White House releases Syria war statement

Is President Trump calling it quits in the war against ISIS?

That is what the media is saying after a White House press release stated, “The military mission to eradicate ISIS in Syria is coming to a rapid end. With ISIS being almost completely destroyed.”

Reading Between the Lines

On the surface, the full press release reads rather innocently.

However, it is what the release does not say that has people worried.

The statement concluded, “We expect countries in the region and beyond, plus the United Nations, to work toward peace and ensure that ISIS never re-emerges.”

Based on Trump’s previous statements about Syria and the United Nations, everyone is interpreting that to mean the President is about to pull our troops out.

Not Our Responsibility

During the campaign, Trump repeatedly stated the United States could no longer afford to be the world’s police department.

His major point of emphasis was the financial commitment the United States has been making is breaking the country with little to no help from other countries.

In addition, the United States makes up a significant portion of the United Nations operating budget but gets little for its money.

Since America has already done the heavy lifting in terms of eradicating ISIS, Trump is now apparently putting the onus of the responsibility of ensuring they stay gone on everyone else.

What If…

The question that needs to be answered ASAP is what if nobody answers the bell?

What happens if we have a repeat of Afghanistan were gains made are suddenly lost because the United States pulls out its troops?

Few people want our soldiers involved in this war any longer, but there have to be assurances everyone else will pitch in to ensure ISIS does not make a comeback.

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Something else to consider is if the US suddenly pulls out of the area, how many more Syrians will flee to the US in fear of ISIS taking over again?

The bottom line here is that everyone needs to step up to play a supporting role to ensure ISIS never gets a stronghold in Syria again because the United States simply cannot afford to play Big Brother any longer.

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