Tabloid newspapers trying to keep rumors about Barron's paternity alive

By Jen Krausz on
 April 5, 2024

The Inquisitr published an article yesterday claiming that Twitter (now known as X) is "ablaze" with rumors that former President Donald Trump's youngest son Barron was actually fathered by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even though the posts they referenced were five months to almost 18 months old.

"The theory, although unverified and lacking credible evidence, has captured the attention of many online users, leading to a flurry of speculation and debate," the tabloid wrote. The rumor gained traction when a series of photographs surfaced which were taken during a diplomatic summit where world leaders and their spouses gathered for a 'family photo.' One specific image showed a smiling Melania greeting Trudeau that sparked imaginations across social media platforms."

The first X post referenced by the Inquisitr showed a photo of Melania Trump smiling at Trudeau while greeting him. The post was from November 2023 and has since been deleted. This one shows a similar photo and is from 2021.

Looks can be deceiving

The photo looks suggestive like the two are about to kiss, but she's right next to her husband and is holding his hand, so it's much more likely they were doing European-style cheek kisses and the camera caught her at just the right moment to make it seem like she was looking at him suggestively.

Barron is a dead ringer for his old man (Trump, not Trudeau), so it is extremely farfetched to question his paternity and even more so to suggest there are a lot of people on Twitter doing so today.

Following this ridiculous narrative, the Inquisitr got down to its real business, using the Barron Trump so-called rumors to spend the bulk of the article rehashing the 18 sexual harassment and assault claims against Trump.

The publication tries to make it seem like anyone who has that many people make claims about him must be guilty, forgetting that there are millions of Democrat women in the U.S. who hate Trump with a passion and would gladly join the chorus of voices trying to make him look like a sexual harasser or abuser.

Not enthused

The Inquisitr also makes it a point to say that Trump defended Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh through the allegations about him, making it sound as if sexual predators would naturally stick together and painting them both with a guilty brush even though none of the accusations against either of them has actually stuck.

This is the real point of the article, to malign Trump in any way possible.

Who would want to vote for a cuckolded, womanizing person for president, right?

With Trump leading in most polls seven months before the election, it is clear that many people are refusing to believe the bad press about Trump and instead looking at his successes during his first term.

Certainly, President Joe Biden has his own problems, and many voters are not enthused about another four years of economic stagnation, open borders, and a president who looks and sounds like he should be in a nursing home.

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