vote took the church "away from the life-transforming grace and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ."

The bishops quoted Jeremiah, where he wrote, "Thus says the LORD: 'Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls. But they said, 'We will not walk in it.'"

They continued, "We grieve with those who have been dismayed and heartbroken by this betrayal in the abandonment of the sufficiency and supremacy of scripture which has until now been the bedrock and rule of the Church of England. We honor those who have courageously contended for orthodoxy… We especially feel the pain of those who continue to make costly stands for godliness and have been abandoned by those who were meant to shepherd and protect them."

The bishops, Andy Lines, Stuart Bell, Tim Davies, Ian Ferguson, and Lee McMunn, bluntly warned that there are those in the church, both clergy and laity, "who cannot travel the road chosen…"

The Christian Institute report said the bishops "lamented" the fact that the vote "arrogantly rejects the authority of scripture, the historic teaching of the church from earliest times and the vast majority of Anglicans worldwide."

The report continued, "Following the Synod’s decision, the Church of England Evangelical Council has announced a series of temporary provisions to support orthodox evangelicals within the church. The 'Ephesian Fund' will allow congregations to financially support other churches that uphold biblical sexual ethics."
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