Report: Focus groups reveal swing voters not sold on impeachment

House Democrats, fully aided by an allied media establishment, appear to believe that their ongoing impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump will successfully convince a majority of Americans of the necessity to remove the president from office prior to the 2020 election.

However, based on numerous focus groups tested in key battleground cities and states across the country over the past month, it seems that the Democrats have thus far failed miserably in that task, Breitbart reported.

Focus group takeaways

Breitbart received exclusive access to the key findings and video obtained over 36 hours of 18 separate focus groups in nine U.S. cities that were conducted over October and into November by a pro-Trump Super PAC known as America First Policies. It must be noted upfront that all of the participants self-identified as independent or swing voters, and the vast majority were not fond of President Trump’s personality.

The nine cities in which the focus groups occurred included: Des Moines, Iowa; Orlando, Florida; Charlotte, North Carolina; Phoenix, Arizona; Miami, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Columbus, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. All of the groups were convened after the impeachment inquiry was officially launched, with the Pittsburgh focus group taking place following the first public hearing.

The key takeaway from all of the groups was that, despite any personal distaste for the president and the manner in which he conducts himself, the Democrats had up to that point utterly failed to move the needle one bit in terms of convincing these important voters of the need to oust Trump from office.

In fact, an overwhelming majority didn’t believe Trump should be enduring an impeachment process at all, much less be convicted and removed from office, though a few of the participants were fine with an inquiry being conducted simply because they appreciate the ability of such investigations to keep elected officials honest and transparent.

Trump unfairly railroaded

One thing that showed through on multiple occasions was a deep distrust of the media and the blatantly one-sided version of events being reported with regard to impeachment.

It was also repeatedly made clear by focus group participants that they were not fans or supporters of President, though many did acknowledge an appreciation for his “outsider” and non-politician status and the fact that he was a “fighter” who was exposing D.C. corruption — even if they still disapproved of the manner in which he accomplished that important task.

In short, these non-supporters of the president nevertheless took the view that he is being unfairly railroaded by Democrats and the media, a process that makes little practical sense, given the fact that it remains highly unlikely that the Republican-controlled Senate will actually remove him from office, assuming articles of impeachment make it out of the House.

One man hit the nail on the head when he said the only reason Democrats were pursuing impeachment was to place “an asterisk next to his name going into the next election” due to the “weakness” of the Democratic field of candidates and a fear that none of them could defeat him in 2020.

Effective presidential messaging

Speaking of the Democratic field of candidates, the focus group participants almost universally dismissed them as being incapable of winning and, quite notably, seemed to lump them all together in terms of their radical policy proposals, regardless of any individual nuances a candidate may have put forth.

That, as well as the fact that many of the participants made use of the mocking nicknames Trump has ascribed to several of the candidates, shows that his messaging against them has broken through the filter of the mainstream media and has been picked up by the average American, even those who aren’t necessarily ardent supporters.

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