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The United States Military Academy at West Point is offering a "Diversity and Inclusion Studies Minor" as part of its escalating DEI agenda championing "critical race theory" and transsexuality, among other leftist ideologies.

Though the academy cloaks its DEI, or "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion," mission in idealistic, cultural-left rhetoric, a review of its sustaining documents reveals signs of the same "woke" mindset that has divided the nation by mainstreaming sex-and-gender radicalism as well as a  racialist obsession deemed by many conservatives and moderates to be anti-white racism.

The multi-billion-dollar corporate DEI movement (many call it an industry) promotes left-wing ideas and fads that have collectively been described as "Cultural Marxism" by critics on the Right. They says its gender and race focus elevates grievances and alleged historical injustices while pitting societal groups against each other – rather than assessing all people by a single standard based on character and qualifications.

Though the DEI movement champions "inclusion," the ideologues behind it routinely show themselves to be intolerant of traditionalist and religious/moral perspectives, labeling them as hateful, bigoted and "phobic" (hence the smear terms "homophobe" and "transphobe").

West Point justifies the intense DEI focus as a way to help recruitment by appealing to a younger generation that values "diversity" – which is ironic because conservatives blame the U.S. military's same "woke" push as the main reason for the current recruitment crisis. The Diversity & Inclusion Studies Minor was established in 2019.

"Our Armed Forces must reflect the nation it defends, including the diversity of the people we serve," states a West Point "Diversity & Inclusion Plan" report. "We have a growing divide between the military demographic and the American people, particularly within the Officer Corps. An Army not representative of the nation may become illegitimate in the eyes of some people."

'Woke joke'?

A headline by Sept. 26 Revolver News for its story about the West Point DEI minor sums up the thoughts of many conservatives who associate DEI with mainstreaming of social radicalism: "Stick a fork in West Point, they're done ... Wait until you see the new degree they're offering..."

The un-bylined Revolver article states: "Well, West Point had a good run, didn’t it? Once a beacon of prestige and elite training, this institution produced some of America’s most outstanding leaders. But times have changed. Today, West Point is just another woke joke, churning out young Marxists with contempt for the very nation they’re supposedly preparing to defend."

It continues: "What a travesty, and how embarrassing for West Point. The left has successfully transformed many of our nation’s college students into pint-sized Marxists, and now they’re seeking to steer our US military officers down the same ideological path."

The USMA defines "diversity" as follows: "Diversity is the range of human differences, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability, religious or ethical values system, national origin, and political beliefs."

The following are included in West Point's overall DEI program:

The "Diversity and Inclusion Studies Minor" is described as follows:

"The Diversity and Inclusion Studies Minor (DISM) exposes Cadets to varied perspectives and methodologies for understanding and studying people. Moreover, the DISM at West Point offers Cadets a framework for critically and creatively thinking about the broader impact of diversity and inclusion at the individual, organizational, societal, and global levels. It also provides our Cades opportunities to pursue diversity and inclusion in intra-, multi-, and inter-disciplinary ways. Faculty from the departments of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership, History, English, and Philosophy with assistance from colleagues across USMA collaborated to create the minor. Some of the courses offered with DISM: Leading Inclusive Teams; Social Inequality, Power and Difference; Politics of Race, Gender, and Sexuality; World Religions; Race, Ethnicity, and Nation; Society and Culture in American History."

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The second Republican presidential debate in the 2024 election cycle is taking place at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute in Simi Valley, California, at 9 p.m. Eastern.

"I am excited to announce that our second Republican primary debate will be in partnership with Fox Business, Rumble, Univision, and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, which will serve as an iconic venue for the debate," Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said earlier this month.

Fox News Media's Stuart Varney and Dana Perino and Univision's Ilia Calderón are co-moderating the event, which will be without President Donald Trump, who is skipping this debate, as he did the first get-together in Milwaukee.

The debate is being live-streamed on Rumble, and you can watch it by clicking here or on the image above.

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Congress has snubbed Joe Biden's anti-Second Amendment scheme for America's schools on a resounding 424-1 vote.

The vote killed Biden's plan to crack down on hunting and archery classes.

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One member of that team of prosecutors that has been trying to put protesters from the Jan. 6, 2021, protest-turned-riot at the U.S. Capitol behind bars for years now is facing his case that could put HIM behind bars.

report at The Federalist confirms Patrick Douglas Scruggs, 38, now a lawyer with a Florida firm, is facing counts of "aggravated battery, aggravated assault, and armed burglary."

It stems from a road rage eruption.

The Tampa Bay Times reported Scruggs was "detained" over the "bizarre local road rage."

It was the Florida Highway Patrol that said the former federal prosecutor was accused over a morning rush hour fracas when Scruggs pulled over and started stabbing a 35-year-old man, using a pocket knife.

"The commotion began when a couple pulled over to check on a man slumped over the steering wheel on the side of the road. When the couple returned to their vehicle to grab something that could break the car window, the slumped-over man turned on the car and rammed the vehicle of the couple trying to help. When the man put the car in reverse, the vehicle hit Scruggs’ vehicle. That’s when Scruggs reportedly got out of the car and began to stab the driver," The Federalist documented.

The stabbing victim was hospitalized with serious, but not life-threatening, injuries, and Scruggs, after his arrest, was released from the Pinellas County Jail on $65,000 bail.

The Times reported Scruggs was at the U.S. attorney's office from 2013 to 2023.

"Scruggs also appeared on behalf of the federal government during hearings for Florida residents accused of taking part in the riots at the U.S. Capitol by supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump on Jan. 6, 2021," the Tampa publication said.

Among his targets was Adam Johnson, who was seen in Jan. 6 videos marching through the Capitol.

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks in support of the Farmers to Families Food Box distribution program Monday, Aug. 24, 2020, at Flavor First Growers and Packers in Mills River, North Carolina. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks in support of the Farmers to Families Food Box distribution program Monday, Aug. 24, 2020, at Flavor First Growers and Packers in Mills River, North Carolina. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

Former President Donald Trump is addressing American autoworkers in Clinton Township, Michigan, Wednesday evening, one day after Joe Biden made history by becoming the first sitting president to join a picket line on Tuesday.

"Crooked Joe Biden had no intention of going to visit the United Autoworkers until I announced that I would be heading to Michigan to be with them," Trump said on social media.

"If the UAW 'leadership' doesn't ENDORSE me, and if I don't win the Election, the Autoworkers are 'toast'..."

Trump's address begins at 8 p.m. Eastern Time and can be viewed on Real America's Voice by clicking here, as well as the Right Side Broadcasting Network by clicking here.

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A mob yelling "Free iPhones!" has run amok in Philadelphia, ransacking high-end retailers like Apple and Lululemon, and police ended up arresting dozens and confiscating at least two guns from members of the rowdy crowd of lawbreakers.

Fox News reported that "swarms" of looters took over the retail districts, prompting reports to police of "large crowds of juveniles allegedly looting stores."

The report explained officers responding to calls from the public found the Foot Locker store, selling high-end sneakers and such, "had been ransacked in a 'coordinated attack.'"

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Acting Police Commissioner John Stanford explained the unrest actually stretched across the city, including Center City, the Northeast, and West Philadelphia.

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The family of a very ill but fully conscious Christian patient in the United Kingdom condemned to die after doctors said she was not able to make decisions and should not be allowed to seek life-saving treatments abroad is speaking out.

According to a report in CBN, the family of Sudiksha Thirumalesh, 19, issued a statement after the teen's death just days ago.

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Elon Musk has posted on his social media company X a video assembled by contributor Wall Street Silver that shows the stunning claims that COVID shots were "100%" effective.

And then the stunning plunge in that confidence level as the facts became known.

The falling numbers are in quotes from the experts on that topic, as well as legacy media reports that appeared to begin by promoting the experimental treatments, which science now shows had the capability of inflicting major damage on some patients.

The video also cites headlines regarding the billion dollar profits for drug-makers.

Musk snarkily introduced the video with "Have you heard dis information?" a play on the claims by experts as well as the government that any doubts about their COVID protocols were "disinformation," or something worse.

commentary at Twitchy pointed out, "Twitter (X) owner Elon Musk has never been one to shy away from controversy. Today he reposted a video from Wall Street Silver that shows the decline in reported efficacy of the COVID-19 Vaccine through a timelapse of online news headlines, all set to Edvard Grieg's 'In The Hall Of The Mountain King'."

The editorial predicted the video should "set some people's hair on fire as it plays against a major narrative that has been set in the recent past."

It continued, "But amplifying a message that has been labeled 'Science Denial' by many in the government and media will likely cause more of a stir than normal."

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Hillary Clinton is at it again. In a sit-down interview Sunday with former Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki, the former First Lady warned that Russia's Vladimir Putin could again try to influence the U.S. election in 2024, and tied Putin to "a kind of creeping fascism, almost, of people [in the U.S.] who are really ready to turn over their thinking, their votes, to wannabe dictators."

The "dictator" reference was an apparent shot at Donald Trump, as Clinton disdainfully referenced Russian-election-interference "deniers" in agreeing with MSNBC host Psaki that Democrats need to start talking about Kremlin subversion of America's next presidential election.

One conservative Republican, "Proud Elephant," responded on X: "She's really STILL pushing this lie?!"

WATCH: Hillary Clinton tells Jen Psaki that Vladimir Putin might be trying to interfere in the 2024 election the same way that he did in the 2016 election.

She’s really STILL pushing this lie? 🤦🏻‍♂️

— Proud Elephant 🇺🇸🦅 (@ProudElephantUS) September 24, 2023

The following exchange is excerpted from the interview:

Psaki: "Vladimir Putin ... has intervened in our election in the past, as you experienced firsthand. It's not something we talk about a lot. Do you fear that that is something that could be happening for 2024, and do you think we should be talking about it more?

Clinton: Clinton: "Well, I think we should be talking about it more because I don't think – despite all the deniers – there's any doubt he [Putin] interfered in our election, or that he has interfered in many ways in the internal affairs in other countries. ... So that is his opus .. – his opus operandi [sic], in the sense that he hates democracy, he particularly hates the West, and he especially hates us...."

Clinton went on to say that Putin is good at "damaging and dividing us internally," in part because he "has a lot of apologists and enablers in our own country." She described Putin's despotic behavior including his "barbaric invasion of Ukraine" and said, "Part of the reason he worked so hard against me is because he didn't think that he wanted me in the White House."

Clinton drew a not-so-subtle comparison between Putin's authoritarianism and Trump and his MAGA supporters, saying that Putin's brand of brutal tyranny "is part of the alternative we have to reject in this [America's upcoming] election."

"We have to reject authoritarianism. We have to reject a kind of creeping fascism, almost, of people who are really ready to turn over their thinking, their votes, to wannabe dictators. And we can't allow that to proceed."

"And I fear that the Russians have proved themselves quite adept at interfering and if he [Putin] has a chance, he'll do it again," she said.

'No there, there' in Biden impeachment probe?
Ironically, in another part of the MSNBC interview (see video below), Clinton accuses Trump of engaging in "what psychologists call projection" – precisely what so many on the Right and have said she practices with her wild-yet-false charges against Trump, e.g., that he was effectively a Russian stooge.

In other words, Clinton in the eyes of her critics has engaged in projection by charging Trump with projecting.

Regarding the GOP's impeachment inquiry against Biden, Clinton said, "There's no there, there. In fact, it seems they know there's no there, there. And sadly the Speaker of the House is too weak to stand up against ... the most rabid bloc of his members, who don't care what the truth or the facts are. They just want to ... grandstand and cause President Biden problems."

At minimum, this statement demonstrates chutzpah and a lack of self-awareness by Clinton as it has now been revealed by two federal investigations that she was the force behind the infamous, scurrilous "Steele dossier" that was filled with now-proven falsehoods against Donald Trump. Moreover, the lies reportedly were created by a Russian-born FBI paid informant, Igor Danchenko, who spread political gossip he heard at bars as anti-Trump "intelligence."

As Wall Street Journal columnist Holman Jenkins, Jr., put it in May, "unless you’re a coward like 90% of the media and 100% of the foreign-policy class in Washington, you realize now the furor that consumed the country for three years did not originate with Donald Trump or even Russia, but with a Clinton-sponsored hoax."

The Steele "dossier," eagerly regurgitated by left-biased anti-Trump media, gave birth to what Republicans now refer to as the "Russia hoax" investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which saddled the Trump administration for three years.

As USA Today columnist Ingrid Jacques wrote in May, special counsel investigating the "Russia hoax" John Durham "also called out the role of the (now-discredited) Steele dossier, the opposition research gathered for the Hillary Clinton campaign that was in turn given to the FBI. Durham said the dossier was 'unvetted and unverified,' yet was used as justification for surveillance."

“Indeed, based on the evidence gathered in multiple exhaustive and costly federal investigations of these matters, including the instant investigation, neither U.S. law enforcement nor the Intelligence Community appears to have possessed any actual evidence of collusion in their holdings at the commencement of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation," the Durham report stated.

Clinton also accused the Republicans of not wanting to solve the border crisis but instead prolonging it as a "political problem" to rally their base.

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James Carville is one of the more famous Democrat strategists. He was key to Bill Clinton's ascent to the White House and also pushed Hillary Clinton and John Kerry in that direction, even though not successful.

Now he has a new conclusion about the far left of his own Democrat party.

The "most stupid, naïve people you can imagine!"

It is Fox News that reported on Carville's comments during an appearance on a podcast.

He took the opportunity to express his opinion on "woke," "over-educated, coastal white" Democrats.

He pointed out Joe Biden's poll numbers, in the negative numbers, "are not great."

"I find the left to be just annoying," Carville explained to Bill Maher. "The western far left is habitually the most stupid, naive people you can imagine. They come up with these really goofy constructs and it's all about feeling good about yourself."

Maher pointed out that for members of that faction, "If your feelings are hurt, that’s more important than free speech."

"Most people don't even know what they're talking about," Carville said. "The identity left is silly. They're not evil, they're just goofy."

But he did warn, in graphic terms, that such attitudes are driving people away from the party.

"What happened is, overeducated, coastal white people, got ahold of the word and [like] they do with everything else, they completely f---ed it up and p----- everybody in the country off. If we could just get the humanities faculty at Amherst [College] to shut the f--- up, we'd be a lot better off."

Those extremists, he warned, are in fact dragging the party down.

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