Longtime Ohio state representative resigns abruptly two months ahead of his planned retirement

A longtime fixture in Ohio politics is out the door.

Democrat Rep. Martin Sweeney, a longtime representative in the state House, turned in his resignation with two months left in his term.


Sweeney was not running for re-election, but few, if any, saw this sudden departure as part of his plan.

The state representative was trying to make a run for a state Senate seat — but he never made it past the primary.

Local reports said Sweeney was going to stay active in politics, it was just unclear at what level.

On his resignation, Sweeney stated: “This decision was made after great reflection and was not taken lightly.”

With only one session left in his term, it is unclear if a temporary appointment to the seat will be made, or if it will just be left open until the conclusion of the midterm elections.

One of the more notable pieces of legislation Sweeney is credited with involved the out-of-state transportation of fireworks.

But while the legislation was quickly accepted in the House, it is struggling to gain support in the Ohio State Senate.

Family Business

While Martin Sweeney is leaving, the seat will more than likely have another Sweeney sitting in it before long.

Sweeney’s daughter, Bride Rose Sweeney, is in the upcoming election to replace her father.

She is expected to be a heavy favorite in a race that features only one rival: a libertarian candidate.

No Republicans are running for the local seat.

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Meanwhile, the reason for Rep. Sweeney’s sudden departure remains unclear.

And unfortunately, it doesn’t look like his seat will be taken by a right-leaning representative any time soon.

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