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The Navy, very quietly and with no explanation, has removed the rainbow imagery promoting the LGBT ideology from its web pages.

report from Fox News said the changes appeared on the Navy's Twitter and Instagram pages.

The social agenda program of the LGBT community was on the pages on Thursday, but not Friday.

"The posts showed outlines of Navy vessels and aircraft with streaming rainbow trails and the word 'Pride' stylized in different colors," the report said. "They were removed without explanation."

An official for the military service said, "The U.S. Navy posted graphics in support of the start of Pride month to honor the service, commitment, and sacrifice of the LGBTQ+ service members and personnel who volunteer to defend our country."

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A study done during the COVID pandemic, preliminary at the time, charged that people actually were more likely to get COVID if they'd had multiple vaccine doses.

But it was dissed widely by political leaders and health industry officials because it had not been peer-reviewed.

Now it has. And it is delivered the same stunning verdict: "The risk of COVID-19 … varied by the number of COVID-19 vaccine doses previously received. The higher the number of vaccines previously received, the higher the risk of contracting COVID-19."

It was Joe Biden, among others, who tried to shame and coerce Americans into taking the experimental shots.

Now a report from PJMedia documents the path of the study.

It was the "pre-print," the study before review, that came out last year and showed "in a nutshell, that more COVID-19 shots correlated to a greater risk of contracting COVID-19," the report said.

"COVIDians predictably, in eternal denial as is their nature, pounced on the fact that the initial paper was a pre-print. They dismissed it for not being peer-reviewed, which is often described as the 'gold standard' stamp of approval by The Science™," the report said.

"Mind you, the corporate state media expresses no such criticism of pre-print studies that say what they want them to say about the alleged efficacy of masking, the wonders of Pfizer’s mRNA injections, etc. It’s only when a study counters the narrative that they pump the brakes."

The report noted the study now is peer-reviewed, "and none of the conclusions have changed."

The results documented by Open Forum Infectious Diseases said, "The association of increased risk of COVID-19 with higher numbers of prior vaccine doses was unexpected."

It suggested a "simplistic" explanation is that those who got more doses were more likely to be at higher risk.

But, it said, "the majority of subjects in this study were generally young individuals and all were eligible to have received at least 3 doses of vaccine by the study start date, and which they had every opportunity to do. Therefore, those who received fewer than 3 doses (46% of individuals in the study) were not those ineligible to receive the vaccine, but those who chose not to follow the CDC's recommendations on remaining updated with COVID-19 vaccination."

It continued, "One could reasonably expect these individuals to have been more likely to have exhibited higher risk-taking behavior. Despite this, their risk of acquiring COVID-19 was lower than those who received a larger number of prior vaccine doses."

The study pointed out other studies have reached the same conclusion.

"During an Omicron wave in Iceland, individuals who previously received 2 or more doses were found to have a higher odds of reinfection than those who had received fewer than 2 doses of vaccine, in an unadjusted analysis."

Further, it added, "A large study found, in an adjusted analysis, that those who had an Omicron variant infection after previously receiving three doses of vaccine had a higher risk of reinfection than those who had an Omicron variant infection after previously receiving two doses of vaccine."

And in yet another study, "in multivariable analysis, that receipt of two or three doses of an mRNA vaccine following prior COVID-19 was associated with a higher risk of reinfection than receipt of a single dose."

And, in an understatement, it said, " We still have a lot to learn about protection from COVID-19 vaccination, and in addition to a vaccine’s effectiveness, it is important to examine whether multiple vaccine doses given over time may not be having the beneficial effect that is generally assumed."

PJMedia charged, "Pfizer and Moderna, the government, and every corporate state media outlet that deliberately spread vax disinformation should be opened up to lawsuits from every person who received COVID-19 shots (which are not and never were conventional vaccines) and subsequently got sick with COVID-19.

"Consumers of sponsored-by-Pfizer media were lied to by all parties involved, and there must be consequences. The pharmaceutical companies’ ill-gotten blanket immunity from damages caused by their products needs to be retroactively revoked because they were granted on fraudulent premises."

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In many ways, freedom of speech is vanishing in America, with "equity" demands, "pronoun" orders, and requirements for not just political, but gender, racial, and other correctness.

Freedom of religion, too, has been attacked under the Joe Biden administration, with multiple legal fights by groups that simply want to worship in their faith traditions. After all, It was Biden's administration that spied on traditional Catholics.

Now the bull's-eye is being put by the Biden administration on freedom of association.

The warning comes from Stella Morabito at The Federalist.

She has authored, "The Weaponization of Loneliness: How Tyrants Stoke Our Fear of Isolation to Silence, Divide, and Conquer," and her work has appeared at the Washington Examiner, American Greatness, Townhall, Public Discourse, and The Human Life Review.

She cites a recent "advisory" from Surgeon General Vivek Murthy called "Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation," which claims social isolation is a public health issue and suggests "government" actions to respond.

"On the surface, these six directives may look innocuous, but they present a clear and present danger to the autonomy of our private lives and relationships. The project is potentially so massive in scope that it’s not an overstatement to say it threatens to regulate our freedom of association in ways we never could have imagined," she wrote.

For instance, she said, one of the government projects would be to "strengthen social infrastructure in local communities."

On that topic, the Biden administration wants the government to define "infrastructure," and then fund various groups and "direct how they're structured."

Which, Morabito warned, would mean that "all local communities must answer to the federal bureaucracy ... ."

One component, she warned, could be new and dense housing projects and "the eventual dismantling of single-family housing."

The plan would "provide authority and justification for changes supported by radical environmentalists, all of which diminish our freedoms," she said.

"We end up with a massive federal infrastructure that can monitor the levels of social connection and disconnection in every nook and cranny of society. As described in the report, this would mean every institution, every governmental department, every volunteer association, every locality, every church, every faith community, every organization, every club, every service club, every sports league, and so on, would likely be assessed and 'strengthened' to promote social connection," she said.

Then there are Murthy's ideas to attack "policies, products, and services that drive social disconnection."

"In other words, some people are more socially connected than others, and that’s not fair. They enjoy benefits — as in 'unearned privileges' — that put others at a disadvantage. So the government needs to intervene for the sake of equity to 'spread the wealth' of social connections" she said.

This includes incorporating the leftist "diversity, equity, inclusion" agenda, she said, a plan that "serves to erase human individuality and replace it with demographic identity markers that label people as either oppressors or victims, thus cultivating more resentments and hostilities in society."

The Biden plan also would "mobilize the health sector," a scheme to expand "public health surveillance," or, in other words, "tracking your social connections and intervening when the bureaucracy deems it necessary. Big Brother sitting in on your doctor visits and therapy sessions?"

Other steps would involve centralized government control over tech development that involve human interactions, with Murthy's agenda stating, "We must learn more by requiring data transparency from technology companies."

"The advisory also backs the 'development of pro-connection technologies' with the goal of creating 'safe' environments and 'safeguarding the well-being of users.' Such phrasing has been used in recent years to justify censorship under the guise of protecting certain demographics," she warned.

Then there's a planned "research agenda" but that simply would "reflect the outlook offered by the advisory."

And, too, the government would work to "direct out social interactions and behaviors."

For example, "Not dating a transgender person is now labeled unkind and 'transphobic.' 'Gender affirming care' — i.e., castration and mutilation of children — is the only 'respectful' way of treating gender dysphoria. Your 'responsibility' is to comply without question."

But she warned the government has the solution reversed.

"Never mind that the proven prescription for loneliness is the opposite: a private sphere of life where intact families raise their children with a sense of virtue; where institutions of faith give people a sense of order and purpose in life; and where friends can confide in one another without meddlers eavesdropping on their conversations. This sphere of life — the private sphere — is the fount of freedom, love, and trust that nurtures social connections. It can only thrive in privacy."

"No one can say for sure where this 'Ministry of Loneliness' proposal will end up. History — particularly recent history — has warned us about such projects. The goals of this advisory may seem unobjectionable, but the concern is about who decides how we connect socially. When the 'who' is the federal government, we should remember that the pattern of the mass state is always to induce loyalty to the mass state."

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." – First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States

Forty-five years ago, the American Civil Liberties Union took a controversial yet principled stand for the First Amendment right to free speech when it defended a group of neo-Nazis intent on marching through Skokie, Ill., a Chicago suburb where many survivors of the Holocaust resided. Mind you, these would-be marchers were not boisterous conservatives such as today’s Democrats routinely label “neo-Nazis” and “white supremacists,” but actual neo-Nazis – the kind that wears swastika armbands and think Hitler was a great leader.

Although the electrifying case induced many ACLU members to resign, it ultimately came to exemplify the legal group’s unwavering commitment to the quintessential American principle of nonviolent free speech. For everyone.

Yet today, in every area of American life, free speech is routinely suppressed, often violently and sometimes with the force of law. Moreover, in keeping with the total moral inversion of the Obama-Biden era, whereas in 1978 actual neo-Nazis with their vile ideology and speech could speak and demonstrate peacefully, today’s most “controversial,” “offensive” and censored speech is almost always the most truthful, rational and moral speech, spoken by decent, law-abiding Americans – whom the ruling elites delight in labeling “Nazis,” “fascists,” “white supremacists,” “violent extremists” and “domestic terrorists.”

Such super-charged vilification of America’s tens of millions of conservatives, Christians, and Trump supporters is matched by a newly created Orwellian lexicon of attack phrases deployed to ridicule, discredit – and if possible, censor entirely – speech that doesn’t support the elites’ dark and deranged agenda.

These malevolent yet essentially meaningless expressions, such as “election denier,” “science denier,” “climate-change denier” and “conspiracy theorist,” are accompanied by open attacks on everything conservative and Christian as “hate speech,” “disinformation” and “misinformation.” There’s even a newly manufactured subvariant no one ever heard of before: “malinformation.”

And of course, there’s the favorite, back-of-the-hand catchall insult of the elites: “fake news.”

For example, Wikipedia lists WND as a "far-right fake news website ... known for promoting falsehoods and conspiracy theories." That's from a website that daily publishes actual “fake news,” “falsehoods” and “conspiracy theories” on every major political and cultural topic affecting America’s future. In fact, Wikipedia’s massive 29,000-word article on Joe Biden includes only two sentences on Hunter Biden and the massive and overwhelmingly documented level of Biden family corruption and criminality. Here they are: “During the 2020 presidential campaign, Trump and his allies falsely alleged Biden had engaged in corrupt activities in Ukraine related to his son, Hunter. A joint investigation by two Republican Senate committees released in September 2020 found no wrongdoing, nor did a Republican House Oversight committee investigation by May 2023.”

So, no corruption in the Biden family, according to Wikipedia. None at all. It’s all just conspiracy theories, fake news, and Russian disinformation spread by white supremacists and Nazis.

How could this happen in America?
Whatever other factors may be at play, there’s one overwhelming reason at the very heart of today’s radical, unprecedented compulsion to crush free speech: The elites – from the permanent “ruling class” in Washington D.C. (aka “the Deep State”) to their propaganda ministry called the “mainstream media” to the Big Tech oligarchs controlling the internet to Big Pharma and other corporate giants, all obsessed with ever-increasing power and wealth – are lying to Americans continually.

It follows, then, that truthful speech, which serves to expose, undermine and annihilate their self-serving agendas, constitutes the greatest threat to their reign, which in turn compels them to crush dissent at all costs. That is the very essence of totalitarianism.

Whether the forbidden speech comes from a courageous public official, a genuine journalist, a principled doctor, a concerned parent at a school board meeting, a conservative speaker booked to address a university audience, or a Christian praying outside an abortion clinic, the response of the ruling class is the same: Dare express viewpoints that undermine the elites’ official narrative and you will be reviled, suppressed and persecuted.

Thus are moral, honest Americans daily smeared as “violent extremists,” “domestic terrorists,” “white supremacists” and “ultra-MAGA insurrectionists.” Or – as Joe Biden characterized tens of millions of Republicans during a major speech last summer, “semi-fascists,” a blanket attack on the great American middle class reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s on-camera remarks before the 2016 election. At a fundraising dinner, she described a very large sector of the American population (i.e., those opposing her) as “deplorable” and “irredeemable” – one of the rare times when leaders of the ruling class speak frankly and publicly about how they really feel about regular Americans.

Sometimes, as with many of the approximately 1,000 Americans arrested after the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot, decent people are unjustly incarcerated as in Third World dictatorships, simply for holding – and expressing – political views condemned by the ruling elites.

Bottom line: Today’s powers-that-be simply cannot stand truthful expression because it exposes both them and their self-serving agendas for what they really are. Thus, truthtellers must be censored, “cancelled” and destroyed.

Cancelling Tucker
Take Tucker Carlson, the most trusted news personality in America according to a recent poll, yet ousted by Fox News Channel’s ruling Murdoch family on Monday, April 24 with no prior notice nor reason given. The cable news giant has been seriously hemorrhaging viewers ever since. Multiple insider reports have claimed that despite official denials from all sides, Carlson’s expulsion was part of Fox’s $787.5 million out-of-court settlement of the Dominion voting machine lawsuit.

Regardless, many of America’s elites were delighted to see Fox News kill off its top show, since in their minds, the host was a purveyor of extreme rightwing conspiracy theories, an “election denier,” an ally of Vladimir Putin, and – of course – a racist. Consider:

* Tucker Carlson freely expressed the still-forbidden, though wildly obvious, truth that the 2020 presidential election was rigged. After all, totally aside from the mountain of proven election “irregularities” (the last-minute unconstitutional rule changes, the unsavory “ballot harvesting,” the double-counted ballots and so much more), Elon Musk’s public release of the previously suppressed “Twitter files” proved conclusively that the “Deep State” colluded with Big Tech to alter the outcome of the 2020 election. Period. Just weeks prior to the election, the guardians of the internet knowingly suppressed overwhelming evidence of rampant corruption and criminality on the part of the Biden family, very much including “the big guy.” Post-election polling revealed that Biden would have lost and Trump would now be president had Americans simply been allowed to hear the truth about Joe Biden before they cast their vote.

The reality of this is no longer even seriously disputed by the elite media – just totally ignored. Indeed, even Barack Obama’s CIA chief John Brennan, the man behind the pivotal “Russian disinformation letter” signed by 51 former intelligence officials denying the reality of Hunter Biden’s laptop computer, finally admitted just recently that the whole letter project “was political” – which is to say, fake.

* Carlson also exposed the Biden administration’s supremely reckless Ukraine policy of sending gargantuan amounts of taxpayer money and advanced weaponry to the epically corrupt eastern European country with no accounting required, while secretly pursuing the overthrow of Russian President Vladimir Putin – that is, a war of regime change in Moscow – thereby risking all-out global nuclear war.

* He exposed the ultra-dark insanity of the current transgender child-grooming craze, including the fact that not only are Hitlerian doctors surgically mutilating untold numbers of mentally fragile American children pursuing the impossible dream of “gender transition,” they are also plying many more children with the same drugs used to chemically castrate convicted child rapists.

* During the COVID-19 pandemic, Carlson frequently featured guests who told the forbidden truth about the pandemic, often at great personal cost, many blowing the whistle on the Biden administration’s shockingly authoritarian response to the viral outbreak and its corrupt relationship with Big Pharma, who together attempted to force every American man, woman, and child to be injected with an experimental, ineffective and dangerous drug.

* He likewise exposed some of the many outrageous lies and injustices associated with the January 6 Capitol riot, dramatically airing for the first time long-suppressed surveillance video from that day on his primetime Fox News show.

The double-edged sword of conscience
To fully grasp what lies at the very root of this phenomenon that is currently tearing our country apart, let’s dig a little deeper.

It’s an extraordinary characteristic of truth that, since God imbues human beings with a conscience (“con” + “science,” literally “with knowing”), everyone actually possesses an inner “knowing” of basic right from wrong. (“I will put My law in their minds, and write it on their hearts.” – Jeremiah 31:33)

On the other hand, those who choose to rebel against the Creator and His truth, thus existing in a state of de facto inner warfare against reality, cannot stand to hear the truth – with which they are already at war internally – spoken by another human being. It burns. This is the basis of persecution.

In the end, the elites’ obsession with “election denialism,” “pro-Putin disinformation,” “white supremacist MAGA conspiracy theories” and other cruel absurdities is really just the playing out of their ongoing internal war with reality. Truth is virtually the only speech the “rulers of this world” cannot endure, since it tends to cause them unbearable conflict, seeing as it fans the flame of their conscience – the truth of God’s moral laws “written in their minds and hearts” – but with which they are at war.

Fortunately, there are still many millions of good, decent Americans – truly the best people on earth. Hundreds of thousands fought to protect this nation and many were wounded in battle – and of course, many families have members who paid the ultimate price to defend this nation. They’re horrified at what is being described here. But they still love their country – and they want it back.

A good start in that effort is to speak the truth – boldly, kindly, clearly, joyfully, and without rancor or hate. It’s therapeutic to speak the truth with love. After all, you’re not insane, deplorable, irredeemable or racist, as they insist. You’re an American, with a God-given and constitutionally guaranteed right to speak your mind, come what may.

Or as Tucker Carlson put it on his Fox show just two weeks before being ousted: “Whether you agree with what someone is saying has nothing to do with his right to say it. Americans are allowed to say what they think is true. Period. If they take that right away, you are no longer a citizen. You are a slave.”

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” – John 8:32

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The staunchly and radically leftist American Civil Liberties Union has abruptly joined a long list of conservatives in support of two teachers who challenged "antiracism" indoctrination in their public school district.

A stunning decision from a trial judge dismissed the teachers' claims and ordered them to pay the district $300,000 for "legal fees."

Now a report from Just the News explains the common goal among those supporting the teachers is that they are concerned the judge's activism in the case is sending a chilling message to others: Not to challenge such ideologies – ever.

The teachers are Brooke Henderson and Jennifer Lumley. They challenged the indoctrination plan by the Springfield Public Schools and their case now is pending before the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

A brief signed by the ACLU, which joined with conservative organizations like the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, the ADF, and others, warns the appeals panel that, "Uncritically awarding government officials hundreds of thousands of dollars defeats the purpose of our fundamental civil rights statutes."

It scares victims of modest means away from complaining, they said.

Actually, the precedent for the states covered by the 8th Circuit does not even allow "sanctions," in such cases, the friend-of-the-court brief suggests.

Just the News reported, "Briefs by other groups challenged the merit of the ruling itself and the impartiality of U.S. District Judge Douglas Harpool, a longtime Democratic elected official in Missouri appointed to the bench by President Obama, who claimed the suit 'trivializ[ed]' and used his court for 'judicial activism.'"

Comments from the Institute for Free Speech and the Manhattan Institute suggest it is Harpool who sounds "more like a legislator than a judge."

That filing suggests "Perhaps Judge Harpool misperceives the nature of antiracism or is himself sympathetic to its creed or ideology."

The ACLU's agenda, in the past, has included defending neo-Nazis who marched through a Chicago suburb full of Holocaust survivors, and it even abandoned being neutral when it represented the organizer of the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally in 2017, the report said.

The judge claimed the teachers' concerns lacked factual or legal basis.

The brief from the Institute for Free Speech, however, corrected Harpool.

"'The school district, after all, asked its employees to dispute a foundational concept of American society and government' — colorblindness — 'and to do so in the course of violating some of our most basic laws,' they wrote."

The district, in fact, ordered the teachers to "write down what they will do to adopt antiracism … akin to an ideological loyalty oath," the brief said.

The school had conceded it forced the teachers to attend the training, and then refused to give them credit unless they chose answers that violated their own beliefs.

And it ordered them to "commit" to the district's opinions.

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A professor from Michigan State University who is accused of forcing her students to buy a $99 subscription, then using the money to give to Planned Parenthood and buy an RV, is being sued.

A report from the Daily Mail confirms two MSU students are suing Amy Wisner, a former professor at the school.

She was under investigation earlier, and the report explains Wisner made the students pay $99 to join her radical left-wing group.

According to court documentation, Wisner allegedly solicited funds from around 600 students and donated money to Planned Parenthood, and also wanted to use some to buy an RV.

The case is being brought by the ADF on behalf of students Nolan Radomski and Nathan Barbieri.

The case charges that while students can learn about contrasting opinions, they believe being told to fund organizations that violate their beliefs crosses the line.

The school, after the scandal broke, dismissed Wisner.

Wisner had, before it was deleted, claimed in a posting on Facebook that her group, The Rebel Community, was a "safe place to coordinate our efforts to burn everything to the f------ ground."

The legal action charges that Wisner claimed she would not benefit personally from the fees they paid, which amounted to about $60,000. But the report said it later emerged she used some of those funds for an RV.

She said that project was focused on her goal "to sit around kitchen tables and campfires facilitating conversations about important social issues and igniting action at the local level,"

Wisner claimed on social media just weeks ago MSU "did not want [her] and my guest lecturers to teach diversity, equity, and inclusion to students in the core business communication class," the report said.

Wisner then, on social media, claimed to be battling the "state of our education system, the daily threat of gun violence, overt racism, sexism, antisemitism, xenophobia, ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of bullying."

The filing states, however, the students "do not wish to financially support the speech of others that contradicts their views, and they do not wish to become members of groups organized for the purpose of promoting messages that contradict their views."

The case complains of the "forced financial contributions" demanded by Wisner.

"University professors can’t force students to finance and support political advocacy groups that express messages they disagree with. Nathan and Nolan simply want to get a business degree without being compelled to pay membership fees that will be donated to Planned Parenthood or support speech that directly contradicts their religious beliefs," the ADF said in a statement.

The Daily Caller News Foundation had reported weeks ago that Wisner's actions were being reviewed.

A separate legal team already said it was seeking refunds for the students.

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The dangers of AI, or artificial intelligence, have been at the forefront of recent news headlines, with a large majority of Americans, as well as tech giants including Elon Musk, warning it could put humanity's very existence on the verge of extinction.

Reuters/Ipsos poll this week indicates "more than two-thirds of Americans are concerned about the negative effects of AI and 61% believe it could threaten civilization."

"There's some chance that it goes wrong and destroys humanity," Tesla CEO Musk told CNBC.

"Hopefully, that chance is small, but it's not zero. And so I think we want to take whatever actions we can think of to minimize the probability that AI goes wrong."

Even in 1999's fictional film "The Matrix," the entire world became a heap of ruins specifically due to AI, as Laurence Fishburne's character Morpheus tells Neo, played by Keanu Reeves: "What we know for certain is that at some point in the early 21st century, all of mankind was united in celebration. We marveled at our own magnificence as we gave birth to AI."

But might there be a biblical connection to AI?

The answer is yes, according to a popular author known for illuminating Scriptures.

"Ai is actually mentioned in the Bible," says Joe Kovacs, author of the best-selling "Reaching God Speed: Unlocking the Secret Broadcast Revealing the Mystery of Everything."

"No, it's not an abbreviation for artificial intelligence. It's a single word spelled A-i, and can be pronounced like each of its letters, as in 'a' and 'i.'

"It's the name of an ancient Canaanite city, and it packs an incredible significance for today when we examine Ai on the spirit or metaphor level.

"This was a real, historical place, but it carries an additional parable meaning as well, since Jesus only spoke to people in parables, and 'did not say anything to them without using a parable' (Matthew 13:34). He, of course, is still speaking to everyone through every word in the Bible."

Kovacs explains the first key to unlocking the mystery is to understand the meaning of the word 'Ai,' which can be translated as 'Ruin' or 'a heap of ruins.'

"That's big hint No. 1, the fact that Ai actually means ruin or a heap of ruins, coming from a Hebrew verb meaning to bend, twist, pervert, and distort, all leading to ruin," Kovacs explains.

"God says He's 'declaring the end from the beginning' (Isaiah 46:10), so right from the start of something, He's broadcasting the end result, its future conclusion."

Interestingly, the author notes, the ancient town of Ai happened to be located "beside Bethaven, on the east side of Bethel." (Joshua 7:2)

"When we learn the meanings of these places, it provides even more clues," says Kovacs. "Bethel means 'house of God' and Bethaven means 'house of vanity (nothingness)' or 'house of plenty of trouble.'

"So Ai, the place of ruin, was closely associated with the house of vanity, nothingness, and plenty of trouble. That sounds a whole lot like our world today.

"And being east of the house of God is reminiscent of the first man being driven out of the paradise of Eden (Genesis 3:24) and even the murderer Cain leaving God's presence and moving 'east of Eden.' (Genesis 4:16)

"Like Cain, we're all wandering away from God's presence in the land of Nod, which just happens to mean 'wandering.'"

According to Scripture, Ai was the next city after Jericho attacked by Joshua, whose name means 'God saves,' the same meaning as Yeshua or Jesus. The initial attack did not fare well when it was discovered there was a secret sinner in the midst of the Israelites, a man who violated God's specific ban on taking any loot from the captured city of Jericho. In other words, a deceptive thief.

"That secret sinner was named Achan, whose name means 'troubler' or possibly even 'serpent,'" says Kovacs.

"Hopefully this is ringing some bells on the spirit/parable level. Who is the ultimate troubler of people? Which infamous character does the Bible identify as a serpent? It's Satan the devil, of course." (Revelation 12:9)

Once Achan was identified and his wicked actions were exposed, he and his children were executed, and the city of Ai was able to be destroyed.
"In other words, on the parable level of this actual historical event, once the devil and his evil deeds are identified and exposed, and the evildoers are eliminated, the city of ruin, Ai, lives up to its name and becomes a complete 'heap of ruins.' Scripture goes out of its way to express that: 'So Joshua burned Ai and made it a permanent heap of ruins.'" (Joshua 8:28)

After the Israelites attacked Ai a second time, this time successfully, the Bible notes Joshua "hung the body of the king of Ai on a tree until evening." (Joshua 8:29 CSB)

"At the metaphor level of God speed, this is a preview of the execution of Jesus who, taking on the sins caused by the ultimate king of ruin (the devil), was famously nailed to wood, redeeming everyone from the ancient curse of death, 'by becoming a curse for us, because it is written, Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree.'" (Galatians 3:13 CSB)

The apostle Peter also wrote: "He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree; so that, having died to sins, we might live for righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed." (1 Peter 2:24 CSB)

"So Jesus symbolically took on the role of the king of Ai, the king of ruin," says Kovacs.

"Well, who is the ultimate king of ruin? Again, it's another picture of Satan the devil. It's a real-life and symbolic portrayal of how Jesus paid the price for everyone's sins by having what appeared to be the evil one put to death on a tree. And now with our death penalty paid, we're now offered eternal life 'because the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death.'" (Romans 8:2 CSB)

"Now we know the intriguing meaning of the original Ai, the one that came before artificial intelligence, the one that projects a permanent heap of ruins in every utterance of its name.

"God may be using this ancient event as a divine hint, a physical example of what today's AI may bring if artificial intelligence twists, distorts, and perverts the truth.

"Our own vanity, the nothingness of our God-opposing arrogance, could make today's world a permanent ruin and destroy humanity, just as Elon Musk is warning and most Americans believe. The end has been declared from the beginning."

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A new documentary is being released that is stunning its audience with evidence of life-altering COVID shot injuries.

The bat virus, according to the evidence available now, likely came from a release from a Wuhan, China, lab that was working with those threats several years ago.

It circled the globe, killing an estimated seven million, including 1.1 million in the United States.

And it has injured hundreds of thousands – some so severely their lives probably never will be the same.

It is Epoch TV, a part of Epoch Times, that has created "The Unseen Crisis: Vaccine Stories You Were Never Told."

See the video trailer:

Victims of the shots tell viewers:

"I began to shake uncontrollably."

"I can't hold my head up."

"I collapsed. That's all I remember."

"The mind games are ridiculous."

Joe Biden's medical adviser, Anthony Fauci, also is on screen claiming that when people submit to mandates to take the shots, they "become a dead end to the virus."

The documentary's website explained that the vaccines "were rolled out under emergency use authorization after a much shorter than normal testing period. Millions of people rolled up their sleeves because they were told they were doing their part to end the pandemic. But for some—it didn’t go as expected."

The documentary provides an uncensored look at those who "now are suffering the debilitating after-effects" of the vaccination agenda.

It explains, "The patients in the documentary suffered severe reactions to the shot, and their health spiraled out of control. When they reached out to the public health system and pharmaceutical companies for help and support, instead of being acknowledged, cared for, and studied; they were ignored, censored, and called 'anti-vaxxers' despite having gotten the shot. These patients are by no means isolated cases. The world is witnessing a growing epidemic of COVID-19 vaccine injuries that can no longer be ignored."

A report from WUSF confirms that among other ailments like exhaustion, shortness of breath, struggling to remember, focus and even do basic tasks, there are those suffering from what is being called brain fog.

Then there's myocarditis, the cardiac arrest like that suffered by a senior airline pilot only moments after landing, and more.

Testimonies come from Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA vaccine technology pioneer; Dr. Peter McCullough, internist & cardiologist, and chief scientific officer, The Wellness Company; Dr. Pierre Kory, pulmonary and critical care specialist and co-founder of Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance; Dr. Paul E. Marik, pulmonary and critical care specialist and chairman of Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance and others.

The director/producer, Cindy Drukier, said, "As a journalist, the story that dominated life over the last few years was, of course, COVID-19. There was no avoiding it. And yet, some aspects were avoided by most media, despite being obviously newsworthy. These included reports of people experiencing life-altering reactions to the COVID vaccines. The victims could be any of us. These stories need to be told."

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Special Counsel John Durham filed charges against three individuals over the Deep State-Democrat conspiracy that fabricated Russia collusion charges against President Trump – and his final report indicates there won't be any more court cases.

But that's not satisfying some who argue the deliberate decision to interfere in an American presidential election deserves something more.

In fact, U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., is calling for those prosecutions, including that of Hillary Clinton.

His comments, to Fox News, were reported by the Gateway Pundit:

"There needs to be a lot more than reports, Jesse. People need to be prosecuted for this. The Clinton campaign and Hillary Clinton herself. Is it any coincidence that she is tweeting about collusion at exactly the same time her campaign operatives are feeding this BS to the FBI? I don’t think so. There needs to be consequences for her and also for the FBI," he said.

Describing the FBI leadership as corrupt and needing to be changed, he added, "We’ve got to get justice here, and justice needs to be served. You can’t interfere in a presidential election without consequences. At least you couldn’t, you used to not be able to in America. And that’s what happened here. That’s what this report shows. That one political party, the Democrats, tried to use the FBI to rig a presidential election and just about got away with it. They succeeded in getting the FBI to intervene. They succeeded in getting the FBI to lie to a court to get wiretaps. They succeeded in getting a presidential campaign Donald Trump’s campaign spied on. I mean, it’s amazing. If there’s something like this in American history, I don’t know what it is. And that’s why I say there needs to be prosecutions. There needs to be accountability. And the FBI has got to be overhauled now, top to bottom. It’s got to be completely reformed. It cannot go on like it is."

A commentary at Twitchy pointed out that Catherine Herridge "dropped this mini-nuke" on Hillary Clinton.

The commentary said, "Hillary Clinton was desperate. And her team didn't want us focused on how corrupt she really was (is) so they cooked up some Trump corruption. Crazy but that's what it says."

Constitutional expert Jonathan Turley took to social media to comment about Clinton.

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A "bias" monitor in America rates the Hoover Institution, linked to Stanford, as only slightly to the conservative side of "least biased" because it publishes "factual information" but occasionally uses "loaded words."

And now one of its senior fellows has concluded that President Donald Trump is the one individual "mostly likely" to take back the White House in 2024.

A report from Just the News explains that one of the factors considered is that the Democrats' "lawfare" against him, a series of lawsuits, court cases, and the like, already is backfiring, and actually gaining Trump more support.

"A second Trump act is not just possible. It's fast becoming my base case," explained historian and Hoover Institute senior fellow Niall Ferguson.

His comments came in a recent Spectator posting.

Several factors were included in his calculations.

He said Democrats are of the belief that Joe Biden always will beat Trump – because he's not "Trump" – and Trump's legal fights will tank his campaign.

"Yet the campaign of lawfare against Trump has already started to backfire," he explained.

He cited candidates in other countries who have come back to win while facing legal headwinds.

"If [Brazil President Liuz Inacio] Lula [de Silva] can come back from one-and-a-half years in jail to win, Trump may have little to worry about, as there isn’t the slightest chance of his being locked up between now and election day next year. Indeed, the perception that Democratic operatives are using the legal system for political ends will likely help him win votes," Ferguson wrote.

Further, he said, Republicans have historically elected their front-runner candidates in the primary to go on to the general election, which is a good sign for Trump as he is far ahead of all other candidates in hypothetical polls.

And the economy could be a Trump campaign talking point.

"[T]he lesson of history is clear – the Republican frontrunner usually wins the nomination, and a post-recession incumbent usually loses the presidential election," Ferguson wrote.

While Democrats argue that the nation hasn't technically reached "recession" circumstances, brought on by Biden's massive spending programs, Republicans point out that there already have been two successive quarters of negative economic "growth," meaning the nation already has reached recession status.

report from Fox News pointed out that Trump clearly is the frontrunner for the GOP nomination at this point.

The report said Ferguson concluded that Trump actually is thriving on the free publicity of the various Democrat agendas against him.

Ferguson noted even a recent civil case, now on appeal, in which Trump was found liable for sexual abuse against a woman who couldn't remember what year she encountered Trump has given Trump a boost.

"Every column inch or minute of airtime his legal battles earn him is an inch or a minute less for his Republican rivals for the nomination," Ferguson said.

He also argued Trump is the "clear frontrunner" among the Republican field for 2024.

Ferguson said an economic downturn "does not need to be as severe as the Great Depression that destroyed Herbert Hoover's presidency. A plain vanilla recession will suffice."

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